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  1. Good to hear that my memory is still intact! Not sure which i prefer either, i know the veneer is very thin but it looked very lux back in the day! Can't wait to see the results of the coach trimmers work. Thanks for the update
  2. Very nice - I was interested in the fuel pump bit - as you say, bolted on the other way around to mine!
  3. Think yourself lucky! My dad had an elite riviera when I was 14 which Henry on this forum found in a field. He has it and is doing a great job restoring it. Some great photos are on here and he may be able to tell you what he has spent so far. In really good condition probably worth £5500 or so (others will disagree). Will never be economic but that is not really the point. Very few old cars would ever be restored on that basis. Yes it is rare, but for reasons that escape me, that does not mean it is worth a lot! Do you recall the registration mark ? Buy it and store it ! Happy New Year !
  4. Dunc - I will chose my words more carefully next time !
  5. The only other one I had seen had the veneer, like this -
  6. Lovely - not many in that colour. Looks great. Good luck with it I wonder if the centre console came in green leather from factory - have not seen that before, usually veneer or black. Grey colour match so maybe it s original ?
  7. If I was in the market for one, I would have gone for this. Great colour, and I do love the wheels. Surprised it has not sold yet.
  8. Good on Jake - give him lots of encouragement !
  9. Any more progress to report Henry ? Hope all is well Guy
  10. Ooh! Missed that altogether. Hope someone replies Mark, then you can let me see too!
  11. yes, nice. I think I went to look at that car some time ago.
  12. Jon you are up late! Or is it me ? Anyhow, pictures not posting so look forward to them when they are !
  13. That looks lovely. It is a credit to you
  14. Yeah ! Do it ! Do it! Do it! Do it! Buy it just for those rear seats - don't they look great ?
  15. I have got to ask - how do you open the doors ? Very slick looking car by the way
  16. you are a braver man than me ! if i took anything apart - and i mean anything - it would not go back together, let alone work. glad to hear you are making progress
  17. Well done - wish you well with it, let us know how it all goes Welcome to the forum
  18. Don't know how to help with any of the problems but just thought I would say it is looking cool ! I seem to remember it having a veneer central dash but I guess I am wrong !
  19. Great news Henry, let us know how the journey home went !
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