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  1. White one with red interior? If so its a TLF car, but havent seen the owner post for a while.
  2. Dunc

    mystery and disappointment

    Tom, Are you sure its a 911 and not a 912? Whilst the 911 has been done before (By Lotus in the Martini Elite for Chapman), nobody outside Lotus ever saw the install as they removed it and replaced it with a 907 off the line when they sold it. The ignition items of your car screamed "early excel" at me, which would suggest a 912 2.2. I had a 911 bottom end for a bit, and its a substantially different unit with at least a couple of studs bracing it all together which dont exist on the "road" 907 and 912. I swapped it for a 912 bottom end.
  3. Dunc

    ignition circuit replacement

    Spent far too many hours as a teenager harrowing and seeding in a super major to want to ever drive one again. I do have a lawn tractor as an emergency tow vehicle though.... 🚜 Moved to the big smoke 20 years ago so grandads farm in Aberdeenshire (and the fully equipped workshop) is now but a memory. Occasionally... if I was good... Grandad would let me drive something with power steering which didnt try to break my wrists....
  4. Dunc

    ignition circuit replacement

    Was always a Fordson man myself.....
  5. Dunc

    archival local knowledge

    Sounds like you have been busy! 🙂 The standard lotus excel diff is from the toyota Supra 2.8 and is much more robust than the salisbury item fitted to my eclat - which is fed by a 4.6 Rover V8. I'm not sure you needed to touch this area for longevity, but at least you've got a slightly more suitable final drive ratio for a V8 by swapping the ford unit in. (imho the standard toyota diff would take the power and torque of a 3.9 V8 without problem). Extra weight? There really isn't any.... The rover V8 is a remarkably light unit. Even with 8 cylinders, it is within a couple of kilos of a Lotus 912. However, better brakes are always a good idea and I never really rated the braking performance on my standard excel, despite going over them. I believe the standard toyota brakes could be upgraded with calipers from an ABS spec Previa providing a bit more clamp area over the standard pad, but I never finalised my research in this area, selling the car before a suitable set of calieprs appeared on ebay.
  6. Dunc

    How Much

    1750-2250 if it doesnt need paint.
  7. Dunc

    Little winter project

    Tuning parts for this puppy are amongst the cheapest and most plentifull out there.... skim through ebay.... 🙂
  8. I'm really quite pleased with the tyre availability nowdays in 205/60/14 - it was looking quite bleak for a while with only Falken (which I dont really rate) as a "known" brand tyre. Whilst it is not a direct comparison with a car tyre, I use Maxxis Ultra Sports on my Kawasaki Z1000 (a 130bhp naked sports bike) - big thumbs up from me. Now on my second set. I wouldn't have any hesitation in buying more of their products. I wouldn't class Maxxis in the same bracket as some of the chinese brands that we see (powerhorse, roadstar etc). Maxxis are definately a cut above the cheaper end of the market. Also - the Toyo Proxes in that link at £55 are probably a steal. I had Toyo Proxes (albeit expensive Z rated ones) on my Alfa sportpack, and I drove that car like I'd stolen it... It turned in like no front wheel drive car I've driven before or since, so definately gave its tyres a proper work out.
  9. Dunc

