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  1. I don't drink tea. It's taxed too much !!! 😝
  2. I'm amazed how "charging to receive" ever came to be and how one could enforce that. Here it's you can receive anything, anywhere for free over your own antenna, but transmitting is licensed (and that is easily traceable). Of course you pay cable companies to use their system, but it's not licensed by the end user.
  3. Furthermore was that Clark Rockefeller? (fake Rockefeller)
  4. That selfie stick makes me nauseous 🤢
  5. I got my Nikes on !!
  6. Raises the question on why were the garages designed so tight in the first place. (When you have a free standing structure and not a part of an old house). Were they originally for horses? 😧
  7. I can see it now for a male remote physical. Doctor asks you to stand in front of your laptop ,lift a testicle and turn your head and cough and tell him what you feel. 🤣
  8. On 22/06/2020 at 04:31, Beady said: Been fancying a VW bay window camper for a a while now...i suspect the romance might be short lived if i get round to buying one..might have to hire one for a weekend as a trial (kids a re 8 and 9 so don't have much longer left for it to be of interest to them). Just seeing this. I've had a '75 for several years now and while true the acceleration is abysmal, it can top out at 75 mph (65 is a good cruising speed) . It comes under a "fun thing". One learns to adjust to the "day mode" and "night mode" shuffling things around. We had a 9 yr old grandson who lives with us for the past 5 years, but in the beginning it was just me and the wife.(and much more room). He lives in the top and loves it up there. I like the fact you can pop the top and set up in pouring rain and are always "high and dry", but true it is not like a larger space like an Airstream, but then again it cost far less and fits in the garage when not in use. We belong to a VW camper club and meet at various state campgrounds in the spring-fall. Some people like tents camping and others like motorhomes, kind of different strokes for different folks. This checks off the fun and economical box. I will say it has gained in value since we bought it , so have fun and sell it off will no loss (these days). (ours was in very good-excellent shape, so maintenance is low with enjoyment being high. We have a bike rack on the back with 2 bikes to run to the camp store, etc. We're in it at least till the grandson grows up. Met a lot of good friends and lots of people wanna know about it.
  9. I'm taking a poker to my eyes and the real Spock needs to do a meld on me and tell me "FORGET" 😧
  10. My former 2007 Mitsubishi Outlander snapped a spring in half. Looked like crystalline grainy steel. Covered under recall. (Chinese best recycled metal from WWII wrecks I'm sure). 😉
  11. A 1980 movie called "Lathe of Heaven " in which the main character has dreams that alter reality, solved the race problem this way
  12. comem47


    reminds me of the Flesh Gordon rocket of the 70's 😉
  13. Too many of the people weren't focused on the whale. I think they should have been riveted for the duration.
  14. All I can suggest is searching for videos under the subject of "decoding covid -19" Shame
  15. Try this YouTube version. (hopefully it won't be one of those not available in your country vids)
  16. Just watched this. Good show
  17. I like that Canada ended the AR-15 bullshit (like Australia previous did). You don't need an AR-15 to hunt deer. I fear sanity will never happen here with people who want their toys (mine is bigger than yours). Meanwhile senseless massacres will keep on happening. How will it be interpreted next, the right to bear bazookas and tanks?
  18. They recognize the Corona stress relief of watching him paint nice little happy trees 😉 God bless
  19. Looks like Lotus reached into the time machine back then and got 20 yr old Human League footage 🤣
  20. For the same reason the weather guys who tell you how dangerous the hurricane outside is have to step into the flying debris to show everyone.
  21. comem47


    "playing solitaire to dawn with a deck of 51"
  22. It was great while I had one (simple but did the trick if that damn voltage stabilizer didn't stick -and then you might be able to tap the temp glass to unstick it) 😉
  23. I thought I read Trump is a germaphobe. False bravado in front of the camera, but I bet he gets a thorough scub down behind the curtain.
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