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  1. Great! Feeling hopeful now!! Many thanks! :>) P.S Will PayPal be ok for payment when we get to that point?
  2. May I ask if the 'kit' could come with a set of step by step instructions/photographs so that electrical phobics such as myself can get it installed simply! Also, can you confirm that the footwell light is not on... just the door lights? I would imagine the footwell light could be distracting...? Great stuff :>)
  3. The S1 Evora has lovely side door storage... well enough for sunglasses, wallets and mobile phones anyway! A bottle of water fits nicely between the seat at the higher side door sills as well!
  4. Well you are a bloody Ozzy mate! πŸ˜‚
  5. I am 'in' as well please! VEEY nice mod that utilises the existing lights... yes, lets show these off πŸ‘
  6. Indeed... Uplift... Possibly an 'Elise S1' cutout of the door to connect with the engine air intake panels... A 'proper' facelift'... not just replacement front and rear bumpers'...
  7. LOL!! Nothing like a 'bottom' pic mate!!!
  8. Please explain! All looks correct to me!
  9. It was actually a 'takeaway' cuppa!
  10. I think that colour combination is stunning! 😎 The interior looks very classy (what is the exact trim colour called) and very 'GT'... Next stop Monaco perhaps... that would have it well run in!
  11. Is this better! Or perhaps this...
  12. FSH at the selling dealer... speaks of a cherished example I would have thought... Nice :>)
  13. Congrats! Look great. I do find it unacceptable to hear that the A/C is not working/icy-cold and that CF is lifting. The dealer should be doing a PROPER PDI, not just signing the paperwork. If that was done properly, with everything turned on, checked, driven, looked at, in other words attention to detail for the customer, then you would not have either or any of these issues you mention. Personally, I would be very pissed off if my brand new car was delivered with ANY obvious faults. If you could find them, then there is NO excuse why the dealer PDI should not find them. None. This is one area that Lotus needs to get right. Dealers need to get right. A number of cars being handed over on the same day is no excuse. Perhaps we (as previous? Lotus owners) forgive a little to easily in such circumstances, because we have come expect/accept this kind of stuff. But why? A customer, new to the brand, would probably not be as 'relaxed' about it. These cars are BIG £££... Anyway! Enjoy 😎
  14. Gold wheels! REALLY Nice! 😎 Did you change the colour? Or perhaps the wheel! I am contemplating changing my black gloss SR wheels to Gold as well... Mmmm
  15. So you have now had her for 3.25!!! Congrats... :>) Looking forward to the next post!!
  16. If manufactures stood by their product, their sales teams, there after sales teams, then all is good! Modern manufacturing techniques, R and D etc have moved failures to the exception, rather than the norm... Lotus is a great name, with very reliable Toyota hardware in the drivetrain... a good result for them. So, given all of that, we see that only 5 year ago, a good warrantee was maybe 3-5 years unlimited mileage... from certain manufactures. Who had in place confidence that the entire 'life cycle' of their vehicle was pretty robust. Now we see Hyundai for example, offering a 7 year unlimited warrantee, with the dealer service network to back that up. Surely, Lotus/Geely now have an opportunity here to re-write expectations in the sports car market... yes, take a few warrantee 'hits', but to stand by an expanded warrantee and support structure that would leap-frog Porsche/Mclaren etc and offer something that would be market leading in the segment... rather that market reactive to an inertia based upon 'old' technology and bias against the brand. I reckon that would power the Lotus brand into the place that it deserves to be... with great cars that are actually, very reliable, despite being brilliant to drive.
  17. Go drive it mate! You WILL love it. If so, bypass the Salesman afterwards... go straight to the Sales manager. Make an offer... you should get some discount. Buy it. Job done. Take delivery. Enjoy. The only thing I would do is be VERY thorough on your pre-delivery inspection before you sign on the handover dotted line. There have been a few guys who have noted issues after delivery that have then taken some time/fighting to resolve! Great cars! :>)
  18. Perhaps put some copper grease on the hub faces before re-assembly as well. πŸ‘
  19. A small piece of 6+ mm plywood! Free from any DIY shop!
  20. Has there EVER been a TV advert about the 'new Lotus Evora'? Or ANY advertising? Aside that as fallout from the various media 'tests'? I suspect the answer is 'no'... So, how would 'Jo public' indeed know about the car?! Pretty sad really... considering just how good the product is. Hope you are listening 'Mr Lotus'. 🀐
  21. And yet seemingly cars driven like rental cars from day one, get to 200k + miles with no issues!
  22. Salesman: So Mr Smith, here you have a Lotus GT410 or a GT 430. You have driven both cars, love the way they look, handle, perform, and appreciate the hand made high build quality and uniqueness. So which car would you like me to move forward with you? Mr Smith: Well, I have decided that I am going to by a Porsche. Salesman: Oh, I thought you had said that you preferred the Evora to the Porsche... Mr Smith: Yes I do actually, but I feel more comfortable buying a Porsche. Thanks anyway! My youngest son (who works for JLR) and I recently had a conversation about what car he would buy for circa Β£110k... he said a Porsche! I asked why... eh said, 'Dad... the Evora is a Lotus, not a Porsche'... It's a tough market to crack this one. Lotus have to somehow shake-off whatever stigma is holding them back... it's almost certainly the 'Lots of Trouble etc etc' nonsense. It is something... because as I have said on here before, if you put a red 'Kiwi' on the front of a GT410/430, people WOULD buy it as a McLaren. Skoda did this... but it has taken nearly 20 years. Maybe Lotus should do what Toyota did when cracking into the luxury car market... they launched a new car called the 'Lexus'... So how about Geely launching a new luxury brand of high performance car called the SUTOL! (trouble with that would be the identity would be revealed in a rear view mirror!) You get my point however...
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