    ignition circuit replacement

    Tom, forgive me if I am teaching my granny to suck eggs: A couple of things need to be determined first: Your car has obviously had an engine and ignition system grafted in from elsewhere. Check the type of coil you have fitted. A ballasted voltage coil in a non-ballast system (and vice versa) can cause problems. A missing wire to the coil from the starter suggests its not a ballasted system and may have a 12v coil. I'm not sure what ignition system you have fitted - it was usually lumenition on series 1's, but your picture suggest your car 503 has a Lucas AB14 ignition amplifier? (which was introduced with the eclat excel; these can break down with age and be a proper pain in the ass...) I can't recall off the top of my head if the AB14 ignition system was balasted - I have a feeling it was not and used a 12v coil. If this is the case - is your coil receiving 12v from the ignition switch rather than the 8-10v the wiring of your car would provide as standard? Grafting in a 2.2 and non ballast ignition would require a replacement feed from the ignition switch without ballast ressistance - easy to overlook when the engine was dropped in. If its not being done, your car will have a weak spark as the primary windings of the transformer (coil) won't be getting fed enough voltage. If it is a ballasted system with a ballast spec coil and uses a resistance feed from the ignition switch - the missing wire to the coil from the starter would only manifest itself with a car being difficult to start as the link wire from the starter solenoid to the coil only has function when cranking. When you release the key to the run position, the feed from the starter link wire becomes redundant, and the coil is fed a lower voltage through the balast resistor (or resistor wire). I'd also check your ignition switch and clean all the poles behind it - its a common problem on elites and eclats that dont see much use and can give the symptoms described. I'd approach your problem like this: Step 1: clean up all contacts- starting with the earth points. Step 2: determine what spec of coil you have and check that its being fed correctly (12v for non ballast) (6-10V for ballast) Step 3: If it is a ballasted coil, buy a balast resistor from ebay (couple of quid) and run an independent feed to the coil through the resistor. or: Step 4: If its a 12v coil - run another feed to the coil and disconnect the one from the ignition switch. If you still have an issue: Step 5: borrow another AB14 from someone and try it. Good luck Dunc
  10. Dunc

    where it all began

    Did the scrap dealer own the interceptor, or was it part of his stock? 🙂 For me it all began as an impressionable five year old living in a little village 10 miles outside edinburgh. My neighbour was a real life racing driver (modsports then BTCC) and his road car was a Lotus Elite, which with its pop up lights seemed impossibly glamorous in a world of Hilmans, cortinas and cavaliers. A flirtation with a yellow eclat 520 followed when I was a student and could quite afford it. It was very much the "one that got away". So when a similar car became available 10 years later - I had to have it. There began the trip down the Lotus wormhole..
  11. More pictures required Pete! I concur with the above. I also recall a shiny metal trim that crossed the rear on the factory vinyl elites. Strangely, the vinyl roof seemed less popular in later cars - most of the ones I have seen with a vinyl top were 74/75/76. best wishes Dunc
  12. Dunc

    elite to auction

    That looks a properly sorted series 1. I like it a lot. I think it would be a great buy for somebody. Chassis and trailing arms look immaculate.
  13. Dunc

    Breaking Lotus Eclat 1975

    excellent! First round is Rob's 😄
  14. Dunc

    Little winter project

    Thanks for posting the above Barry. A great read for Anoraks like me. having given you all the good news about what this conversion brings, I should probably share the bad. That top link rear suspension system is said to be not quite right and produces some handling irregularities. An engineer owner who fitted it, reviewed why it wasn’t quite right and published his thoughts on the net (google lotus elite top link, and you might find his article). His thoughts were that the pivot point for the top link is in the wrong place and needed to be moved higher, as the current geometry isn’t quite right as the suspension compresses causing roll oversteer, making the rear end quite lively. The standard car has quite a simple but effective arrangement in that a large bolt goes through the hub and locks the angle of the hub into a fixed arc. As the car corners, it effectively leans on its compressing outside suspension, which introduces negative camber as the suspension compresses, keeping the loaded tyre at the right attitude vs the road - this is what brings its prodigious grip and handling magic. the Donnington rear end is a lot more robust, but needs a bit more development. I think spyder realised the real money was in elan chassis’s rather than Elite’s and eclats which had entered bargain bucket territory in value, and quietly phased out offering elite and Eclat parts. i have a set of Spyder tubular trailing arms as pictured in the brochure. I haven’t fitted them but they are very heavy duty compared to the stock lotus box section arms. Might pop them on my v8 and see if it helps any. Too heavy for the race car project i think. i’d be really interested in this car when it’s up and running. Would love to try it in comparison to my Eclat S2. Dunc