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  1. Awesome trip! Envious! Car looks great. I like the wing >) I would love to do something like this with a group of like minded Evora guys in 2019... perhaps a plan can be hatched to take in a few track days en-route of course!... ... as well as cases fro vineyards various!
  2. Hi Guys, Whenever I watch YouTube vids of 400/410/430's around tracks, one thing that strikes me very clearly is just how rapidly gears can be selected, with no 'baulking'.. Indeed the cars are often praised for their brilliant slick gearbox. So, I note with some frustration, that even the 2014 onwards S1 Evora's with the later CR gearboxes needs some 'patience' between changes!... Is the gearbox different between the CR S1's and the CR 400/401/430's... or is it just a massively improved linkage? I am aware that Lotus improved the linkage in the later S1 cars, but I am pretty certain that MY14 onwards cars would have had that incorporated. So... why if any, are there differences? Cheers!
  3. Looking forward to this build thread! Tell me, have Geely secretly subcontracted you to develop the new Esprit!
  4. It certainly does not effect the most important right foot as bad! But the guys with the LHD cars, esp the Yanks, are always complaining of a dead left leg! Intrigued by what you are up to!!
  5. That is a great photo showing just how much the forward tub on the S1 encroaches on the footwells. It was a good move altering this on the S2. When I saw the S2 tub during the factory tour, I also thought it was a shame the 'glue' lines were not as discrete as the Elise/Exige, which would have allowed a strip out of the carpets etc to reduce weight and show all that lovely aluminium off in a Evora 411!!! :>)
  6. Agreed... 👍 ..."that shape just stays looking so good".... Car bodies that seem to survive the test of time more successfully seem to be the more flowing and rounded designs like the S1 Elise, S1 Exige and now the S1 Evora!
  7. Cheers Tim! Found this on Wikipedia! Special paint version of ‘13MY normally aspirated, supercharged manual and IPS vehicles incorporating Phantom Black painted (Lotus paint code C123) front splitter, sills, rear diffuser, rear lamp bezels, mirror pods roof and rear badges with enamel Union Jack badges below the side repeaters.
  8. HI All, Does anyone here know the paint name/code used for the black roof on the Evora S1 Sports Racer please? Yes, it's very gloss black! But not metallic. Cheers!
  9. Many thanks! Looks easy!!! 🤯 For me, not! I have a 'phobia' about electrics... no idea why! I may well get my local trim shop to do this as, amongst other things, removing the sill panel looks like a PITA. Great guide though :>) 👍 Pete
  10. Many thanks! 63% of the votes prefer the Lotus! 👍
  11. A 'burned clutch' does not smell like rubber. By contrast, it smells very ankrid and aggressive to the 'nose'. So as you describe as 'rubber smell', I really doubt if it's a burnt clutch. Belts, rubber hangers, hoses rubbing... anything 'rubber' will produce that rubber smell if it gets hot. Maybe a random 'one off'? Perhaps repeat what you did and take a friend along to help narrow down the focus of the smell, should it re-occur. Good luck!
  12. Bah humbug! BOAC... BA... No way! Poor ladies!!! As for the moustache, if I had one, I would gladly relocate any of that hair to my skull!! Anyway. More importantly... how much better is your 410 that your N/A? PM me if you like... please!
  13. As a retired pilot, I need wings mate! Also, can't 'pull' like the Colonel obviously could at my age!
  14. Where do these wings come from please guys? And Laser blue is such a great colour... I miss my S2 SC Exige... in Laser Blue with the MY10 style rear wing!
  15. Exhaust mounts? Perhaps, the straight through pipe Plack exhausts get hotter than the normal systems !?
  16. Yes! It's very good (made by 'Specialised Car Covers'). Had one before. 8 weeks or so... that is where the discount comes from via TLF. Just give Specialised a call and ask when it will be dispatched. (01943 864 646) Their customer service is OUTSTANDING in my experiences with them 👍 Good choice by Bibs getting a deal with them :>)
  17. I would go and see my local stealer about that... something not right there.
  18. Any chance of a link or copy of that on here please... don't get EVO in Oz. Cheers :>)
  19. Is your car a MY16??? If so, this rust on the grill is just crazy... 😡
  20. However... looking at the positive, the Evora still has got some great feedback from this article... 👍 I would absolutely love to own one... any day over the GT3 as well.
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