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  1. I know in my S2 that is normal. The fuel is measured in only one tank and since your talking about 1/2 the total volume in that tank there isn't much for the fuel sender to work with sloshing about.
  2. It's a slim chance , but you might try contacting R.D. Enterprises in the US. He still shows the silver trim and probably was getting his from SJ Sportscars in the first place(where I got mine a few years ago). Being the JPS cars are so limited I can't see him stocking it, but it might be worth an email.
  3. Does the original valance still exist? If so I would re-plumb the exhaust system to fit into the original opening. (There are plenty of aftermarket performance exhaust systems offered by Lotus vendors designed to fit so I don't know why the previous owner went that route. If the old valance is not available I would search for one (likely available in UK scrap yards) and have a muffler shop work with you to cut/re-weld to make it fit if you don't wish to fit in the correct aftermarket or original parts. (I have a wonderful Dave Bean 4-2-1 header into free-flow muffler that is all stainless steel that is still good looking after over 20 years on the car. Unfortunately, that particular exhaust is no longer made, but many others are out there. (the original Lotus system is restrictive and HEAVY -which is odd for a Lotus). The only difference noticeable, beside havong a nice stainless steel muffler on my car is the exhaust tip is a single box style, vs the twin round conjoined pipes of the original. When I went the header route it was a bit of a bear to remove the original heavy (cast iron? exhaust manifold because of the limited nut access , but reinstalling the header gives much better access to the mount hardware should you ever need to go there again (I haven't needed to). I believe Tony K is in Toledo (I'm out Rochester, NY way and my local club is out of Buffalo.
  4. Must have lost its wings going off course. No downforce now!!!
  5. On my S2 I've found inverting the nozzle gets deeper into the filler neck and pumps quicker.
  6. When you see the current resources of Ferrari, the current Lotus Team has mount Everest to climb. (I Know a quite different Lotus, tied to the factory in Colin's time made it to the top 7 times, but these days I just hope the new team can make it to the front a few times after weening)
  7. Gavin, you mean that tube that if you forget to hook it back up when playing with the gauges pisses all over your pants/shoes/carpets? Yes, I know. :-( -Bob
  8. 79060190S Federal JPS #047
  9. Surely with only 21K miles the 2.2L is a misunderstanding on someone's part.
  10. My car cover came with grommets midway and a steel cable with a lock (haven't used it outside in years). One way to keep the cover, mischief or not.
  11. One thing I've noticed having an S2 is there is a good amount of wind noise from the ears cupping the wind at speed. If you don't already have ears I would try to maybe duct air from under the car ahead of the engine, rather than cut into the body.
  12. comem47

    S2 Manifold

    FYI: Here is the stainless system Bean used to sell. I'm not aware of anyone doing 4-2-1 these days and not sure how it compares against the 4-1 systems I seen in the past. My SS exhaust tip is kind of a rounded off box as opposed to the large round output shown at center left. Also the muffler was longer and more like the original in size (but not weight!!!) I hear he had problems maintaining the quality from his fabricator, but I love it. -Bob T.
  13. comem47

