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  1. Depends on who is winning the cricket mate! But living in Perth at the moment :>) Lotus-less out here however 😞
  2. Great photo outside Ferrari! The gate guys probably thought it was a new model out on test!
  3. So, how much to Renault pay EVO Steve to give his review that makes it sound like something on even a different planet to a Lotus?! 😳
  4. That's weird! I am sure I could see a CF surround in your wheel!! πŸ€“ Tme for new glasses!
  5. Great result! Where did you get the matt CF wheel trim swap over from... looks very GTE :>)
  6. Depends on the RPM limit I believe... some go to 7,200 in 'sport' mode. Others 6,700...
  7. Naaa! Go West Coast! πŸ‘ 🀣 What a bloody fantastic game eh! Brilliant, I could not stand still for the last 5 minutes. I really hope this can now be be found to watch again on YouTube or somewhere as it would have to be the best Grand Final I have ever watched.
  8. Indeed, I saw your car on the live 'Youtube' coverage, along with what seemed to be a very good turn out of Evora's! Looked like a great event... gutted I was not able to make it over from Oz! πŸ˜•
  9. If you could manage this then, I am interested in how would you spread the 6 gears speed wise...?
  10. I agree with Tim. I think the gearing of the newer 'close ratio' gearboxes from the later S1's onwards is just perfect. Second gear to circa 80 mph is super IMHO, it allows access to the top of the power/torque band which is great for overtaking and wringing it out on twisty back roads between say 45 and 80 mph. I would find it a total PITA if I was constantly having to change between 2nd and 3rd gears if the final drive was different. But we are all different. 🀣
  11. WOW! A new fuel efficient engine! Added usability with 3 extra 'stealth' doors! Massive price reductions! I expect the dealers will be VERY busy. A new business model!
  12. I think that the greatest benefit from lighter wheels is in the unsprung weight, rather than rotational mass. A reduction in unsprung weight will enhance the performance of the suspensions response to the road surface, with a minimal amount of distorted inertia from the mass of the wheel. And lets not dis-regard gyroscopic procession and cornering forces! It's also quite curious, that tyre manufactures and tyre tests always focus on grip etc etc, with little or no mention ever made about the mass of the tyre. There will be mass differences that would probably be comparable to the mass differences from various wheels. Either way, these wheels look great and are lighter than OEM.. so it's a win win if you like them! :>)
  13. Great story and photos of your trip. Do they happen to have facilities and water to wash cars in the area!! lol 🀣
  14. pete757


    Just avoiding low level radar... :>)
  15. Look forward to the 'fitting report' :>) BTW, I find DPD to be excellent... the tracking/delivery info is spot on in my 1/2 dozen or so experiences. By contrast, DHL is rubbish!
  16. Would anyone be able to recommend a dealer/independent who know how to adjust the cables/linkages etc to achieve this? It's going to take someone who understands exactly what the 'issue' is and how to get it resolved within the limits that the linkage offers... ie: great attention to detail and getting it right, not just what 'the book says' is within limits/good enough! I am sure you know what I mean... On my car, I have to slightly 'pause' between going up, from high RPM shift changes into the next gear, to make sure the next cog engages sweetly... curiously I have no issues going back down the gears! Cheers :>)
  17. Mine is a late 2014... the shift is actually pretty good but not as fast as I observe in the 400's etc!
  18. I thought you were jesting... but that lot is nuts really! I believe you, I believe you!! 😁 However... I am very happy with my S1, the slightly slower gearbox change is not a biggy at all :>) πŸ‘
  19. If I could trade my car in against an E400 more cheaply than the cost of uprating my linkage, show me that E400 please!! πŸ€“ Ditto! Hence my question!
  20. To clarify, is the CR gearbox the same internally, just the linkage that is different? So are the standard joints terminated with rubber, rather than with rose joints? If so, it should be quite practical to modify the linkage to be fully rose jointed, in the same manner that was done to improve the Elise S1/S2 linkages, like here... Thoughts? It would be great to get the same shift quality as is now clearly massively improved on the latest cars :>)
  21. Would that account for the 'slower' changing linkage on the later CR S1's? I wonder if it would be practical to fit the entire later linkage/gearbox to an earlier car...? BTW... whatever happened to LMS?
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