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  1. James, Broke my US spec side mirrors twenty plus years ago. Did repair them. Believe there are photos posted at the S1S2S3 US site. Not sure if there is enough bandwidth available here to post all the photos here. Only use them at car shows. Daily mirrors are Vitaloni Turbo's. Lyn
  2. Max, Purchased a pair of Dunlop SP 9000 in 215/50-15 from Tire Rack several years ago. Monitor 15" tires on a regular basis for my S1. They are getting difficult to find in a performance tread. Good luck with your search. You might also contact Tony Krncevic on this forum. He's one of America's S! gurus. Lives in Cleveland now. Lyn
  3. Hi Folks, Saw this car on my way to Edison, NJ last Wednesday afternoon around 4 PM. West bound on Route 287 just west of Edison. Matt was it you? Lyn
  4. 77 esprit

    Jim Clark

    Trevor, Wasn't there some question as to whether or not the #82 car displayed at the Indy museum was actually Clark's race car? Something about the Tech sticker wasn't quite right. Saw the car several times at LOG a few years ago. They brought the car to a downtown mall for display Friday night. Regardless the car looks great. Dario's drive give us rail birds a first hand look at what the drivers of the era really had to deal with. Lyn
  5. Steve, The front tire on the car in question is the original equipment Dunlop SP 60, 205/60 - 14. Still have them on the front of my car. Only used for show and Winter storage. Mine still hold air after 35 years! The spare tire is perfect!!!!! Lyn
  6. All I can say is ............WOW!!!! My one and only horn drive loudspeakers were Altec 604E in Valencia cabinets. Around 1968 or 69. My first speakers were a pair of AR 4x in 1966 or 67. Followed by a second pair in parallel. Then off to twenty wonderful years of KLH Model Nine full range electrostatics. First one pair then a second was added. Ran out of room. Sold them and replaced with a pair of Rogers LS 3/5a! The lack of bottom end and my new career as the Bowers & Wilkins representative lead me to the 1991 Matrix 804 which I still have. Two different routes to aural nirvana.
  7. Wow Mike, haven't seen a S8R in over forty years! Remember the 075 ring radiator and the LE 15a woofer. Had a 15" passive radiator paired with the LE 15. Don't remember the midrange unit number. Getting old I guess. Sold quite a few of those when I first got into the "high end" audio business. Our store also sold Altec Voice of the Theater's. Surprised yours have lasted this long. The rubber woofer surrounds used to fail do to UV radiation. Started to crack if I remember correctly. Lyn
  8. Mark, I've used Audioquest audio and speaker cables for years. They are somewhat of an overkill as the 804's have a rather high crossover point. Midnight on the bass / midrange and Emerald on the tweeters. All audio cables are AQ Diamond. Remember, i worked in the industry for 38 years. Not rich by any means! Agree with Duncan. Take your amp with you for a final listen before purchasing. As the differences are small, keep your first "interview" as simple as possible. Compare all the speakers with the same source material and amplification. Most importantly, enjoy! Lyn
  9. Mark, As you must be mechanically handy (Lotus Owner), I'd advise the following; First, while the speakers are "operating", I'd lightly push in on the centers of the cones. If the speaker(s) suddenly work, the voile coils have been damaged. Next, remove the woofers from the cabinets. Take a "D" cell battery and touch the speaker leads to the battery. In all probability, the woofer voice coils have failed. Having owned B & W's for quite a while (custom built 1991 Matrix 804's), sold B & W at retail and represented B & W as a msnufacturers representative for five years, I'd visit your local dealer. You are obviously satisfied with your center channel. Go the distance and replace the Missions (represented them as well for a while). Good luck. Lyn
  10. It appears in the last photo you pulled the engine using a single strap; past the intake manifold, all the way under the oil pan and over the exhaust manifold? Is this standard practice on the front engine cars? Been trying to figure out how to pull my lump. Thanks for the photos and your assistance. Lyn
  11. Paul, Any assistance you can give me would be greatly appreciated!!!! Lyn
  12. Phil, In your photo essay, you have a three quarter front view of your 907. Is there any chance you can still take a photo of the engine front end on? Seem to be having difficulty threading the timing belt on mine. As I can not see the front of the engine from above, a photo may help me with the correct positioning. Thanks in advance. Lyn Incidentally, great job on your car!!!!!
