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  1. Perhaps a rename as 'Evoraforus' might be on the cards soon then!
  2. Via 'Longformacus'... what a name! I see from Google Maps! Enjoy the space and freedom :>)
  3. I agree, it looks really classy as it is. 😎 Where is that amazing road! Lotus territory :>)
  4. Good stuff! I had ordered a valved system for my NA in April but when it arrived there were some alignment issues. Jim tried his best to sort it by return 'post' but then the installer got maxed out! So my OEM SR sports exhaust, made by Janspeed, went back on! TBH, it's not bad sounding, I have mine in 'sport mode' all the time (aside from sneaking out for a drive at night in stealth mode!), but just a bit quiet. I like to hear the scream of the V6 which is pretty epic for a humble Toyota motor! Enjoy!! Pete :>)
  5. Were they out in lateral 'runout' or eccentricity on the hub? Great they were replaced. 👍
  6. Valved? Looks the biz mate... sounds??
  7. FYI, since my black 'T' fell off my Sports Racer, having been send the incorrect font letters for replacement, Lotus have produced a new batch of Evora specific black LOTUS rear plastic badges. Part number B132U0988S.
  8. pete757

    Evora GT430

    Not sure you would notice much... Given Clift = 1/2pV2s... , the only variable here is V2... speed. Approximately... at 200 MPH in the GT430, we get 200Kg (196kg) downforce, so at 150 mph we get 100 kg and 100mph we get 25 kg. Average speed in the corners would be say 100 mph... so the winged Evora GT would give us 25kg and lets say, the non winged/aero Evora, 0kg. I doubt 25kg over 2 rear wheels etc would make any difference... well no more than having a 100kg pax in the pax seat! At the Indy '500 Oval' however, I am sure there would be a small difference if you could maintain 150 in the corners to get that 100kg! It's good sales/bar talk however! 😄
  9. That is nonsense! But the bottom line is if the dealer won't be on side and agreeable to get your Lotus dealer give you an 'expert' opinion, so they can then sell it to you, then time to walk away. There will always be the right car for you out there. Having said that, Evora's are very reliable cars with few known issues.
  10. I shut mine a few weeks ago and it caught my fingers... yes it BL@@dy hurt too! 🤢
  11. I think both 'issues' could be identified by a main dealer and rectified. Maybe offer on the car if you like it, subject to this. The selling dealer should have no problem with that...
  12. Bloody good price! It's a Toyota V6... should easily get over 200 - 300k miles with no issues :>)
  13. Looks like a really lovely example. I reckon that is a great price. Get the dealer to agree you taking the car to a lotus dealer to look at and resolve those issues you have identified at their cost... and check the air con compressor and condenser for corrosion. But with 'dry storage' and that mileage you should be fine. 😎
  14. She is more interested, bending down to inspect the damage she caused to her beloved Audi, rather than the hazard from all cars and trucks speeding past her body and head in the outside lane! Hopeless! 😡 A minor ding to the Evora I would have thought. Very restrained driving from it as well.
  15. Interesting. My car had an ECU 'update' on it's last service and it then felt more powerful... so perhaps it had been run on lower octane fuel at some point prior to this...? I have run it on Shell 'V-Power' ever since. Why is this stuff not in the owners manual? Surely Lotus themselves would know the answer to this ECU behaviour question?
  16. Just to clarify Bruss's comments... ARB's are designed into the cars 'suspension'... but for handling/steering reasons... to manage lateral weight transfer loading during cornering and hence manage/mitigate either oversteer or understeer depending whether you go for a stiffer ARB either on the front or rear. Hence an ARB should indeed be classified as a handling/steering aid, not a suspension aid. They are not designed from the outset to manage the suspension movement on 'bumps', though of course there presence will indeed effect that as Bruss has explained. The clunking from worn bushes tends to originate from the 'drop links' from the ARB's to the wishbones, rather than from the 2 'saddle' fittings with bushes that bolt the ARB to the chassis. These are where the harder 'power flex' bushes are installed that will give an improvement/response to steering input, as the ARB twists without any transmission loss of that torque into the softer bush. All good stuff eh! 😉
  17. 3 seconds is a lot! Found the vid on YouTube... BHP always wins 😄😎 Those Ohlins also are amazing for the handling...
  18. Fitting Poly Bushes to an ARB will make no difference to 'ride', they won't make it harsher. The difference you 'may' feel (it will be tiny) will be a crisper turn in on corners as the ARB takes up torsional load without the normal bush's 'softness'. If I was replacing mine, I would go with the poly bushes.
  19. I am also interested to know what was the Castle Combe lap time compared with the GT410's 1.18.8?
  20. I have a passenger just like that too!!! 😆 Lots of life left in the pads there.
  21. A OEM Factory SR is pretty rare and as standard very well specced. I think they would hold their value and desirability the best into the future ... but I would say that!!
  22. Great vids Bibs! Thanks! The 2 GT430's at 6,500 plus sounded like a WW11 raid! Awesome! 😎
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