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  1. 1 hour ago, Barrykearley said:


    what next - all vegans must eat steak? 

    That’s oh so very different as you are intentionally directly infecting the person. Covid is nothing like HIV.

     preference in food choice is a poor comparison to the one spreading disease to the many

    Think of all the injections that were necesssary over the years to attend public school. Smallpox , polio, DPT, etc.

    I guess one can be a hermit and choose home schooling, but if you wish to be a member of public schooling and all it offers ...

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  2. On 26/11/2021 at 10:16, Bibs said:

    Did a large roof in Hackney last week, though I'd pop the images into a 'digital twin' program! It's not perfect as I wasn't planning this so didn't take enough obliques but gives a good overview!

    locks up my chromebook real good !!!!

  3. The way it should be is do your own thing SO LONG as it doesn't impinge on others. Seems they got it backwards these days and some individuals only care about getting their way at the expense of all others. Seems to be a lot more trolls than in the past.

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  4. I still have my original 1984 Kenmore(Sears) clothes dryer. Two roller wheels and one belt in all that time. Had to replace the mating top load washer only because my stepdaughters over stuffed it and it would get out of balance with that load.(abuse) It went on to serve my mother in law as we switched to a higher capacity front load.

    I can sril get parts for the dryer even though Sears Roebuck brick and motar stores have long ceased to exist. Ever time I bought stuff from them (other appliances like refigerators and freezers) they would try to sell me an exteded warranty policy and my standard answer was "if I didn't think it was ac good product to begin with I wouldn't buy it in the first place" Good service manuals and easy to get parts was key. Bought a used Craftsman lawn tractor many years ago on the cheap thats' still going strong.

    But yes, planned obsolescence is my experience with most other products these days.

  5. 4 hours ago, Redwing said:

    I managed to pass my speed awareness course (non lotus related) at the weekend,  and the ex-Motorway policeman conducting the course told us that, within the next 2-3 years, all speed limits will be reduced.  Current 30mph roads will become 20mph, country roads, currently 60mph will become 40mph and motorways will become 60mph.

    First I've heard of this, and if true then we may as well all drive glorified golf buggies, which,  I suppose, is the plan anyway. 

    So that's why the trillons of dollrs in the US are slow to come forth for infrastructure. Who needs highways?  😉

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