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  1. Come on Justin..... £1K for a waterpump and cambelt on an excel....?!? Thats just not in the spirit of this room of TLF - get the spanners out! Less than 2 hrs on a Saturday morning to a man of your calibre!! 🙂
  2. I went on holiday with my mate in an 1100 in 1993. (I was 17). It was at least a VDP on twin carbs with a heady 55bhp. It started to overheated in the balmy scottish summer at an indicated 82mph on the M9, so we had to back off a bit... Happy memories 🙂
  3. I'm not sure the Zinc would have been damaged. Its been an engine bay fire and heat rises. The chassis is pretty low at the front. My first eclat died in a fire and the fibreglass damage was MUCH worse than that one. The galv chassis on it seemed fine.
  4. A breaker in Lincolnshire has taken in a fire damaged Elite S2. Seems he has cut the chassis up to remove components... Somewhere a village in Lincolnshire is missing its idiot... The rarest, most valuable component on the car written off with a few swings of his stihl saw...🙊 Words fail me...
  5. ^ This is what I have. Fan runs thermostatically, but I have the option to overide witht he manual switch.
  6. Welcome to our little section on TLF George! Well done on saving an S2 eclat! Where about in Australia are you? TLF's wedge section seems to have a growing Australasian membership :-) From memory, the fuse map is on a sticker on the underside or adjacent to the fuse block, but I cant recall - I will have a look on my car and take a photo next time I'm near it. Power drain is likely to be those sodding lights in the door/interior light circuit. Take the bulbs out and see if it goes. The power steering rack is a ford item, and seeing as you got Capri's, Escorts and Cortina's locally, your probably easier getting the one you have rebuilt locally. Original S2 steering wheels are hard to obtain. An aftermarket Mountney and boss kit will see you right. MB019 if memory seves - spline shared with midget and early range rover. The ignition barel is a Waco item. I'm not sure how easy to find they now are. Have a look at the parts interchangeability spreasheet on here as a sticky - its a great resource. best wishes Dunc
  7. If your happy that you have no vacuum leaks, your ignition wires are all measuring correcty, and that the dizzy cap and rotor arm are fine, try this one from leftfield: try richening it up a bit. Although this sounds stupid for countering a high HC score, if you've gone too lean on a cylinder, it wont catch at idle, resulting in unburnt mixture going down the exhaust. Also, check that the choke is returning properly.
  8. Interesting. As most will know, there is now an Ultra Low Emissions Zone charge thats live in London charging vehicles (including motorbikes) £15 a day to visit central london. Historic Vehicles are exempt. Whilst my current bike sneaked in after a battle, I was thinking of the possibility of a classic bike for the daily London commute. Seems it might be viable.
  9. Good luck wiht the haggle. I agree with the above - shipping a Salisbury 7HA from the UK would be a lot easier than trying to fabricate a new arrangement to take a different diff. It has been done before, with Dan's race using an Atlas diff and Spyder grafting a Jag IRS in, but Spder chanegd the entire chassis to achieve this. Keep it standard with a Salisbury. :-)
  10. I have a fabric towing eye that I will fit on the front outrigger....not done it yet, but will soon.
  11. the weapon of choice for putting kids in an elite or eclat is the Britax Prince. This is quite a narrow seat that sits inside the sculpted bucket and its certified for use with a lap belt as well as a 3 point belt.
  12. Lotus bits built a frame in the boot to allow eye bolts through the parcel shelf as a one off for an eclat and it was magazine featured. It mounted onto the thicker fibreglass of the wheelarches. I had personal reservations about the design, reasoning that a side hit could transfer the impact along the tube and crush the rear passenger with thei harness. I think a better design would be large spreader plates bolting in to whatever reasonably strong fibrglass exists back there. The problem being that the parcel shelf area is relatively flimsy and thin.
  13. Yes, underbonnet probably would be best, but I fitted the malpassi filterking in the boot of the excel. I set the pressure to 3.5 psi. I wasn't able to measure the output pressure of the facet clone pump that the previous owner fitted, but I had no more issues with fuel waterfalling out the airbox after I fitted the regulator.
  14. Ideally fit a Malpassi Filterking as it gives you regulation as well as a working filter. Motorsport proven and been around since the beginning of time - ebay will have second hand ones. My excel had a non standard fuel pump and it overpowered the needle valve on the rear carb causing fuel to be everywhere. Elite Flambe' is best avoided. I fitted a malpassi filterking that I bought from ebay complete with fuel pressure gauge (which I left in). The other option is to buy a standard SU type pump with a solid state control system rather than the points. I now run an electronic SU pump on my eclat. new (in basic non gauge port form) : or
  15. I use sealant on cam covers. The alternative is more leaks than a welsh rugby coach.
  16. Tim, PM me your address and I will post you a known good fuel pump to try. I will need it back however after you've tested the car with my pump. Cheers Dunc
  17. Which coil? Has someone perhaps fitted a 12V coil to your car which has a requirment for a Balasted coil?
  18. I'm going to swap my diff out and replace it with another, then I can do a prognosis on what the issue is with the one I have. Handy to get an understanding of what I'm taking on however
  19. Thanks Pete, My eclat has developed a bit of a fault in this area and returned from Scotland ont he back of an AA truck. I'll probably just bolt in a replacement diff then examine the original one on the bench, but its interesting to hear that the half shaft is only hed in place with a heat to fit sleeve. Does this include a seal as mine is pssing its oil all over the inside of the passenger brake drum.. Is there any ruber involved? I suspect my diff has taken a bit of a hammering after driving it (a fairly short distance) after the lower diff stud sheared - stressing the output flange with more road shocks that it should have been receiving.
  20. I thought I'd share some pictures of a trip El-Torro, Clive59 and myself did last week. Sadly, my eclat blotted its copybook and got left in Edinburgh, but the Elite S2 and Excel completed this rigorous journey with aplomb! Stunning scenery:
  21. Guys, I have no idea if we will see you guys en-route, but there is a yellow S2 eclat, a white S2 elite and a grey excel SE doing the route (anti clockwise) starting on Monday 10th. The north coast 500 in cars approximately 40 years old.... what could possibly go wrong? Dunc
  22. bleeding can be a pain on an excel, especially when starting with an empty circuit after replacing a master. I tried and tried and couldnt get mine to pressurise. I finally got some fluid to drop into the cylinder by pressure beleeding. It didnt want to start with just gravity alone.
  23. If that was the same young couple I think it is....they already own an elite. Not on the road as yet, but definately wedge enthusiasts. 🙂
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