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  1. I may well be about and would love to join in! what colour have you gone for Jonny?
  2. Awesome looking / sounding dark metallic silver 400 on Majola pass on 3rd August - Swiss plates. I was cycling the pass and wishing I was in mine at that point!
  3. RJB

    Evora GT430

    I knew they were going to do this to me @The Pits there is a good deal of temptation not helped by a visit to Snows this week for some warranty work. The £100K barrier is a big jump though and to be honest I have not grown out of the 410 yet - it still excites! Strangely though am being drawn towards the Exige - my next change could be a 380.....
  4. RJB

    Evora Sport 410

    23rd July you say......
  5. RJB

    Evora Sport 410

    One of the best things about working overseas is returning after 2 months and taking the first drive in the 410 - wow what a machine!
  6. Used Tracker which cost £812
  7. RJB

    Evora Sport 410

    Nice work Jonny - the Persian Blue is special - the colour of my first Evora (2010 NA). I think the McLaren Volcano Red is the one though am still pretty happy with the Racing Green TBH :-)
  8. Oh no @The Pits am just down in Cornwall putting her to bed for a couple of months - back again in April - put me down for the April meet
  9. RJB

    Evora Sport 410

    Jimmy - if you find yourself in the South of England would be happy to let you have a drive - failing that take Jonny's advice and go for it - you won't regret it, fabulous car
  10. RJB

    Evora Sport 410

    Liking the colour of those good if the 410 stripes matched that
  11. RJB

    Evora Sport 410

    I am very fortunate to be at a time in my life (kids left home!) and significant disposable income such that the extra for the 410 didn't matter too much - it was the car I really wanted. It's not all fun though and work kept me rather busier than I had hoped and didn't get to Jerez as planned or indeed out in the car much apart from the trip home. Bad weather meant the ferry from Santander was a no-go so drove 2300km from Gibraltar to Caen via Barcelona! A good chance to test the GT credentials again.... Drive was pretty hardcore - the storms that stopped the ferry dumped snow on the higher parts of the autoroute in the Auvergne though thankfully the road remained mostly clear, one brief traction control moment but no problem. Where the car was great was in the strong winds - up to 90mph - car was extremely stable when others were struggling - aerodynamics I guess? Unusually switched off sports mode for a while and the cabin was remarkably quiet - better than my Honda Civic! Still love the noise though and miss the throttle response so wasn't off for too long. Positives - very comfortable indeed - really no aches at all even after the longest leg of 7 hours. Power / handling - goes without saying - and looks - several people videoing as I sped past! Negatives - will mention again about stowage behind the seats - it remains difficult to get at as the seats don't slide that far forward - small soft bags only. In addition when it was wet you need to be careful opening the tailgate so as not to drip water all over the luggage in the boot ? Truly great drive though - cannot stop smiling ?
  12. RJB

    Evora Sport 410

    Well if Lotus don't perhaps I can bring mine? Or keep it simple and do a UK meet - where are the best roads do you think?
  13. RJB

    Evora Sport 410

    Hello Michael - unfortunately only "borrowed" a 400 for a week but owned a 2010 NA and a 2013 S. Had my first "spirited" drive after first service at the weekend on some Spanish mountain roads. It was phenomenal - the feel of the car is great - before the tyres properly warmed up I could feel it quite close to the limit and sliding a little but once warm and really pushing on there was so much grip. It felt so much more "planted" than my previous cars and the feedback much better - and I thought they were good! Took out a friend who had been in the S - she thought it more comfortable than the S - perhaps she was just being kind. After the mountain roads some high speed motorway for 3 hours - again very comfortable and no fatigue at all. Even in sports mode it wasn't unpleasant at all in fact the engine noise is so sweet you want to drop a gear and hear the howl every now and again. The last km of the journey was actually "off road" - had made arrangements to leave the car nearby but thought I would see how far I could get and it handled it really well! Not sure will make a habit of it though.... Being able to use the full rev range now I can really appreciate how quick the car is, first gear is very short but shifting into second and taking it to the red line in second and third you are into 3 figures very quickly and the sound...... Love the simplicity of the cabin - the heater is great, demist very fast. Really abused her over the weekend and will treat to a valet tomorrow and get some pics!
  14. RJB

    Evora Sport 410

    Apologies first for the quality - just a taster. Friend followed me to the dealer to drop for 1st service today and got this through one of the tunnels. Better to follow I promise.... IMG_1836.mp4
  15. RJB

    Evora Sport 410

    The seats are fine - but then I like sleeping on a hard bed - no issue with comfort at all - the position is pretty close to what I would choose - pretty upright
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