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  1. "Should be fixed, Google had been deleting the images!"

    I've come across sniffy attitudes towards tame coloured Elises before - when visiting the factory the guy showing my group around pointed out some just painted glacier blue clamshells and said "This is an exclusive colour" and the added "I say exclusive because I know he (pointing at me) has one, what I mean is unpopular" - I had no idea this is a google-wide attitude!

  2. Hi Neil, I've known I'm not the only one for some years and you haven't been the only one for nearly five years! The other day I guess it was you I saw driving in Bassett and having left my car at home my heart missed a beat, until In reailsed it was not my Elise. Is it yours I've seen parked near the Itchen Bridge several times?

  3. "I'm gonna stick my neck out here, and suggest that although wonderful, that pic isn't what it appears to be.....?"

    Hi Sparky, well spotted. It is my Elise and it is in front of a glacier I photographed in Iceland but they weren't in the same place in the same time. Here's the original of the Elise - outside a pub in Minstead in the New Forest. The leeks are on me.

    post-9434-061211300 1286224015.jpg

  4. I know I'm not alone in seriously doubting we'll ever see all the 'launched' cars in production and, like some, I worry it is a huge sales pitch for the entire company. However, I am sure Lotus has to lift itself out of its current market and start producing enough vehicles with a high enough price tag to actually make a profit. It cannot go on forever seeking out sugar-daddy owners to allow it to remain a low volume, low cost producer.

  5. After a few years of enjoying much that is posted on SELOC and benefitting from some good advice a few times, I've now given up on the site. The prevalence of narrow minded and at times really offensive comments on it just became too irritating eventually. The new range of Lotus cars really provoked a huge amount of "if it's over 1000kg's or over £30k it's not a real Lotus" comments from the S1 devotees in particular; who it seems still haven't forgiven the company for the S2. While I'll miss my daily perusal of their pages, I won't miss having to put up with the many *****holes and their dead dodgy attitudes.

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