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  1. hey Dan, Symptoms describe a short circuit. look for rubs and freys...
  2. Hi Ryan, As commented on the facebook thread - engines that have been laid up will smoke for a suprisingly long period - my first eclat smoked like a devil for the first week or so - it can take a little while for exhaust heat to fully burn oil off, and piston rings can get a bit sticky from sitting static - they usually release themselves. The lubrication issue you mention is usually a track thing, and the cure is to fit a restrictor in the up oil gallery, but it shouldn't cause a leak out unless you have a leak in the lower cam tower gasket (common). You don't mention what grade of oil you have used - it should be a nice thick 10w60 or 20w50 - dont go thinner as it wont help. People over torque the cam tower covers when they leak, causing them to warp and get much worse. Be liberal with sealant - its not something that is universally praised on here, but I put quite a lot on, and don't tighten too much, leave it to sit overnight, then gently nip it up.
  3. All Getrag "265"'s will bear the stamp "262" on the side of the main casing. They are modular gearboxes with the 4 speed variant being the 262. To create the 5 speed 265 gearbox, Getrag bolted on an extra casing containing the 5th gear onto the end of the existing 4 speed 262. The part number you are seeing on the side of your 265 Getrag is the casting number of the main section of the gearbox, stamped 262 because that part is common between 262 and 265. A 265 being a 262 with an extra casing bolted on the end. 2 sections+bellhousing = 262 4 speed 3 sections+ bellhousing = 265 5 speed It is very easy for the uninitiated to buy a 262 thinking its a 265....ask me how I know... 🙂
  4. Just a stunning looking car - and an important bit of Elite history being pretty much the last S1 made....
  5. narrow body excel is on TR7 (Lucas) motors and wheelboxes. TVR wedge also use them and have published an excellent user guide online.
  6. Good to hear your back in the fold mate! Always associated that car with you.... Dunc
  7. The picture of the black car at Brands Hatch was to publicise the launch of the then new Lotus Elite. Black and Gold JPS livery was on the F1 cars on the grid from 1972, and a black eclat was stickered up as pictured. I think this was season 73-74. It is a well known photo and was huge publicity for Lotus and their new model. There never was an official JPS model Elite or Eclat, but lots of owners of black cars have stickered them up as such.
  8. could a vibration at the nosewheel be a result of an over-stretched casing Michael? Could it cause play at the outside of the bearing?
  9. Hmmm - in truth its a bit of a hike from me down in S London Lord Sinky.... What are we dealing with? Turns over but wont fire? I assume you've already given the body of the fuel pump in the boot a tap with a hammer?
  10. 20 grand is a lot of money for what should probably be a 3-4 grand car....
  11. I read something online that it was from a Landrover stage 1 V8 ( predecessor of defender v8). They are epensive.
  12. makes a man of you Keith ! 😃 I have a power rack in the garage which was on the list to re-install, but after the excel - I'm leaving it as unassisted.
  13. heres a link to my project on a similar car (8 year slumber) if you fancy a laugh/inspiration:
  14. well done on taking that one on. I've seen it advertised quite a lot over the past few years - mostly on facebook marketplace. As mentioend above, its an early narrow body excel. Chassis is fully galvanised form new so shouldnt offer problems. Brakes are from a toyota celica so disks all round. Brakes are also shiiiiite (used to own one). As it is a light car there is a pressure differential valve that limits braking force to the rear discs to prevent lock up. Think of it as similar to the old load compensating valve on the rear axle that cuts the brakes when the axle hops, only without the braking force at the start... Diff, gearbox, brakes are all toyota sourced RA61 celica, and well proven. Engine is the normal 912 2.2 lotus unit with iron liners (sometimes referred to as LC as in not being the high compression model of the SE and SA) despite the engine not being particularly low compression. When in good order the car can be quite brisk, if not fast by modern standards. They do drive quite well, although I never got on with the power steering in mine, preferring the manual rack of my eclat. I also found the suspension to be shorter travel with harder springs compared to the long travel, firm damping of an eclat. They do drive quite differently despite their visual similarities. Both have their fanboys - which one you prefer is up to personal preference. Well done for saving it. Invest in a borescope from ebay for diagnosis - best 40 quid you will ever spend. If its just a bit stiff from standing, a combination of thin oil and redex pooled on top of the pistons, left a few days, then turned a little bit more each time with the crank nut and a bar (don't use excessive force) can free them up. I had similar symptoms once on a dolomite sprint, and it freed off without the need for cam/head removal.. good luck
  15. A stench of petrol on elites and eclat's was included as standard equipment. Invariably, splits in the perished rubber breather pipe causes it. Tanks can and do leak, but I wouldn't necessarily associate a whiff of petrol in the boot with the requirement to replace the tank. I made mine better with new pipes and a one way valve about 10 years ago, but still get a whiff of it every now and then. Does being owned/driven by Ronnie Petersen make it special? Its an interesting bit of history, but beyond that - I dont think it adds anything - I'd value it as you see it =- a yellow elite S1 that is potentially usable.
