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  1. Peter - thanks very much for posting - a very nice thing you did

    I know it, or rather knew it, very well as it my Dad's company car when new.   Mark Britton (Loose Cannon) did some research into Rivieras and determined that this one was in the Len Street showroom in Chelsea and got sent back to the factory for the Riviera upgrades and then went back to Len Street where we saw it. I think we had it until 1984 only

    I saw the car about a year ago at Lakeside Engineering and I think it is Henry that owns it now.  He was doing it up and had it in a barn in Oxfordshire somewhere.  In fact I think Mark might have gone to see Henry....and I am sure he would love the information.

    If we can't get hold of him can I very politely suggest that maybe you could eave it with me or someone else for safe keeping until we can get it to him ?  It would be nice to hold with the car.

  2. On 4/21/2017 at 16:50, basalte said:

    Hi I`m looking at specialists to do the job ; I note that Lotusbits are booked up until at least November so I`m asking other specialists. I know a good local guy who works on  his own Countach (!) and who  I trust but he won`t be able to to do it until April 2018, knowing him. 

    If you know of a Lotus specialist apart from Paul Matty, Lotusbits, Fibreglass Services Chichester and the people in Hammersmith and the people in Newmarket  (already tried) I would be very interested to approach them for an estimate.



    Try Lakeside Engineering at Addlestone near Woking/Chertsey or at Guildford - both very good.  Love the old engineering workshop feel of Lakeside...

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