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  1. Shame it's limited to 7,000 then... perhaps 8,000 (well maybe 7,600) would be a better number :>)
  2. Agreed ^^^ Martin and Steve Edwards of 'The Edwards Boyz' (LotusPower) convert to Honda power for Elises... They are shit hot on conversions and running in new engines correctly. I went for a drive with Martin in a newly converted Exige and he was totally fixated on the oil temperature being above 90c before he would give the car the beans... that took over 9 miles on a standard UK summer day! But the rest was well worth waiting for!!! 😎
  3. I think the way ahead would be to have the entire 'plastic' dash covered with alcantara to match the rest, then have the instrument binnacle area covered with the CF top that is on the 430, rather than alcantara as on the 410. But then 430 owners would be saying 'hang on'! :>)
  4. Interesting. On aeroplane piston engines, the procedure is to use Wide Open Throttle (WOT) for a continuous period of more than 30 minutes... however WOT would only be circa 2400 RPM. What is the manual procedure for the 4xx cars then? Has Lotus written anything under a 'break in' procedure?
  5. You might have just reversed too quickly so you knocked the cones over :>)
  6. Hey Paul... I can hear some REALLY good 'man maths' at work here mate! I am 'sold' on your 'logic'... And, of course you can convince yourself that the Vantage will be the way to go :>) I did this once on a smaller scale... many year ago, I went to a Jag XJ6. Loved the 'long(er) bonnet, the leather, the creamy straight 6.. and then was bored with it after 3 months! Luckily sold it at minimal loss... and bought another Lotus! It's maybe an itch you need to scratch... so go for it :>). Worst case, you might lose a few ££, and then come back into Lotus Land... maybe with a 4xx! Good luck with your decision :>) Pete
  7. I think he will already be on the Bimmer forums guys... 🤭
  8. Yes, I still don't 'get' why they are not selling more of them. Porkeys are a dime a dozen!
  9. Strewth mate! Ask for a photo, get a feature film!! 😂 Very cool vid to have... those SSC plates are great. (Was at SSC last week as well). Did you do the track day at Bathurst (Barth hurst as Jeremy Clarkson etc all say!)?
  10. Cool mate! What colour is your car... White? How about a photo :>)
  11. Good luck and enjoy the Bimmer!
  12. Awesome Vid mate! 👍 I took my Dad out in my Elise S1 160 about 15 years ago... he 'fell' into the seat... loved the drive, but when we got back, he could not get out! We totally pi$$ed ourselfe's laughing, so much so, I had to leave otherwise it would have been a Fire Brigade attendance to crane him out! Not to be put off, I managed to get him into the Evora a few months ago... at now 89 years old! He still fell in! Gave it the total beans on local roads, he loved it. Got home, not wishing to 'repeat' the Elise experience, we both agreed that I would leave before he tried to get out!!! He appeared a few minutes later and asked for a beer! Love it... hope I am still that 'young' if I even make it to 89!!
  13. Totally agree as well! There was one going up the hill at the FOS this year, parked next to the Evora 430 that I had a ride in... out of 'courtesy' I started to walk over to have a closer look but then my 'run away from something ugly' instinct took over and I went back to the 430 :>)
  14. It's not an Alpine is it mate? 🤭
  15. One of the first? It would be great if Lotus gave the first owner of the car a 'Certificate of Provenance' with all the associated details. I wonder if there were any MY18 vehicles then?
  16. According to Andy Graham at Lotus, they have sold 174 of 'all versions of the Evora 410' to date... so that is MY17 and MY18... And he said that the 2017 MY showed that 25 of these were to the UK. Given the Sport 410 was only produced as an MY17 vehicle, and it's now the 'GT410', I think it's reasonable to say that is where the number of these, 25 Sport 410's in the UK, comes from. 😉
  17. There seems to have been a bit of a 'rush' on Evora purchases over the last week! Pistonheads had 60 last Friday, now just 53! Both the 'new Evora 410's have gone, the white 102 mile 'James Bond' car and the unregistered "Pewter Grey' one as well... plus another 5! Excellent! 👍
  18. Just got confirmation from the factory that there were only 25 Sport 410's delivered to the UK. Now that IS rare!
  19. Have a chat with an ARDS instructor about the positioning of the hands on the steering wheel... it will 'frighten' you away from the one hand at the '12 O'clock' position that so many people are now defaulting too... 🤢
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