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  1. Peter - thanks very much for posting - a very nice thing you did I know it, or rather knew it, very well as it my Dad's company car when new. Mark Britton (Loose Cannon) did some research into Rivieras and determined that this one was in the Len Street showroom in Chelsea and got sent back to the factory for the Riviera upgrades and then went back to Len Street where we saw it. I think we had it until 1984 only I saw the car about a year ago at Lakeside Engineering and I think it is Henry that owns it now. He was doing it up and had it in a barn in Oxfordshire somewhere. In fact I think Mark might have gone to see Henry....and I am sure he would love the information. If we can't get hold of him can I very politely suggest that maybe you could eave it with me or someone else for safe keeping until we can get it to him ? It would be nice to hold with the car.
  2. Emmerg

    where it all began

    Yay! got one for £2 (and £2.60 postage). Happy Days
  3. Emmerg

    where it all began

    Blimey that book brings back memories - I used to have one too. I wonder where it is now...? Might have to look on eBay now
  4. Lakeside Engineering in Addlestone / Max500 in Guildford ?
  5. Emmerg

    Restoring my Elite 503

    I am slightly in awe of this to be honest. Looks unbelievably fantastic.
  6. Emmerg

    [eBay]Lotus Elite 504, 1979

    Fingers crossed then.... Does like nice
  7. Emmerg

    Head Gasket

    Try Lakeside Engineering at Addlestone near Woking/Chertsey or at Guildford - both very good. Love the old engineering workshop feel of Lakeside...
  8. I think the Max500 matches his number plate on his Cayenne - that came before setting up the new place I think !
  9. Emmerg

    My Wee Project

    The quality of that paint ! very nice
  10. Emmerg

    Excel's , popularity and value

    Lovely oxblood red leather don't see that too often in good condition...
  11. Emmerg

    Elite in Aus for sale

    Looks spectacular
  12. Emmerg

    A pair in Italy

    Isn't that Leigh's Elite in the picture? Red interior in one shot beige in another ? that said two nice cars
  13. Emmerg

    Overheating ??

    You would be very welcome John. Might have to get the beers in!
  14. Emmerg

    Overheating ??

    I know Mike, I know. but to be honest this is the first time anything has gone wrong !! Dunc- in Dorking so close to Leatherhead yes....but don't want to put you out