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  1. Thanks mate for the feedback. I guess the 'noise' etc is a lot different form the N/A to the 'S'... so I would love to hear from NA drivers who have made this move!? Thanks, Pete :>)
  2. Hi Guys, So on the back of replies and trawling through the various options, I have narrowed things down to possibly replacing the backbox! So my MY14 Evora NA should already have the de-cat. Plus the switchable 'sports' exhaust by Lotus (Janspeed) I would love to get a bot more '400' esk sound out of the N/A engine, so what options do peeps think will offer the best of 'sound' with the valve open/pushing on, whilst retaining quietness when touring with SWMBO! 1: Leave it with the OEM Lotus backbox... sounds great in 'Sport mode'! 2: Larini (impressive videos on their webpage with the Evora options) 3: 2ubular (cannot work out from Jim's website which is the correct option!??) 4: Komotech system. Does anyone have first hand experience with this 'dilemma' on an NA? Cheers! Pete
  3. Cheers! I may then go for a 2ubular or Larini backbox but will live with the existing for a while first.
  4. Excellent many thanks! So all I need to find out now is do I have the '3rd Catalyser' on a MY14 NA Evora? If I do, then reading on here, the de-cat will certainly be replacing that, given there are the 2 other cats in the 'headers'! Cheers, Pete. :>)
  5. I am confused now! My 'new' Evora NA SR has a 'sports button' that, amongst other things, opens up a valve in the exhaust. Can someone tell me; 1: Where this valve is, what section of the exhaust? 2: Would fitting a de-cat pipe make any difference with the valve both 'open and closed'? 3: Or with the valved exhaust, there is no value in having the de-cat pipe fitted? Many thanks! Pete :>)
  6. That snow is MAD! A yellow and white colour scheme then! How long have you had the Car mate? Enjoying it?
  7. My first Elise was a 'Spice Yellow' B&C 160 S1. Yellow looks great on Lotus's!!! I did see 2 yellow MY14 SR's for sale! So looking forward to seeing some photos from Greg...
  8. Thanks Dave. This sounds interesting! Look forward to further information. Cheers, Pete.
  9. Thanks guys! I am a long time Lotus owner, having had too many Exige/Elise combinations! And some regrets about selling... especially the S1 Exige's!! I actually drove an Evora 400 2 years ago... Loved it! And for all the reasons why peeps on here love them too! But I sat in the S1 SR, and it seems a pretty special place to be. Certainly quick enough too, I have driven the N/A before (I am sure I could not find those '7 seconds' around Hethel!) My 'new' car has only done 6,500 miles or so and apparently is minty! I say apparently as I have bought it sight unseen... aside from lots of detailed photos/videos/emails etc etc! I have done this before and am pretty confident in that process having done that before! I actually wont see the car for a month or so until I get back from overseas... but no bad thing given the UK weather right now!! So the Evora joins my 'keeper' S1 Type 49 Elise... another minter. Anyway, this forum seems a great place, so thanks again for the welcome! Cheers, Pete
  10. Cheers for that! Has anyone on here had this kit fitted? I would be interested in user experience comments!
  11. Rats! I was hoping it may have been an 'aftermarket' version! Pretty keen to release all that N/A power with better induction and exhaust... I gather 300BHP or so is quite possible! Cheers, Peter.
  12. Hi Guys, Introduction time, and REALLY happy to be the proud owner of an Evora S1 N/A Sports Racer! It's an MY14, Ardent Red, love it! Especially the SR extras and those gorgeous gloss black wheels! At that time of life and wife, where the Elise is just getting perhaps a bit too in-practical! I can see many miles of all round daily driver motoring ahead! Looking forward to hours of reading ahead on here! Cheers, Peter.
  13. Hi Guys, New and 'first post' on here! But have been reading for weeks... what a great forum! I am a long time Elise/Exige owner, but have just passed the button on buying a MY14 Sports Racer NA in Ardent red! Love it! Had some photos take of the underside and I am wondering if the exhaust that can be seen on the attached photos is 'Lotus Standard' or is 'aftermarket'? There appears to be a 'plate' welded to the side of the down-pipe which is a bit reminiscent of a Janspeed sports exhaust that I had on my first S1 Exige! Any thoughts welcomed! Cheers, Pete.
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