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  1. Big track....Bloody high desert! Needs lots of money to make it look and feel attractive. I guess the Chinese may be able to pull it off...
  2. Bentzion

    Evora GT430

    There it is FOLKS.. The ultimate marketing weapon is one that a future owner employs on one's self!! Be Proud Lotus.. LOL
  3. Bentzion

    Evora GT430

    I want to interject here...HP is measured at the crank...Wheel HP is what is supposed to matter.... but NOTHING matters except for how the torque is delivered. Everyone talks about HP but it's all BS. And lotus has to be careful how much toque it delivers to the standard gearbox.
  4. Bentzion

    Evora GT430

    He's at the factory...with his pillow..
  5. I think you guys should read this web site: .. I personally dislike the owner! BUT... he makes some really good suspension with the Bilsteins NO adjustments... Thats because few in the road suspension business tailors things like nitrogen pressure or pays attention to the details such as spring rates and sway bar thickness when prescribing the valving... No adjustments needed when you can custom valve properly. If anything you will learn a lot about suspension tuning. Lotus does a really good job with their Bilstein shocks but they can do better..
  6. I used him to make a deckled spoiler for my M6...DO NOT USE HIM...
  7. most PFC pad compounds are considered in the industry to be cinder blocks. They are quite aggressive. You might consider a different pad manufacturer. Call a motorsport supply shop and ask them what the recommend for street and track.
  8. Porsche doesn't manufacture ANY brake components. Brembo/AP usually make all their OEM pieces. PFC that are made for racing like the Brembo/AP are a whole different story. PFC's claim to fame of ZERO DRAG is a ripoff of another company..But they work. You don't need holes. They were used in the 70's to allow the brake pads to outgas while very hot. They don't do that anymore because most pads are "baked" to cook off all the excess resins. The cracks you see are stress cracks from heat. Grey Iron is Grey or minus a couple of points of carbon infusion. Two piece rotors are better because they don't warp and can control heat better..usually. Get rid of ANY silicon based fluid and RUN ONLY AP racing fluid...That will help a lot in consistency in brake feel. After every heavy track day session completely flush the system. That will keep your calipers working optimally. Also, if you plan on a lot of track days then you should buy a rebuild kit and plan on rebuilding you calipers once a year.
  9. Bentzion


  10. I haven't been active here for a bit so please excuse me if this was discussed at length before. It seems that Lotus aren't too keen to talk about any future models that may be in the pipeline, heck, they don't even allow too many journalists to drive their current cars....There isn't much in the way of publicity..Am I missing something? Again, please excuse my ignorance if Iv'e missed the obvious.
  11. That's my sentiments exactly.. Many companies make bold claims and their product may be awful. In my business there are lots of those charlatans and it has ruined peoples trust in a revolutionary service. I have yet to read that someone ruined their engine with this stuff. I do read people complaining about the cost..but that's because most of them are short term thinkers. If you own an exotic such as a Lotus you dare not complain about the cost of a fluid you may never have to replace and will save your engine internals.
  12. The '84 BMW does run cooler on hotter days.I didn't change anything with the system when changing over. The truck never exhibited any changes.
  13. The Evans is a very hot topic on many forums. Vulcan has brought up a good point that must be studied. I spoke to the Evans people at SEMA and they said, as you might guess, that there are a lot of "opinions" on what works and what doesn't with their product. On the older vehicles it's a savior. The newer vehicles are more complex in the way that the ECU reads coolant parameters in different areas. I personally think the product is the real deal..I use it in my '04 truck and in my the BMW it has lowered the operating temperatures. The mechanic I use to do the big stuff on my truck though it might cause problems with the ECU and timing on my truck as well. I have verified it hasn't.
  14. Great work Simon!! This is something I would love to do as well. How's the progress coming along?
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