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  1. I realise that I am probably in a minority of one, but I properly love what this guy has done to his eclat. Needs a yellow S2 bib on the front and a pair of seats and harnesses to complete the look. (more pics on the link below)
  2. Has the fuel pump been swapped out for another or is it on its original pump?
  3. Do they not require the chassis number to get a replacement V5? That was the issue I had with mine - VRM was attached to the car, but the chassis plate was missing. The paper V5 eventually turned up and I sent it off. I have a set of stamps and a blank chassis plate which I can use so it wears its original identity again, but until the old V5 turned up, I had no idea what the original chasiss number was supposed to be.
  4. I'd clean up both mating faces as well as you can to help it seal it on both sides. Whilst I agree that excess gasket sealant everywhere on the oil side of an engine isn't a good idea - I'd not be that fussed about it on the induction side downstream from the carbs. Whats the worst that can happen? If surplus hylomar gets injested it should blow down the exhaust. Slap it on I'd say - but just use one gasket.
  5. On a 1978 series 1 - it isnt stamped on the chassis itself. It's only on the plaque on the inner wing. If that is missing, wee have a bit of an issue....
  6. I assume you know that chapman's martini green elite (the one that went to Japan) originally had a 2.2 911 engine. It was replaced with a normal 907 engine off the line when Lotus sold it on. I always wondered how it had been fitted as I knew the sum from the 911 didnt work for an elite. It is likely that this engine is somebodies home brew project, but you never know....
  7. I can take some pics Don, but the eclat v8 lives in a rented garage a few streets away, so it will take a while. The inertia drums went to the outside. It seemed more normal pulling the belt across from the outer side than pulling it from the centre. I bought stainless steel rear seatbelt plates from Lotus bits and fitted them. I used the inertia reel lap belt to secure a Britax Prince child seat. The Britax Prince was one of the few child seats that was certified for use with a lap belt and narrow enough to fit into the bucket seat of the eclat. I also used the lap belt to secure a maxi cosi pebble base, which allowed me to click in a baby capsule. I have been dragging my two kids to classic car shows since they were months old.
  8. and change the pad at the rear crossmember for closed cell foam. (I realise it is galvanised, but its still better to be dry than be a wet sponge).
  9. I bought and fitted a set from ebay. Concealling the drum behind the panel was a tight fit, but it worked. They have been fitted for 10 years. I cant remember the exact brand, but I think they were Securon. Most would fit.
  10. I had a phone conversation this morning and can share some very exciting news! We will soon be able to buy new elite and Eclat galvanised chassis made to the original specification. As we know from the restoration threads on here, it’s been getting harder and harder to source decent second hand chassis’s, with Lotusbits unable to source used ones in sufficient quantities to meet demands of owners embarking on restorations. im absolutely delighted that someone has picked up the gauntlet and made an investment which will not only safeguard our card on the road, but also see laid up examples suddenly become viable restoration projects. Prices are expected to be in the region £2.5k +vat. contact Lotusbits directly to place orders. As always with Lotusbits, it’s best to call them with the telephone rather than email. Dunc
  11. A rover v8 and box fits quite nicely. Lots of other optionas are also possible, but be careful of weight and engine height. The car in the pictures isnt worth £900. £450 would be closer. Windsheilds are expensive to replace. The missing chrome around the screen is also expensive to replace. Go for it.
  12. Love this Michael! has to be an elite/eclat thing! 🤣🤣🤣 (I did similar going to Hethel for the 70)
  13. your location will help buyers Duncan...
  14. to nobody's surprise I present the artwork from my little boys bedroom:
  15. They were not stamped on the chassis by the factory until quite late in production. Earlier cars only have a plate held onto the body with two rivets. From memory. later cars were stamped at the front rhs forward of the gearbox.
  16. In Scotland - plod seem to be a bit Nazi about it. I got pulled over on boxing day last year (they even turned their patrol car around as they were going the other way) to issue me with a fine for spacing on a plate that nobody in England had batted an eye over during the previous 9 years.... To rub salt into the wound - it wasnt even my car - (belonged to my wife). I was just driving along at 30mph in a 30 zone in a non-descript car. Merry Xmas to you to Cuntstubble.... Mind how you go Orificer.
  17. I'm in central London daily if you need someone to drop the info with. Happy to hold onto it until Henry shows up. I might even have Henry's details on the register to allow me to post them on. (I apologise that I cant give out address details if he is on the register without his express permission). Duncan
  18. White one with red interior? If so its a TLF car, but havent seen the owner post for a while.
  19. Tom, Are you sure its a 911 and not a 912? Whilst the 911 has been done before (By Lotus in the Martini Elite for Chapman), nobody outside Lotus ever saw the install as they removed it and replaced it with a 907 off the line when they sold it. The ignition items of your car screamed "early excel" at me, which would suggest a 912 2.2. I had a 911 bottom end for a bit, and its a substantially different unit with at least a couple of studs bracing it all together which dont exist on the "road" 907 and 912. I swapped it for a 912 bottom end.
  20. Spent far too many hours as a teenager harrowing and seeding in a super major to want to ever drive one again. I do have a lawn tractor as an emergency tow vehicle though.... 🚜 Moved to the big smoke 20 years ago so grandads farm in Aberdeenshire (and the fully equipped workshop) is now but a memory. Occasionally... if I was good... Grandad would let me drive something with power steering which didnt try to break my wrists....
  21. Sounds like you have been busy! 🙂 The standard lotus excel diff is from the toyota Supra 2.8 and is much more robust than the salisbury item fitted to my eclat - which is fed by a 4.6 Rover V8. I'm not sure you needed to touch this area for longevity, but at least you've got a slightly more suitable final drive ratio for a V8 by swapping the ford unit in. (imho the standard toyota diff would take the power and torque of a 3.9 V8 without problem). Extra weight? There really isn't any.... The rover V8 is a remarkably light unit. Even with 8 cylinders, it is within a couple of kilos of a Lotus 912. However, better brakes are always a good idea and I never really rated the braking performance on my standard excel, despite going over them. I believe the standard toyota brakes could be upgraded with calipers from an ABS spec Previa providing a bit more clamp area over the standard pad, but I never finalised my research in this area, selling the car before a suitable set of calieprs appeared on ebay.
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