  13. Before you do what John suggests, make sure the inertia switch is in its on position. With it off, the fuel pump does not run. Everything else will look good electically. There is also a fuel filter between the right hand tank and the pump. Might be clogged. Lyn
  14. Gunter and Wayne, Passed the information on to my friend Joe this morning. Haven't heard from him yet. Thanks for the assistance! Lyn
  15. Hi Guys, E-mailed your suggestions to my friend. He's taking his V8 to a local repair shop to have the codes downloaded as you suggested. The shop does a great deal of modern exotic car service in our area. I'll keep you informed. Also suggested he join this group. Don't mind passing the information along. Just easier for him to join! Thanks again for your assistance. Lyn
  16. Olly, Received the following e-mail from my friend: "Car starts and runs fine. Seems to be just a computer reset issue. Dealer said it might be a voltage problem at the ECU fuse B2 that, if low, will cause the computer to reset every time the engine is started" Wish I knew more about his car. His dealer is neary seven hours away. Have enough problems just getting and keeping my S1 running without computers! Lyn
  17. Hi Folks, I'm posting on behalf of a fellow LOONY member and V8 owner. The car in question is a 2003. Several weeks ago, the check engine light came on. The code read "Minor Evap Problem". A local service dept cleared the code. The car has been driven over 300 miles since. When presented for NYS inspection, the car failed do to the OBD2 readout being "EGR and Oxygen Sensor Monitors not set". The original code has not returned. Neither has the "Check Engine" light. Does anyone have a suggestion to assist my friend? Wants to drive his V8 to LOG. Lyn
  18. Mark, Seem to remember the jack and the small bag of tools were stored in the right front compartment between the wheel well and headlight pod. Have carried a small four wheel hydraulic jack for nearly thirty years. Too old to remember. I'll check my owners manual tomorrow morning and see if it lists where the tools are stored. Lyn
  19. Hi Dave, Welcome to the forum. Can't help you with the trade. Suggest keeping your eye on the "For Sale" area under Esprit. Series 1 and 2 cars come up quite frequently. The Esprit community is a very close knit group as you may have noticed while lingering. I belong to two groups you may wish to join other than TLF. There is a forum strictly for early Esprit's at S1S2S3 at Yahoo Groups. Also belong to Lotus Owners Of New York (aptly titled LOONY's). Any information you might need is available from those resources. TLF adds the international flavor to our family. You might also want to look at the Regional Groups area on this Forum. Again, welcome. Lyn
  20. Hi Folks, Earlier this year, I replaced my timing belt. Wore a groove in it as I had the water pump inlet hose pulled to tight. Purchased a new belt. Went to install it. Won't go on! Not even close. After months of trying other methods, I finally decided to remove the automatic tensioner this morning. Will not come off! The bearing is tight against the ignition sprocket. The bolt holding the bearing assembly together is tight against the timing bar on the engine front cover when I try to move the assembly forward. The bearing assembly will swing but not enough to allow the tensioner to pass the timing bar. It appears the nylon "bumper" at the end of the tensioner piston is "frozen" in place. The piston is withdrawn and held in place by a 4 mm drill bit. I know for sure that's the case as I can move the bearing assembly without the piston moving. Can the nylon bumper be removed without taking the entire assembly off? To quote the title of this thread, I'm just about done. If the engine needs to come out to repair this simple job I've done many times..... Anyone got a suggestion? Please!!! My patience is at an end. Lyn
  21. Neil, Over the years, the thought of selling my S1 has become a recurring dream / nightmare. No matter the short term pain, I'll never have the opportunity to own a car of its stature again. Ever! Don't sell it unless you are in dire financial straights. You'll regret it. My S1, although not running at the moment, brings joy to me just looking at it neatly tucked away in my garage. Thirty five years of ownership and still going. Lyn Isn't the definition of insanity doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result?
  22. Brian, Check with JAE in California. Got my tensioner parts from them very quickly. Did you take the tensioner off your engine yet? Is it still together? If it is, please take a photo in sideview and post it. Would certainly appreciate it. Purchased the water pump and alternator belts from Advance Auto. Significantly less than "official" Lotus belts. Work every bit as well. Lyn
  23. Hi Tony, Thanks for the suggestion. Do basically the same thing but with only two wrenches. One pressed against the firewall lip to the engine compartment and one to loosen the bolt. Wish that was the hardest problem I'm facing. Wondered it Matt had mentioned it to you when he was at your home. Lyn
  24. Pete, My favorite rules "interpretation" was in NASCAR here in the States. The capacity of the fuel cells was highly regulated. One extra lap without refueling was a major advancement. The car in question won the race on that "extra" lap and ran out of fuel during its victory lap. The car was pushed to victory circle. At the conclusion of the formalities, the crew started the car up and drove it back to the garages. Seems the roll cage had been used as part of the fuel cell. Dangerous? Of course. Creative? You bet! Love to see some of the creative ways racing teams come up with to put their driver in a better position. My hat's off to Red Bull. Lyn
  25. Sad to hear the news. But like most small companies, over regulation by the government to "protect" us from ourselves continues to claim victims. We no longer get the Elise / Exige as its bumper exemption has run out. That also means no more Teslas. How can a Lotus weighing over a ton and one half be considered light? As I said, really sad to hear the news. Here is my contribution to the TVR saga. Lyn
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