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  1. Agreed... me too :>) Does not work so well out on track however mate... chasing Benja for example!! 😂
  2. My S1 Sports Racer is extensively covered with PPF (Paint Protection Film) on the front end, the sills, lower doors, rear quarters. Needless to say, the paint is unmarked :>) I thought mine was applied post sale, but I have read somewhere that new Evora's come from the factory with PPF already applied. Is this true? If so, what parts of the car are covered please? Also, are the lower sills that used to be painted black (as part of the black pack and SR trim) now just wrapped in a stone protector matt black colour... I which case I guess that is not then again covered in PPF? Cheers, Pete.
  3. I have a 'foot' in both camps! So I see both as great :>) If I won the lottery, I would have one of each :>) I wish Lotus had made a 'Cup' Evora... perhaps not the 430... leave that alone. Perhaps a 410 Cup... stripped out like the 410 Sport with the cup seats and not much else... There is a hard core DNA in some Lotus drivers that just 'need' the 'Exige' rawness... I cut my teeth on an S1 Exige... it was the best Lotus I have ever owned... because it suited my 'Exigerness' that those who now what I am talking about will 'get'! So... older, wiser, less agile... the Evora is a perfect transition... get the Exige DNA into an Evora and I reckon many Exige owners will buy one. At the moment, I believe the '410 Sport' has come the closest... the 'Cup' CF seats, rear window delete, Li battery, forged alloys, lots of CF, no radio or A/C etc etc... now that is all Exige stuff! I am SO glad to own an S1 SR... a great 'intro' to Evora ownership. As I said however, they are ALL great :>)
  4. Time for an Evora roof rack I think! 😂
  5. ...." Rpm warning indicators are a natural feature for a performance car - eyes stay on the road. A real loss and a near crime that Lotus sacrificed them in the 4xx. Replacing them with a “gear change-up now for maximum economy” light, likely only of use to some minority of the most special-needs Evora “owners-but-not-drivers”. What better illustration of adding insult to injury"...? There are indeed a lot of minor changes that could be perceived as such... My observations... I think the 'purest' SR would be the N/A version :>) Just as the original except loaded! I have found that the RPM shift lights, buried above the speedo, are not in the right place or bright enough to be of any 'on it' use. If you are staring at those then your eyes would not be in the right place, 'outside'. The after-market 'Shift-Eye' type lights are much brighter, more of them and can be located higher up in the drivers field of vision. You can also feel the power tailing off in the N/A once above 6,500 RPM. I guess however the 'S' is still pulling well... but then you get a soft RPM cut-out eh? I have never used my 'boot' or rear power sockets. Great for a 4WD/Estate car, but not sure of any use in the boot of a sports car... I love the full leather interior of the SR and others... great as a 'GT'. Also agree with the 'glass' tailgate in a GT. But the evolution into the CF tailgate is certainly good looking and of course much lighter. I like both options... perhaps the UK cars should offer the glass, as per the 400 as an option now. I also love the new interior of the 4xx's! The quality is up there and personally I think 'Alcantara' suits the function more. Once again, lighter as well Bottom line... they are all great cars... nothing is perfect of course. Coming from a history of Elise/Exige's, for me the Evora has been a perfect evolution that matches my evolving age!!!
  6. They are great mate... just the job for winter under cover in the garage :>)
  7. How about a 'group buy' guys!! 20 peeps, £10k each or 10 peeps, £20k each :>) 😊
  8. That is a lovely Evora you have there mate! Nice wheels too!!! :>)
  9. Lovely colour! Is that a carbon tailgate, splitter and roof! On a 400! Thought was was the preserve of the UK spec 410's ...
  10. Not to hi-jack this thread but can you elaborate on what your CAI system is!? Looks huge... and very efficient!
  11. My S2 Elise 111s was ST... Great colour... indeed changes colour :>)
  12. Drop a box full of S/S brackets with a 'cash invoice' for £500 at the Hethel security gate. That should see the next year of Evora production with rust free brackets sorted. 👍 BTW... how can I buy a set please!
  13. I think you can feed the wire between the 'gap' from the body to the CF louvered cover so it does not jam up when you close that fully... Well, at least that what I have managed to do on my heavy S1 rear hatch. The wire needs to be 'bent', but not to the point of getting damaged by kinking.
  14. It will be interesting how we feel in 10 years about the 4xx... I personally think that the S1 will be the more 'enduring' time insensitive design... a bit like the S1 Elise that still can hold it's own 22 years after hitting the street! Both are brilliant and I love both versions :>)
  15. Cosworth! :>) Cannot believe there were 2 brand new Cosworth 'unit's' for sale a couple of years ago for if I recall about £5k! Bargain... I bet they revved out a tad more! 👍
  16. I don't think it's 'minor'. TBH, I am not sure how many thousands of car seats I have sat in over the decades... but I am pretty certain that 'creaking' is a very rare occurrence. Clearly this issue IS pi$$ing lots of peeps off... and that is a shame. That's not a minor complaint, and It's got nothing to do with the 400 not being a brilliant car and a performance car 'bargain'. It's simply an issue/complaint that is consistent and owners/dealers/Lotus all know about. The problem causing this really should have been designed/built out of the seat as an issue from the first CAD iteration and testing. I don't own a 400... but I sat in a brand new one the other day in Perth and sure enough, when I moved my back in the seat from side to side, the 'creak' was instantly noticeable ... it would definitely annoy me, especially if I was buying a car with a sticker price of $204,000 AUD!!!
  17. Any chance you can sell these to Lotus direct... to install on all new Evora's!
  18. Recaro's were 'fit for purpose'. NO squeaks. Comfortable. Did the job. Who could tell they would reduce the 0-62 dash by .02 seconds due to their extra weight (3 kg? more than Sparco's?)... Never a complaint about the performance being muted by the seats there! Sparco's... 3 years in and still complaints of squeaks! Lotus, it's time to change supplier. Back to Recaro and a 'quieter' life for both the customer, the dealer and the company. And continue to offer the 'Exige' CF seat as an option for this who can 'fit into it' and want the added 'lightness'. Simples.
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