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  1. its a far nicer drive without power steering. Its heavy at parking speeds, granted, but on the move its perfection. i hadnt driven a power steering wedge until I bought that excel, and I didnt really like it at all. The power steering on my v8 was deleted due to pump clearance, and I'd always had a hankering after re-instating it as I have the bits and would use a remote saxo/ax electric pump mounted remotely, but after trying it, I'm not going to bother. I also have a smaller seering wheel on mine. Yes, it gives you a bicep workout, but I'd have no qualms about switching to a lighter, simpler manual rack witht he stock wheel if its only you thats going to be driving it. Different story if your wife is going to be parking it perhaps?
  2. any update on this post alignment check Michael?
  3. I suspect diff output bearing failure. Had a funny "wiggle" develop on mine when I lifted off the throttle. Partially dialled it out with adjustment, but its still there. Got in and out play on the lhs of the diff of about 1cm... Still not fixed it/investigated any further.
  4. Yes, it has been done on a series 1 elite, but it required considerable cutting into the passenger footwell to mount the turbo.
  5. Slow cranking and a melted wire would suggest an earthing problem or a faulty starter. Random left field thought.... I once did an oil change on a mates nova 1L, and only ever having worked on engines of a proper size, put far too much oil in it. The result was very slow cranking, as the crank was immersed On 907's, the dipstick tube can break, allowing the oil level reading to become ridiculous. Did you perhaps over fill the sump? Probably not the above, but thought it worth mentioning. Also, I recall an issue on a Volvo 244 with a stromberg carb whose rubber diaphragm split. Car wouldnt start - took a long time to find that issue. Wouldnt affect the cranking speed however. Good luck with tracing it.
  6. I read somewhere that the Pilkington mould has warped and their screens dont fit anymore. No direct experience, just something I read somewhere.
  7. tentative interest Dan... PM me?
  8. It is possible to swap out a wheel cylinder with the diff in situ. It is a pig of a job, but so is taking out the entire diff.
  9. hey Dan, Symptoms describe a short circuit. look for rubs and freys...
  10. Hi Ryan, As commented on the facebook thread - engines that have been laid up will smoke for a suprisingly long period - my first eclat smoked like a devil for the first week or so - it can take a little while for exhaust heat to fully burn oil off, and piston rings can get a bit sticky from sitting static - they usually release themselves. The lubrication issue you mention is usually a track thing, and the cure is to fit a restrictor in the up oil gallery, but it shouldn't cause a leak out unless you have a leak in the lower cam tower gasket (common). You don't mention what grade of oil you have used - it should be a nice thick 10w60 or 20w50 - dont go thinner as it wont help. People over torque the cam tower covers when they leak, causing them to warp and get much worse. Be liberal with sealant - its not something that is universally praised on here, but I put quite a lot on, and don't tighten too much, leave it to sit overnight, then gently nip it up.
  11. All Getrag "265"'s will bear the stamp "262" on the side of the main casing. They are modular gearboxes with the 4 speed variant being the 262. To create the 5 speed 265 gearbox, Getrag bolted on an extra casing containing the 5th gear onto the end of the existing 4 speed 262. The part number you are seeing on the side of your 265 Getrag is the casting number of the main section of the gearbox, stamped 262 because that part is common between 262 and 265. A 265 being a 262 with an extra casing bolted on the end. 2 sections+bellhousing = 262 4 speed 3 sections+ bellhousing = 265 5 speed It is very easy for the uninitiated to buy a 262 thinking its a 265....ask me how I know... 🙂
  12. Just a stunning looking car - and an important bit of Elite history being pretty much the last S1 made....
  13. narrow body excel is on TR7 (Lucas) motors and wheelboxes. TVR wedge also use them and have published an excellent user guide online.
  14. Good to hear your back in the fold mate! Always associated that car with you.... Dunc
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