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  1. Given Silverstone has a number of long straights, I would wager that your lap time there will be slower with all the added drag from your big wing... 😉
  2. I would doubt that just adding wing would add any downforce that was really discernible. Even the best Lotus aero, lets use the Evora 430 here, 'only' produces 250kg at a Vmax of 190 mph. So that is 'only' about 64kg during a track day 90 mph corner... less than having a few slabs of beer in the boot! Of course, the Evora GT430 and others do have other aero aids to manage and increase downforce... Lotus say in the GT430 brochure that it makes 64kgs of downforce at 90mph. But even then it's not a lot of extra weight over the rear wheels to increase the grip. But any downforce is better than rear 'lift'! The original Audi TT is a great example of that! I do think however that the best benefit of wings is they look bloody cool! 😎 👍
  3. Buy a low emission car then! I reckon that for about £45 a month, (less that 1/2 tank of fuel), that's actually quite a 'reasonable' cost for all the miles of smiles and enjoyment you get from the Evora. 👍
  4. Interesting... so what are the normal recommended road tyre pressures for a 430 then? I only ask because that is a lot lower than the recommended tyre pressures for my S1 SR with Pirelli Corsa's...
  5. pete757

    Evora GT430

    Is there something you are not telling us Bibs! 😄
  6. This thread will shortly read... ... 'Just purchased as 2010ish Evora in Denver!' 😄 👍
  7. Which is exactly the extended time away that might then have it stolen!! 😳
  8. Carbon! Yummm! There must be at least £10k of CF on the 410 series... if it was Mansory it would be £30k! It's a shame however they did not fit the CF front splitter that the 430 has on the 410 as well... is that available 'aftermarket' I wonder?
  9. Of course. I don't really care if the BHP was 390 or 420, on a bench or on a track, I was just interested if there was actually any difference between the 2 engines. The literature certainly does indicate that is the case, which answers my question. They are also now quoting those higher figures for the 'GT410' as well. I don't believe Lotus would actually 'deceive' on their published specifications for the 2 cars... that would not be a good move! On reflection, if it was an identical power unit, they could have quite easily called the 'Sport 410'/410GT the 'Sport 400'/400GT instead, and added all the CF additions to it in the same way as they have done with the 410. In the same way as the Elise has had many many versions of basically the same car... the 'Club Racer' springs to mind as an example with identical mechanicals, just cosmetic 'tweeks' to the interior and exterior. Anyway, in the real world, it probably makes no difference whatsoever! I am happy to have found the information I was after! Cheers guys 👍
  10. Looks like this is indeed the case! I found the specification described on the Lotus website about the 'Sport 410' that indeed says it's from the '3-eleven project' and is therefore different to the 400 specification... The slight increase in power and the drop in kerb weight does make a noticeable difference to the reported BHP/Ton... they say 309bhp/1000kg for the Sport 410 and 286bhp/1000 for the 400.
  11. Just been reading a thread on the V6 Exige forum... regarding 'heel and toe' and the 'protection' that the ECU has in place to basically stop the application of power against brake. I know there was an ECU 'update' done on the earlier cars (my MY14 SR manual has had this done) that does allow heel and toe without the ECU cutting throttle response, hence fuel flow to the engine. (I have driven some other cars, Toyota and VW etc that certainly do do this really aggressively!). But I have had no issues at all with heel and toe braking/down-shifting driving technique in my S1. Can anyone on here comment on is heel and toe possible on the 4xx series cars, without the ECU intervening? Hope this question makes sense...! Cheers guys, Pete :>)
  12. KERS would probably make it too heavy...
  13. Awesome looking 410 Exige. Very 'discrete'... very nice! Enjoy.... and who needs a radio anyway! 😎
  14. Can you post some photos of your amazing fire red 410 Sport somewhere please mate... to match those red rocker covers!
  15. By using a new twin turbo hybrid 4 cylinder.
  16. That would of course depend on the track... Have a look at DR P's comparison vid here... he notes and you will see that a car length was made on the long straight, where he notes that the extra power of the GT430... (nice consistent driving btw :>) 👍) To your point and more importantly, on this test, both cars were on the same tyre...Cup 2's. However, I think the Ohlin's and the 430's geo and suspension set-up are getting much more out of the tyre than the Bilstiens on the 410. Plus of course, as CC is a pretty high sped circuit, that aero would add a bit as well. Both a bloody epic cars. Would love to see the same track test between the 410 and the 400 please. Chop chop then!
  17. Blimey! What has happened to my thread LOL! I thought what I was asking was a 'simple' question... out of interest really :>) I guess that if the 'average' random Evora CCSC engine produced about 407bhp, I would make more 'sense' for Lotus to label it as a '410' anyway... and once they did that on the 'Sport 410', it was only logical that they could not then sell 'just a 400', nor release a 'baby' GT430 calling it anything else other a GT410! Anyway, thanks for all the replies! :>)
  18. £2,000 per BHP then! Seriously, does the 410 have a different map, or smaller pulley, both, or nothing!!
  19. That is interesting... and a bit sad as well! 🙄 So, what is different with the 430 then... apart from the sticker!
  20. The 'sticker' implies 10 BHP more... but is there really a 'technical' difference between the 2 engines? Or does the 410 indeed have a different pulley, ECU, map etc that does give the 410 more power than the 400! From what I have read, no 'tester' has been able to discern a difference between the 2... which is hardly surprising as 10 BHP is not a lot. It's however very apparent that adding only 'another 20' bhp results in the 430 that is a LOT quicker... 3 seconds around Castle Coombe from the excellent 'simultaneous' vid that 'Dr P' posted. Though a portion of that would be from the Ohlin TTX set-up I am sure. It would be interesting to see that same comparison track test with the 400 v 410 :>)
  21. Give Jim Valentine a call. Perhaps he may make you one up...
  22. I guess the N/A may handle better than the 'S' because it's about 50kg lighter... Mine feels rapid... many say they are in the 'real world', as quick as an 'S' because they are lighter. Add a set of 2ubular headers and a CAI, or the 'kit' from Hangar111 (Komotec) and you have 300 BHP, which would then give the same BHP/ton as the 'S'. Evora's (all Lotus's really) are not really about 'dual carriageways'... they are just so good on the 'twisties' where you can play with the car, make it 'dance' under you. And even more so out on track. My N/A is SO much fun on B/C roads... never fails to make me smile :>) I would certainly suggest that you don't ignore them as an option, but even then, very few about as well. Good luck :>)
  23. A clutch can wear out a lot quicker than that depending on driving 'style'... it could also last 100,000 plus miles as well...
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