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  1. Looks nice - interior especially so.
  2. Lovely seeing it come back together Henry. Looking good
  3. looks really nice - interior looks great doesnt it ?
  4.[email protected]/9805950154/ for a picture of the luggage as I remember it. I think it was Samsonite. thats not me in the photo by the way......
  5. Wow that is going to look amazing. There definitely was bespoke luggage. My dad had a set back in the day, long gone though unfortunately. Shown in some of the adverts I think. Keep the photos coming
  6. well worth a punt for someone - original OPW car, only green/black combo, not sure about the central console but with a bit of work..... and it is a S2.2 - how many of the 132 are left ?
  7. Just found this - whilst pining for a V8 Vantage X Pack - 10 sec onwards
  8. A very very early one. Looks nice bar the decal but that's just me.
  9. Only just seen these pictures, very nice indeed.
  10. nice colour
  11. Happy days Dunc - exciting project. Keep us posted
  12. ooh - ooh - Steve, tell me more ! Henry's car was originally my fathers car in 1982 to 1984. Do you think it went to Weymouth area after that ? Of course your teens my have been mid 1990s for all I know but I thought I would ask....!
  13. Emmerg

    lotus elite

    That's nice - what an interior too
  14. If you always say they are worth nothing then they always will be worth nothing. I thought that looked like a nice clean example myself
  15. Yes, two S1s and one S2.2 all looking very sad on there now...
  16. Ooh, nice. Share the joy, lots of photos !
  17. Hang on - you can't do that, have to tell us what. Pound to a penny it has a V8.......
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