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  1. On 10/06/2022 at 02:25, Bibs said:


    This photo makes the car look high... the wheel to fender gap is MUCH bigger that I was expecting, especially as the configurator images show a small gap. It looks almost 4WD high! Is there a difference in ride height between the Touring and the Sports suspension options? 

    Emira 1.jpeg

  2. Hi Guys,

    I specced my Emira with an Alcantara wheel and was told by the dealer than a contrast centering stripe could be configured at a later date. In my case to match the tan leather interior.

    Just been onto the new configurator and nothing comes up on the V6 manual steering wheel options... but crazily it's available on the V6 Automatic!

    I emailed customer care about this and received the following reply...

    "With relation to the steering wheel center mark, this is an option that you can choose when configuring however it is only available on the automatic. We had supply issues with the required parts, so unfortunately had to limit the availability of this just to the automatic option. I do apologise for any disappointment caused by this".

    Lotus! Can you please look at this... surely this option change is not difficult to also configure with the manual! 

    Cheers, Pete :>)

  3. 4 hours ago, tim_marra said:

    Clue; the last owner was Pete 757. Once he gets another car it's a safe bet it will be available soon after :yes:

    Merry Christmas Pete :cheers:

    LOL TIM!

    All true I hasten to add!

    The best way to buy and sell a Lotus in my experience is within the forum community... though I did find my (ex) Evora on Pistonheads.

    Merry Christmas to you too mate! :cheers:

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  4. On 08/12/2018 at 12:45, C8RKH said:

    I got chased in my 410 Sport around a Tesco car park in Perth by an older lady who pulled up across the car after i had parked. She patiently waited for me to get out. Gave me a huge smile. Then just said "i just had to follow you. Your car is absolutely beautiful. I just wanted you to know".

    Absolutely made my day.

    Nothing like 'pulling' mate! 😂

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  5. 1 hour ago, ricvx said:

    I’m with you on the Cup 2’s in this weather. The car squirms all over the place on cold wet roads, it’s a bit like driving on ice. Definitely not a winter tyre!

    Any idea how they compare to the 'Pilot Super Sports' or the Cup 4's on the same tyre of roads?

  6. 2 hours ago, jonnyboy said:


    So...She's back! 6 weeks away so a total of 3 months of the first 8 months of ownership the car has been away getting fixed. That's really not very good is it? ...

    Awesome result! Yes, this bodes well for the future... a credit to you for persisting with getting the issues resolved.

    BTW, love the colour... in that light it takes on an autumnal almost brown/gold tint... is it 'Motorsport Black' with the gold flecks in the paint?

    Enjoy the driving now :>)


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