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  1. not convinced it is veneer but might be wrong... Lotusbits probably your best bet.
  2. Hi Henry just wondering if there is more progress to report ?
  3. Not completely flattering no, but the conclusion was broadly buy one now while you can. Had it in for the steering wheel and the veneer for sure !
  4. I am probably late in spotting this but saw in Practical Classics an article about wedges and why now is the time to buy. Needless to say the Elite was featured - came out pretty well
  5. Quite - wow! Where did you find that ?
  6. Proper lovely that one ! How can it NOT be worth that much ?
  7. wow that looks lovely Mike ! As Mark says, more pictures please ! A s1 pulled up behind me in traffic near Bisley today. Looked great in the rear view mirror. Unusual burgundy colour.
  8. I have had/got both Excel and Elite. The Excel is a far more "modern" car and a realistic daily driver. Great fun too. But, to my mind, it is nowhere near as cool as the Elite. Still cool, but not as cool ! As said, buy there best you can afford and service it regularly and you should be ok
  9. Must have been a very barn. Good, that's another hopefully soon to be on the road Meant to say very dry barn !
  10. Yeah but it looks great...
  11. Bar the red bumpers and lettering on the rear, this looks nice, interior especially so....
  12. black riviera - could be nice
  13. I like that. If the euromillion gods are smiling kindly...
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