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  1. Sparky’s Looks to have V8 lower valance with the S350/late V8 rubber lip and cover
  2. Sort yourself out one of these then, should shut him up
  3. the oil filler cap on the V8’s is right at the front as well
  4. I run AD08’s on the front in 245/40 x17 and AO52’s in 295/35 x 18 on the rear and find them a great tyre, just need a bit of warming in the winter
  5. Probably better off asking in the V8 section
  6. My fronts are 245/40/17 and don’t have any issues with them
  7. paul1972


  8. you could try here wheel&page=26&product_id=30614
  9. you could try this as they say coming soon
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