    S2 Manifold

    I second going the tubular route. It's too bad Dave Bean doesn't still sell the 4-2-1 SS exhaust system I bought from him many years ago. It breathes much better and sounds SO much better and is far lighter. (I used to compare the stock US spec S2 to sounding like a Ford Pinto at idle.....far too constricted and non-sports car like). You will find that access to the header bolts/nuts is far better than when the stock manifold is in place. Being Lotus, I was amazed at the weight of the stock system vs aftermarket SS (that muffler was HEAVY). SS is still looking great after all these years. Perhaps someone else can comment on what is available currently in SS systems. -Bob T.
  14. Alex, This may be old news (from your posting date)but Phil Miller on the s1s2s3owners yahoo group had plans for a spacer and shows larger wheels on his JPS If you are a member check here:
  15. Many years ago I replaced a rear bearing on one side of my S2. My wife has heard the story more than a few times how as a bachelor the only use the new oven ever had in my previous house was to heat the hub up and then I dropped in the bearing that was sitting in the freezer. Dropped right in. I believe the procedure recommended was to heat the hub in boiling water, but not having a pot that size I just set the oven to about the same temp. (the hub was previously cleaned so it didn't stink as it was baked.) Sold the house not long after that with my spotless almost virgin oven (I lived out of the microwave when home) ;-)
  16. Alex, I live across country from Lotus PBC (I'm in upstate NY) and only know about the products by other people referring to them and by visiting the web site. So in the end I can't speak either for or against but will say the products that have been developed answer a need. I think the idea of an S3 type suspension with softer motor mounts would address the NVH issues of S1/S2 while giving better handling and durability. (Lotus evolved that way for a reason despite the increased cost).Better brakes all around is also a sore need (I easily boiled mine when I used to do track days despite hi-temp fluid and purging) So I think Lotus PBC has answered a need. I believe substantial improvement to S1/S2 should not just be new coils/dampers , but also include the bits mentioned. (supplied by them or Lotus PBC). I guess also included would be modern wheels/tires (a spacer kit). As "High performance" and "14 inch tires" are hardly synonymous, not to mention being hard to obtain. I only state this as I've heard Lotus has considered the whole package in the past (sidewall flex as part of spring rate, etc) when tuning their suspensions. As good as the S1/S2 Esprits were for the 70's they are far behind in today's tech of tires/wheels/suspension/brakes. (one thing about 14" is they are better for potholes. Don't know what 18" would be like ;-) -Bob
  17. Hi Gavin. I've had them for years and believe I got the from R.D. at the time. As for the new suspension: For me, if I was going to spend the money I'd want Lotus to also add the bits that Claudius has fabricated (to replicate S3/Turbo rear suspension along with better brakes and Turbo motor mounts) The OEM brakes are seriously lacking after a few hot laps on the track (even with Hi Temp brake fluid) and are the weakest link that should be conquered first IMHO. -Bob
  18. Hi Gavin, I wasn't replying to you specifically but just commenting on the subject of SPAX and warning anyone buying then to check out their purchase ASAP on arrival. (quality control statement) In the end (for me) I gained nothing over the original Lotus spec'd Armstrongs (I thought I might gain something with the adjustment and could play for the optimum settings, but I'm quite happy with the stock non-adjustable Armstrongs.) I'm sure there are many people doing just fine with SPAX if they get good ones, I'm just not impressed with their quality control and in the end I spent a lot and gained nothing. As for the Armstrong replacements that I have handy in boxes to check (black with a blue Armstrong label vs the OEM blue ones that came on the car), The compression (jounce) is definitely easier to do by hand vs the extension (which is very stiff) but my SPAX had NO compression resistance and the adjustment screw only seemed to affect the extension(rebound) rate and did nothing on compression. I don't have a shock dyno to give definitive numbers, but there is definitely some compression resistance to help the springs when hitting a bump.. My SPAX instantly bottomed out on potholes. I was told these newer black Armstrongs were actually made by Monroe, but have no proof. The stamped number into the metal does reflect a lotus part (A079C2012F). I got 'em handy on the shelf for when the blue ones eventually leak.
  19. I feel I have to put in my $.02. I think SPAX quality can be hit or miss. Years ago I bought a set all around for my S2 and found the fronts had almost no jounce damping (only rebound) compared to stock Armstrongs) They bottomed out and rode very harsh, no matter the adjustment The rears seemed OK. I evetually removed them and went back to the Armstrongs (still good ride after all these years and the SPAX are collecting dust someplace around the house) I also have a set of Monroes on hand (spec'd Armstrong recommended replacements) for the front that have the same Armstrong damping feel for when my originals go south. I realize YMMV and there are people that swear by them (if you get a good set). Be sure to check your purchase out ASAP and don't wait too long like I did to find out before install. (try pushing in and out by hand upon fronts could compress with little effort.)
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