  16. Just to correct the info above in case someone else is reaidng this int he archives - UK law requires a child be in a rear facing carrier until 9kg or 15 months - whichever arrives sooner. In practice - most babies are 9kg around the 12 months stage, so the info in my post above should have stated that the Maxi Cosi carrier coupled with an Easybase is the solution from birth to 12 months. Then the Britax Prince thereafter (which is advertised as 9months to 4yrs, but my daughter was in it longer than that without issue.) cheers Duncan
  17. Congrats Dave! This is my specialist subject on which I have already made the hard yards. 🙂 0-6 months you want to look on ebay for a maxi cosi easybase. One of older non-isofix ones that uses the seatbelt: It secures into the bucket seat using the lap belt at the rear of the easybase, and the adjustable leg stabilises it into the footwell. You then buy one of the maxi cosi baby capsules, and you just clip them in. You can get pram adaptors that fit these things as well, so you don't need to remove the baby - just clip them into the car, then onto the pram - boot on the eclat is more than up to carrying the frame of a bugaboo pram, then you just clip them in and out kerbside without waking them up. There are group 1/2 (toddler/child) seats from Maxi Cosi that will fit onto this design of base, but it works in the eclat by lifting the baby carrier up above the bucket seat. I think the larger group 1/2 seat and this base might be a bit tight. When my kids got to toddler age I sold the maxi cosi stuff on ebay and used a different seat from Britax when the kids got older. 6 months - 3 years The hot ticket here is the Britax Prince - which is one of the only forward facing car seats that is narrow enough at the base to fit into the bucket of the eclat and secures with a lap belt. The seats internal 4 point harness secures the child, and the adjustable incline of the car seat and the solid base of the eclat fibreglass seat moulding prevents rotation forward on impact. I think I have one of these if you want it (for free) - not sure if they are still available new. I had 2 of them in the back of my eclat once upon a time (Britax Prince Alex). There are other seats that will fit but they are rare, the majority are just far too wide at the base to fit the narrowness of the eclat bucket. I bought a 3 way seat off the net that was champion, which was narrow enough to fit, but I don't have it anymore - I think the brand was OK-Baby, but cant swear to that. PM me if you want more info or a natter over what works cheers Dunc
  18. great info.... thanks for posting. I assume from the above that the renault block is incredibly narrow by normal standards? I was pondering if a nissan QR25 from an Xtrail might fit. A torquey lightweight 4 cylinder thats available for buttons. I recall reading somewhere that the 4cylinder honda engine fitted to the 1st generation CRV was of particularly small dimensions.
  19. LOL - they do..... Billy also has one of my diffs that he was supposed to build with an LSD and a fancy ratio... After phoning him every month for a year and a half to check on progress - I gave up, figuring if he has progressed it, he will call me. Never heard from him again.
  20. Yes, If I elect to at least try swapping an output shaft, I will pop the rear cover off and clean it all out to see if there is any swarf. I probably will end up fitting a new diff as its a 4.1:1 so the legs are a bit short for 8 cylinders, but I know I will have to cut out the stud on the drivers side and that it will fight me every step of the way.
  21. Thanks Pete - something is not right as I have about half an inch of in and out play. I have another diff kindly donated by Roddy M, but obviously fitting is a pain. Swapping a new shaft in is probably worth trying before I pull the entire back end of the car off to swap the diff out.
  22. I've got this on mine Michael - sounds like you may have prior experience? What is the cause? Is it the output shaft bearing that fails causing the movement? I see Mike and Co at Lotusbits offering new output shafts with the bearing pressed on, which looks like a whole lot more fun than swapping out my diff. I was between London and Edinburgh and thought it was a failing UJ and limped in at 3am. Inspection showed the driveshaft was fine but the pass side diff stud had snapped, which I think allowed the suspension to act as a slide hammer on the side of the diff for 100 or so miles. I cut the seized stud out with a recip hacksaw. I've put it all back together, but now have waaaay to much in and out play on the passenger side output shaft, and an interesting noise when I turn right. what's the likely cause?
  23. Jim Henson's Eclat (kermit green with eye dots on the headlights) was stolen from his London home whilst he was overseas and has never been recovered (to the best of my knowledge).
  24. Yep - as above - it is possible, but an utter PITA of a job swapping out the wheel cylinder with the diff in place.
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