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  1. Apologies for resurrecting an old thread but I wonder if anyone could post a photo or two of the original Press Here To Close stickers as I was thinking of asking a friend of mine to make some up. From a 30 year old memory (Im not 30 its just last time I saw one!) they were quite thick chrome like material ?? So if anyone has got an original please let me know All the best
  2. Phase one complete - trouble free trip via m25 to Addlestone to drop the car off this morning. Now just the wait til it's ready to be picked up
  3. I think that is one of the best looking Eclats I have seen. Let us know what it sells for
  4. Thanks Liam sure she will. Not that I have experience of anywhere else but I rate Lakeside.
  5. Finally got enough spare cash to get my Elite into Lakeside Engineering at the weekend for C service and MOT. Hoping that it will sail through the MOT but it has been hiding in the garage for the best part of 2 years with just a monthly start up and occasinal trip up and down the drive. Fingers crossed it gets to Lakeside but never let me down before. Ready for a week off at Easter to reacquaint myself with the joys! Guy
  6. Paint looks great doesn't it...
  7. To all of us above £5500 - keep the faith ! Really pleased it went for that money. Its still not expensive in the grand scheme of things.
  8. that would have been a stunner when new. 35000 miles too....
  9. Well that looks very smart. Congrats
  10. Sticking with £7800.... (Tempted to bid for it just to win sweepstake)
  11. A quick wash might help....
  12. Has anyone owned one longer ? That sounds amazing to me. Well done you
  13. Do it do it do it....... Looks very nice, not expensive, no brainier I meant brainer
  14. I drove one of those Lancias for a week or two back in the mid to late 1980s. Remember going to Milton Keynes in it for some reason ! Really quite liked it. Thought the "estate" looked better than the coupe Another well done from me too by the way.
  15. wow - looks like a press photo from back in the day !
  16. I always think if we all say they are not worth more than say £6k they never will be. It is criminally low when you look at 1970s/1980s tat that sells for way more. I would be delighted if someone bit the bullet and paid £8k to £10k for it and to be honest there are certain times in my life (usually bonus time) when I could part with that sort of money for one of the best examples around.
  17. As you know Dunc, I had a very late Excel and have got a late Elite and had both for a year or so. The Excel is by far the "better" car because it is more of an every day driving proposition but there seems to be less of a sense of occasion somehow. I am splitting hairs a bit because I love them both but it is a heart vs head kind of thing. Your head would say take the Excel I only have the Elite....
  18. Dunc - that made me lol ...!
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