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  1. Has anyone on here contacted the artist directly? I am intending to but don't want to bombard him with the same request as others!
  2. Only 95... that is interesting. Will have to try the new BP 102 octane stuff next time!
  3. pete757


    Just watched this in full. Bloody amazing. As an ex RAF and civil pilot, the skill involved in getting the subject Lancaster 'V' Victor out and back in one piece is mind-blowing. Never mind the fact they were being shot at! Makes our modern flying seem totally tame in comparison, with massive automation, reliability, GPS approaches and landings in 75 meter visibility routine. 75,000+ RAF aircrew lost in WW2... humbling. Thanks for the link ChrisJ
  4. Ridiculous cost IMHO!! I fitted a set of 'Alcon' front disks to my S2 SC Exige a few years ago, they were circa £850 ex vat for the pair I recall. Alcon's use a 'J' hook design... Perhaps we can get Dave at SL to approach Alcon for a brake upgrade option for the Evora as well! Of course the 'J hook' looks pretty cool, perhaps the 'new' version of cross drilled disks that hit the market about 20 years ago. But unless you are pounding around a track, lap after lap on the brakes, I doubt if the average driver would ever notice/utilise the questionable improved performance from the design on the street...
  5. I thought you had to use a 'premium fuel'... minimum 98 Octane in an Evora 400...? Not all about MPG... better performance, better 'cleaning' as well. Personally I think it's worth the small additional cost per tank... spend money on 'modifications' to make the car go/handle/stop better, so it also makes sense to spend a bit more on a premium fuel as well. As a comparison, I used to put normal diesel in my DD, a BMW 118d. 'Only' got about 540 miles per tank. One day I treated the car to 'Premium Diesel' and got 600 miles! The extra 5p/litre paid for itself and the car felt much better as well. Used premium diesel ever since. 😎
  6. My SR has the CR box and the 'Sports' button / mode. I always drive with that 'on'... however with it 'off', the car indeed 'feels' sluggish below 2,500, almost like towing a caravan!
  7. pete757

    410 Sport!

    Lovely. Great colour 😎
  8. Very 'apt' reply... kinda says where 'McLaren' are with respect to an Evora... 'in the boot'!!!
  9. Interesting... I 'noticed' the offset pedals for about 5 minutes... now they are 'normal'! Bloody cars! Just as well we have many options eh!!! 😃
  10. Yup! I have one as well! Great cause... and the JC stand at the FOS was excellent... manned by true enthusiasts. 😎
  11. Ok... but failing because of not changing fluid yearly... really! What do they use? Cannot be 'fit for purpose'!
  12. This type of advice... 'change the brake fluid yearly' bugs the hell out of me. It's utter bollox. We all know that brake fluid is 'hygroscopic'... but a yearly change is just OTT. It's just a way for the stealer to make nothing other than more money... and chances are that the brake fluid that they use to do the change is not fresh and has not come from factory sealed containers. If the MC is so 'fragile' that it fails after a year, or the seals brake down in that short period of time, there is something very wrong with the design or defective in the unit. There are probably millions of cars out there that have probably never had brake/clutch fluid changed in their life, never mind every year. That probably included thousands of Toyota units using the same clutch MC. Stand your ground on this one mate and get to the bottom of the real problem. Good luck!
  13. Result mate! Good on you. Lets hope the new panel is perfect!!! 😎
  14. You have joined! WHAT a lovely example, that colour really looks lovely 😎 Know exactly what you mean by the interior of the S1's... 😉
  15. Car sounds epic mate, congratulations! One thing that seems to continually be spelt incorrectly across SO many motoring forums is the word BRAKES! It does my head in!!! 🤓 ... "I haven't had a chance to test the handling or breaks yet"... It is the cars BRAKES that stop you...! It is holiday BREAKS that stop you from working too much!! LOL!
  16. I have been a serial Lotus owner... having had the pleasure of owning almost every version on Elise/Exige over the past 20 years! Stepped 'UP' into a MY14 N/A Evora Sports Racer a few months ago... my BEST Lotus ever! Amazing drive, quiet (or loud!), quick, comfortable, DNA Lotus handling, great looks, super classy interior (IMHO, better than the 400/410/430), the perfect Lotus actually. Despite subsequent drives of those 'faster' machines, I do agree that the last S1's were indeed the best! Good luck with your search :>) Your budget will get you a great car!
  17. It's probably so much of a PITA, I would just sell it on mate. First dibs please! 😁
  18. Time for the Lotus PR team to step in... Even now, we still here LOTUS... Lots of Trouble etc etc... The fact is since the Elise was introduced, Lotus reliability is excellent. Not sure WHY people hang onto the negativity of old... and tar new products with the same brush. Walking around Goodwood the other day, the Evora looks every bit the part alongside Mclarens, and IMHO a lot better looking than a McLaren and a lot of other 'Supercars' as well. I wonder if the Evora had a McLaren or Ferrari badge on it, it would still not be a first choice sports car at the price point. Reliability is excellent, re-sale excellent, performance excellent! And not a brutally expensive car to maintain unlike McLarens!
  19. Why 'run it out'? I think the Evora will stay as it will fit 'neatly' besides a new, smaller Elise/Exige, and below an 'up-market' Esprit. I imagine they will use the same Toyota V6 for the Esprit... but it will be a price jump above the Evora... Who knows... A '450' sounds 'logical'... !!
  20. The Evora. From 276 N/A... to 345 SC. To 400 SC, then 410SC then 430SC. Where will this power climb end for the Evora I wonder... 450, 480, 500? They are still using the standard engine, bottom end, heads, cams, exhausts etc... so it would seem logical that more can come from the SC and some head/valve/exhaust work would release even more power... I am wondering where this will go... another 'new' model! Interested in peeps thoughts on this!
  21. If you win, can I give you back your £20 to take the abomination off your hands!
  22. MD should open up a new course then... passenger training! My wife managed to bring me to a total standstill in my Elise at Bedford a few years ago by saying she was about to throw up! Not in my car I thought!! 😂 I duly stopped... she said job done!
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