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  1. Kenda used to do a 205 60 14 fairly recently if you need a V rated tyre for German compliance. You could have a look for some of them perhaps Steffen?
  2. Michael's pictures certainly cheered me up, hope they do the same for Oliver. Give him my best.
  3. I'm interested - ping me the details. If I'm not working late, I'd like to join.
  4. Did this car come from Wales? I seem to remember a silver eclat on a spyder chassis with an interior described as "mouse nibbled" when advertised for sale. I also seem to remember it being on fancy alloys 5 to 10 years back (compomotives?) I have to say it looks great in the "after" pics. Well done for saving it. Liking the morini also.... We have another in our group thats a Lotus Wedge/Moto Morini enthusiast. Dunc
  5. Its not that much of a pain, but things to buy/find before embarking on this job: Wide "feather splitter" style chisel and hammer a long lever/wide prybar or crowbar A pop rivetter and some new rivets A drill set of suitable size for drilling out the rivets, and a set of punches a tin of Isopon P40 or similar for shoring up the inside of the sill cover (It'll make all sorts of horrible cracking noises when you lever it off two or three large aerosols of primer and satin black paint. If you are doing the job on your own, some silicone sealant is helpf
  6. Paul was a lovely chap. Saw him around this time last year when I popped out to Norfolk to buy a set of Buick 300 heads off him. We had a proper natter about cars and bikes. One of natures nice people and a proper petrolhead, definately one of us. Condolences to his family and all who knew him. Rest peacefully sir. Dunc
  7. The UJ joints are landrover S3 propshaft joints and they survive in Landrovers without issue. Our issue is the wider angle of deflection and the shocks that the suspension transmits into the joint. I did some research a while back and a supplier mentioned going for a joint with a thrust washer would help. These joints have been on the left hand driveshaft of my eclat taking punishment for some time without failure. I thought I had finally broken them during our NC500 run last summer, but stripping it down showed the movement to come from a knackered diff rather than movemenmt in the joint
  8. I read the "critique" from an engineer owner who had fitted the spyder top link conversion to his elite published his thoughts on the web (his was not a spyder donnington - just an elite with a Spyder top link mount kit fitted, so retained the lotus diff and shafts, but with modified hubs and a CV joint driveshaft from a Sierra). He felt the height of the inboard mount for the Spyder top link on the chassis was too low, and wanted to experiment with welding a "tower" onto his chassis to raise the position of the inboard upper link mount. He described "roll oversteer" and after spending a fair
  9. thanks - nothing broken, just muscular tears and bruising I think. I had crash bungs and sliders fitted, so bike not as bad as it could have been. Brake pedal badly bent, abrasion on exhaust, rad shroud broken, mirrors damaged, and sacarficial sliders destroyed, but other than that, not too bad. I have plastic motocross style hand guards fitted, and they seem to have acted as bar sliders, so will replace them also. If nothing else it is an excuse to buy more carbon fibre bits as it is cheaper than buying plastic rad shrouds from Kawasaki.
  10. I commute every day on my Z-1000. I fell off last week and I'ma bit sore... Shoulder a bit unhappy... 😞
  11. Hi Pete, I think adding shims between the drum and flange will add a smidgen of positive camber, but I suspect only by a tiny bit as the radius rods in play. I'm not sure what it will do to toe - widening the track behind a fixed pivot would ordinarily invoke some toe in, but given the radius rod is behind the shaft, the hub will splay towards toe out at the same time? My point was more that you can buy adjustable upper wishbone mounts/links for other conventional IRS cars that make adjustment a breeze, but on the elite and eclat it becomes a proper pain in the @rse....
  12. Well done for taking that one on. I saw it advertised and thought it looked a snip at the price. I would have taken it on myself under different domestic/financial circumstances as it looks like a lot of hard work has already been done. Excellent to see that a car used in adverts has survived! If you want it on the little register I keep, mail me at [email protected] 🙂
  13. Yep :-) thats why the Elite and Eclat shouldn't be lowered with shorter springs: There is no way of adjusting the rear camber to compensate as the car is lowered, causing a lowered eclat or elite to squat on the inside of its rims. The rear suspension follows a prescribed arc as the suspension compresses, allowing the car to effectively lean over on its outside tyre as the car rolls into a corner. I believe this body roll/negative camber relationship is what provides the Lotus handling magic and if you drop the ride height it upsets the roll angle. We had a breif discussion of this
  14. Lotus Elite/Eclat tubular trailing arms from Spyder engineering. Also known as rocking horse poopie....
  15. Here is a pic of the tubular trailing arms that Spyder used to make for Elite's and Eclats. Might be a helpful reference. (Spyder lost the dimensions years ago and cant make them any more - they are very heavy compared with the lotus box steel ones).
  16. On the elite and eclat, I dont think it does Filip.... When your cranking - the key is turned further in the barrel, and the coil on a ballast ignition car gets its voltage from the link wire to the starter solenoid. I think the ignition key only gives power to coil through its ballasted pink high recistance wire when you release it from the spring loaded "start" position to the normal "run" ignition position. I had a car which would only fire when I released the key from the "Start" position. It would wind over and over with nothing, then kick into life when I released the key.
  17. Absolutely this.... Unless it is a 520 4 speed, or an automatic, dont tune the engine for more power, just build it back to stock. Electronic ignition is worthwhile if its an early car on points due to the location of the 'strib making servicing hard. Other than this - keep it stock.
  18. I think on the 1990 excel the later dash is curved rather than flat like the earlier elite/eclat. I've never owned a later excel with the later dash, and have only re-veneered the flat panels on an eclat, but I think making a new panel shouldnt be beyond the abilities of a half decent woodworker if you supply the originals as templates?
  19. Good skills Clive - car looking good. It'll be nice and cold when you get back to Scotland and an awning may be needed, but for different purposes....
  20. Although based on the same basic engine architecture the 911 is substantially different. It has two big long strengthening studs than run through the block that are absent on the 907 & 912. Sump and cams also differ. There are a myriad of differences between 907's depending on spec - esprit 907's have a full face bearing and a cross drilled crank - others have the solid crank and a lubrication channel through the bearing shell (which reduces surface area, increasing load). I've only ever had one 911 engine and I didn't strip it down (I swapped it with Mike Taylor for a 912), so I'm not sur
  21. Come on Justin..... £1K for a waterpump and cambelt on an excel....?!? Thats just not in the spirit of this room of TLF - get the spanners out! Less than 2 hrs on a Saturday morning to a man of your calibre!! 🙂
  22. I went on holiday with my mate in an 1100 in 1993. (I was 17). It was at least a VDP on twin carbs with a heady 55bhp. It started to overheated in the balmy scottish summer at an indicated 82mph on the M9, so we had to back off a bit... Happy memories 🙂
  23. I'm not sure the Zinc would have been damaged. Its been an engine bay fire and heat rises. The chassis is pretty low at the front. My first eclat died in a fire and the fibreglass damage was MUCH worse than that one. The galv chassis on it seemed fine.
  24. A breaker in Lincolnshire has taken in a fire damaged Elite S2. Seems he has cut the chassis up to remove components... Somewhere a village in Lincolnshire is missing its idiot... The rarest, most valuable component on the car written off with a few swings of his stihl saw...🙊 Words fail me...
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