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  1. The best is to do search for "Lotus Esprit C35 Citroen Ring&Pinion" instead of the item number which can change as the kit get sold or re-listed...
  2. What Elise has to do with this? I thought the bloody discussion was about Esprit spare tire. Cheers, Zig
  3. I was also made aware that the spare tire is a part of front crash absorption zone. The spare tire was specified as a part of the Esprit front end crash zone protection in US bound cars and were crash tested that way. Can't comment on the cost saving spare tyre delete by the factory on GT3 and V8 GT models which were never US bound... BTW... How long non-airbag models were sold in UK while airbag was a requirement for US market? Zig
  4. I appreciate all the inputs I received. Cam sprockets arrived yesterday :-) Thanks to Dave's Cam timing article I feel now confident in setting cams correctly. Cheers, Zig
  5. I have 1995 S4S US version and recently had an opportunity to acquire adjustable cams sprockets. Instead of experimenting on my own, I would prefer the word of the wise members of this list… Looking to find out what would be the optimal intake and exhaust settings for 910 engine to be used mostly on highways and possibly track excursions? I have the High-Torque-S4s-code chip which came with the car. I also have the Red-Race-code version PUK e-prom. Engine also has triple ceramic ball bearing turbo, Alunox headers, cat test pipe and RC injectors. Cheers, Zig
  6. They are Morse cables custom built for Lotus. I would check with Bell & Colvill... Factory cables for my S4S were listed at £71.40 Price (each) Part Number: A082F6551S (yours probably have a different part numbers) Description: CONTROL CABLE-GEARCHANGE (SP) You are on the same side of the pond as Bell & Colvill is... so shipping and duty clearance charges will not double the costs... like it happens on my side. Cheers, Zig
  7. I used Buffalo Clutch Co. as recommended Keny (89esprit ) in previous post (attached below). Craig from Buffalo Clutch said that my pressure plate fingers were too worn out to rebuild, but they did use my clutch disk to rebuild it as 16 puck disk. Contact: Craig Buffalo Clutch Co 1810 Dale Road Cheektowaga, NY 14225 Phone: 716-892-2828 Fax 716-892-2727
  8. Alunox design of the latest version of Esprit Exhaust Manifold with CNC'd flanges they should be proud of. So far we only run into documented fitment problem on Bob Moore 83 Esprit and Jenna 83 Esprit. Can Mark Kassim intervene and assist in resolving Jenna fitment problem? Mark was the driving force in organizing this group buy and providing status updates on the project, so it seems that he has an established working relationship with Leon. I would think that Leon would actively try to resolve the fitment issues and protect Alunox name and the record of their engineering abilities from any negative feedback (which tends to stay on web forever) and may impact future business opportunities. Hopefully Alunox will step up and honor their warranty (though the warranty has been reduced from 2 years of last group buy to 1 year this time). Zig
  9. You can always have clutch disk rebuilt or modified using 16 pucks... (see picture) and just buy pressure plate and clutch bearing. Zig
  10. I am considering implementing Ram Air modification to my S4S. OEM air ducts reconfiguration provides direct path to air cleaner by bypassing fender chamber which acts as the muffler chamber. Chamber also serves as moisture extractor during rain keeping air filter element dry. My main concern is with possible water issue in Ram Air configuration. Can someone who already has Ram Air setup provide feedback regarding driving during rain? Thank you in advance. Zig
  11. Scanning e-Bay listing for Esprit Parts, in case something interesting is listed for my S4S... I came across this listing: Hi-Torque Org. Friction Plates for Dual Clutch Assembly V8,V8GT Lotus Esprit UN1 Price is very reasonable for a new matched set of V-8 plates. Hopefully someone here needs a set. Zig
  12. Dave, I ordered the High Temperature, silver plated ones from Demon Tweaks Product Code Product Description Quantity Price Line Total GODHM41-100 Demon Tweeks Metric Hi Temp Aerospace Locknut (K-Nut) M10 x 1.50mm 4 £4.37 £17.48 GODHM41-080 Demon Tweeks Metric Hi Temp Aerospace Locknut (K-Nut) M8 x 1.25mm 12 £2.14 £25.68 Economy Tracked £6.46 Net £49.62 Vat £0.00 Order Total £49.62 You need 12 M8 X 1.25 mm to bolt header to head. The 4 M10 X 1.50 are optional for bolting turbo to header. Zig
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