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  1. LOL TIM! All true I hasten to add! The best way to buy and sell a Lotus in my experience is within the forum community... though I did find my (ex) Evora on Pistonheads. Merry Christmas to you too mate!
  2. Ho Ho Ho! Never thought I would be your Santa Ian! So pleased that you love the car... very sad to see it go, only after a brief 9 months of ownership, but loved every minute of that! For those on here... the decision to sell was that my missus has never been into any of my Lotus's of the last 18 years... and I was feeling the pinch from her to get away from the money in the Evora... and to put into that well known high performance, sublime handling British sports car... ... a Morgan! 🤣 LOL! So that is what is now ahead for me! I will of course post the obligatory picture when that day happens, but the car below gives the general idea! In the meantime, great to meet our esteemed leader Bibs... and I will of course continue to 'lurk' here on this great forum. Looking forward to hearing your adventures with the car Ian... hope your missus likes it! Cheers all, Pete.
  3. Thats a lovely pressure washer there too! 😬
  4. Any idea how they compare to the 'Pilot Super Sports' or the Cup 4's on the same tyre of roads?
  5. Ever since I had massive track day brake fading on my S2 SC Exige, I switched to this... Brilliant... and none of the 'issues' that SRF supposedly has. Like the Evora... it's the best brake fluid that no one knows about!!!
  6. Awesome result! Yes, this bodes well for the future... a credit to you for persisting with getting the issues resolved. BTW, love the colour... in that light it takes on an autumnal almost brown/gold tint... is it 'Motorsport Black' with the gold flecks in the paint? Enjoy the driving now :>)
  7. The 'holes' in the sides conjure up images of a design that enables a full race harness with an extra 2 belts to go around my lardy tummy! 😊
  8. Don't think about it! Just 'press on'! 👍
  9. What did it make then... cannot read the screen too easily?
  10. pete757

    Evora GT430

    What would you have liked to have seen?
  11. pete757

    Evora GT430

    Why that Tim? The 'Exige' Cup seats are excellent :>) IMHO, totally in keeping with the car, especially as they also shed 18 kg over the Sparco's! 👍
  12. Blimey! That is cheap! £10k less than anything similar... 😳
  13. And then you can also discuss the 'Glacial Depreciation' the you buy it back for £100 less than you sold it for!! LOL :>)
  14. I will put my glasses on... and get my coat!
  15. How long ago was the Exige "Sport 410" launched? It appears to have been a very 'quiet' launch... I thought they had gone straight from the 380 to the 430... did the 410 come after that? I presume it has the same engine 'tune' as the Evora 410 Sport and the GT410?
  16. Just watched some of Dr P's vids, again!, and H&T looks like no problem in both the 410 and 430. So question answered... ECU behaves! 👍
  17. I also believe you can spec in the glass tailgate if you wish...
  18. Given Silverstone has a number of long straights, I would wager that your lap time there will be slower with all the added drag from your big wing... 😉
  19. I would doubt that just adding wing would add any downforce that was really discernible. Even the best Lotus aero, lets use the Evora 430 here, 'only' produces 250kg at a Vmax of 190 mph. So that is 'only' about 64kg during a track day 90 mph corner... less than having a few slabs of beer in the boot! Of course, the Evora GT430 and others do have other aero aids to manage and increase downforce... Lotus say in the GT430 brochure that it makes 64kgs of downforce at 90mph. But even then it's not a lot of extra weight over the rear wheels to increase the grip. But any downforce is better than rear 'lift'! The original Audi TT is a great example of that! I do think however that the best benefit of wings is they look bloody cool! 😎 👍
  20. Buy a low emission car then! I reckon that for about £45 a month, (less that 1/2 tank of fuel), that's actually quite a 'reasonable' cost for all the miles of smiles and enjoyment you get from the Evora. 👍
  21. Interesting... so what are the normal recommended road tyre pressures for a 430 then? I only ask because that is a lot lower than the recommended tyre pressures for my S1 SR with Pirelli Corsa's...
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