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  1. Thanks Dan and Dunc Dunn - if there was any chance of you popping over at some point that would be fantastic because I just don't know one end of a spanner from the other ! I don't want to put you out though and you live a fair way away so I can get it to a garage to save you the effort ? Guy
  2. Thanks John - no topped up from cold. No over run although running slightly fast on idle perhaps. No power loss at all running normally. Not sure about exhaust as had just started the car and so it was the normal "smoke"you get from cold. will try what you say and let you know. Getting the thermostat off and testing that might be beyond me !
  3. Apologies but my mechanical knowledge is pathetic. The car (1981 Elite) normally runs at 90 degrees on the temp gauge without fail. Today after about a mile or two it went well over; about 110. i have had two new fans fitted recently and they did not come on until I got it back home. Fan fail lights did not come on at all. The coolant level looked a little low so I put some water in but that does not seem to have had any effect. Having read some of the other posts it could be the thermostat or radiator perhaps. Or is it just faulty gauge ? Or am I missing something "simple" ? Thanks
  4. Does anyone know what it went for ? I missed the ending. Wasn't bidding for it but just interested in what price it got
  5. Same as the one I have in my 1981 Elite so I guess they are the originals
  6. Well done Gents - the first thread that has made me laugh every post. Dunc's second comment and Advantage's both pure genius
  7. yes looks nice. Not sure about colour coded bumpers or the plaques on the glove box lid mind...
  8. Great find Mark - lets hope this gets a response from the new owner
  9. Is Helen coming to Brooklands because I would hate to be the one to spill the beans.....
  10. which one is coming to Brooklands Dunc ?
  11. Michael Sorry for the thread hijack but how is the Elite doing? Kinda miss all your posts of the work done on the car!
  12. Wishing you luck in your search - have you also tried www.lotus ??
  13. I am not really knocking them as I love them too. But very advanced in some areas and backwards in others
  14. Beggars belief really how shonky it is ! So my top three bugbears those drainage holes that crappy bit of really thin black plastic around the instruments that is just pushed in place the fact your can't change a tape (old skool) when in 5th gear and maybe a fourth - the boot floor - what are all those cut outs for ? I am sure others have worse !
  15. There are rigid fittings ?? All mine seemed to be held on with was a load of silicone like gunk. Cant believe they lasted 5 minutes let alone 34 years....
  16. There are a pair of drainage holes in the boot lid channels that drain away water when any gets past the boot lid seals. The holes are connected to a pipe that runs to the bottom of the bodywork. Does anyone know how those pipes are attached to those holes ? Mine came off and the boot filled with water ! It looks like they are held on by just a load of sealant of some sort which seems particularly Heath Robinson Thanks
  17. Aawww! Dunc! They did look good to be fair. Happy days. Picked up my daughter from the livery yard which she sonehow thought was embarassing. I spent next ten minutes telling her how wrong she was ! Thanks Buddsy happy easter to you too
  18. The good news is that it passed its MOT without even an advisory. Not so good is that apart from the C service it needed work to the cam belt tensioner, new hub bearings at rear, new output shaft bearings, new fan assembly and new washer jet (off Mk I Granada according to Max). So I am considerably poorer but it is running well. Saw that rather beautiful A reg Copper Bronze Elite at Lakeside too. Lovely inside and out - or will be when the heater matrix is fixed!
  19. Hi Adrian - see my post above - I was also thinking of trying to get some done but need a photo of the original. Cant remember whether Dave's stickers were exact copies or not but I know they looked good!
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