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  1. Emmerg

    Black S2

    I saw that one too. Was going to post it. God did it rain
  2. May well do - although there is a beer festival in the pm back home so it would be a lightning visit !
  3. I think there were a few automatic S2.2s. Like hens teeth though.
  4. Looks a beauty Liam - well done for the time and money spent on it/her. Now enjoy !
  5. wish our car shows had that nice weather ! Poor old Elite looks like it has no friends !
  6. yes - lovely looking car. I don't know about that Pioneer being a standard fitment but it is the same as one we had when I was a kid. Can't remember exactly what car it was in but I THINK it was one of the Elites - 1980 probably. Failing that it was a Cortina 2000 GT but that would have been 1975.......
  7. Congratulations. - look forward to the pictures.
  8. T,was a good day - a few photos apologies for the quality of some of them..... It was a great day (Sunday) apologies some of the photos are not great. More on photobucket.
  9. £5,175 reported in Classic & Sports Car and that includes the Buyers 15% premium. So someone paid a total of £5,175 for it. A good buy.
  10. Thanks Cliff The most interesting thing is that the Esprit was the cheapest model in the Lotus range and the Elite was the most expensive......
  11. cooler than cool Mark1 Love to see some interior shots when you have time. Good things come to tose that wait
  12. Take a look at that Esprit in particular Sherwood restorations
  13. Mark I will try and scan that bit for you tomorrow then
  14. Mike - yes, no worries. Remind me in a day or three
  15. Mark I bought one off Ebay a few months ago (new) which I no longer need. You are welcome to have it for what I paid for it which was about £20 I think.
  16. thanks for the photos - anything of the interior would be great too. Best of luck with it.
  17. I like the colour and like black leather interiors. That would look a great car once the various bits were sorted out.
  18. oh - on the one hand that is slightly disappointing for me - I have bored everyone with the fact that my Dad had a white Elite Riviera with red leather interior and have been trying to track it down for a bit without success. On the other hand - a white Elite Riviera with red interior ! Wow! my favourite. PLEASE can we see some photos ? Are you going to take it to any shows etc - would love to see it
  19. Emmerg

    Spotted - Cliff

    11.20 today Excel was ooking good Cliff - I was in the black Audi going the other way, waving
  20. Henry that white Riviera - not NYF***Y by any chance is it ?
  21. I am loving the colour Michael. Best of luck sorting the paint.
  22. Mark - another S2.2 for you. Have you seen this one before ? clicky
  23. Nice one Dunc - looks great. Although not as good as your one, I got K 2.2 EXL for my Excel a few months back and saw some similar ones at Castle Combe. Couldn't resist it !
  24. Well done you - I knew that would sell soon.
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