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  1. Great to hear! And also see a much more 'positive' post mate! Hope it all gets sorted. Don't let the 'crap' wear you down from what is an exceptional car :>)
  2. And I see no reason why this will change for our 'analogue cars' when the 'new' Lotus models appear... 👍
  3. If Lotus Geely can model their approach to running an dealership, sales and servicing, as well as SSC in Sydney does, then the brand would probably have a 100% satisfaction rating. Such a group of enthusiastic and dedicated guys and girls there. 👍👍👍
  4. I don't think falling prices would make much difference to Exige owners who's car's re-sale values have been rising! As an ex Exige owner, the 'Sport 410' does feel like it has a lot of 'Exige' in it ... all that carbon and obvious 'brief' to make it 'lightweight' has a bit of 'Cup' feel about it... they maybe should have/could have done that alongside the '430 GT'... Sure it's bigger, but so am I, twenty years after getting my first Elise and a lot bigger than I was when I slid inside my Exige S1 as well! Yes, seats are easy to change but the carbon 'race' seats look the absolute business in the 410 Sport I think... I did not realise the rear side windows were actually real carbon... the weave is only visible from the inside. Pretty unique car really, I wonder why the felt the need to change 'the name' and a few other minor bits to make it a GT410.
  5. I would prefer to see the 410 seats viewed as the 'discerning' choice for an Evora owner! It's actually hysterical that the exact same seats are seen as such a 'bonus' in an Exige as well! Get the mounting angles sorted and all is very good... assuming you have the hips etc to fit! Having said that... the Recaro's in the S1 are THE best :>)
  6. As per the thread title really! I know the 'Sport 410' was introduced about 12 months after the 400 arrived, and has now been 'superseded' by the GT410. In that context against the GT410, I think the 'Sport 410' looks superb value at £15-20k less, for what seems to be basically the same car underneath...? I have not seen many for sale and never seen one 'in the wild'. But they do look V nice :>)
  7. Elise's handle like the way you describe, darting left and right with camber. I liked that, the steering felt very light and alive... but it's totally non assisted of course! My Evora S1 however tracks straight as a die.
  8. I am sure your vids have generated some Lotus sales... some on here, including me, grateful for your efforts mate. Thanks :>)
  9. ... not even your Elise? Sorry to hear all of this. Like many have said, your vids are great! Surprise Lotus do not give you a series of 'company cars' to live with, review, break, repeat!
  10. I don't need to look for it anymore... I KNOW where it is and it's always on!! 😁
  11. I hope you did not just go out and buy that Porker, just to get your tenner back! 😂 Seriously... amazed to hear you have sold your 400. Must have been something quite significant... Trust all is good Mr JM.
  12. Very useful install photos you are taking! Thanks :>)
  13. What a bummer... This is a pretty unusual failure, especially on a lower powered N/A I would have thought? As well as a new clutch, you could also maybe fit the lightweight flywheel... Hope you can get it sorted without too much pain mate. 😳
  14. The GT430 has Sparco seats... The red stripe Recaro seats are in the S1 'Sports Racers' and perhaps others... (was the Recado a Spanish version!) Unless this is my second 'senior moment' of the day... in which case I will hide behind the sofa and retire to my evening glass of wine! 🍷
  15. Well that's my 'senior moment' for the day!!! But at least this EVORA thread was not properly 'hijacked' lol! Bloody Exige owners!!! 🤭
  16. Interested! Roadster!?? Congrats! What 410 did you order? 410 Sport or GT410 Coming from the Elise, you will see all the DNA is there. Don't have a 410, but even my N/A is an outstanding car 😎
  17. The S1 front end does look very classy IMHO. Timeless as well. 😎
  18. Calling all owners of 410's and 430's! I love the look of the skinny lightweight CF seats that are fitted to some cars in lieu of the Sparco's. Various comments on the net about them not being very comfortable for long distances/time at the wheel. And that the seat belt cut-outs are pretty brutal on the hips etc? I coped OK with the standard sports seats in my S2 Exige, including a long day down to Spa. But they were not as high in the sides as the Evora ones (are these from the Exige 'Cup' cars etc?) But I am over a decade older and also 'wider'!! Anyway, any feedback would be very useful as I am doing some 'man math's right now on the 410... Mmmmm! In the meantime, I LOVE the comfort of the Recaro seats in my SR!! Cheers guys! Pete. :>)
  19. Congratulations!!! How about some photo's in your new ownership now! 😎👍
  20. I am not a sparky... but can a potentiometer (resistor) be added so the lights can be dimmed according to taste?
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