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  1. 144 Red Scorpion (Red/Blue/White) Sven Pettersson Oberägeri, Switzerland Regards, Sven
  2. Thank's Bibs that is good news. I was planning on maybe buying one for the next season but have heard some rumors that Lotus was discontinuing all Toyota 1.8 cars including the 2-eleven due to the Euro 5 regulations. By the way, what is IVA?
  3. Consideringthe new range that was presented by Lotus today and the ambition to take a bigstep up market, does anybody have a clue to what will be happening to the2-eleven. Will it be discontinued and if, as of when. It would be a shame as Ithink it is a great platform for “affordable” club sport.
  4. Sven

    Evora 2+0

    Thank youall for the comments on the 2+0 configuration. The picture from Guv'nor is a bit worrying as in my opinion it would bebetter to have some useful storage space than a rather useless backseat. I have alsofound these pictures on a 2+0 configuration: This is acar sold by the German Lotus tuner Komotec. The pictures show a useful storage compartment and are a bit confusing consideringthe picture posted by Guv
  5. Sven

    Evora 2+0

    Hallo everybody, I wonder if anybody has some pictures of the seat/luggage compartment of the Evora in the 2+0 configuration. All pictures I have found so far show the 2+2 configuration. Thanks
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