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  1. I run AD08’s on the front in 245/40 x17 and AO52’s in 295/35 x 18 on the rear and find them a great tyre, just need a bit of warming in the winter
  2. Probably better off asking in the V8 section
  3. My fronts are 245/40/17 and don’t have any issues with them
  4. paul1972


  5. you could try here wheel&page=26&product_id=30614
  6. you could try this as they say coming soon
  7. mines goes in to multi story car parks just fine, and I don't have any trouble with speed bumps as Bibs said just the front rubber rubs
  8. Well I should be still be back in the UK then, only just, so will be good to put some more faces to names
  9. Well I thought I'd post a quick pic of the spoiler height and its set at the right right height !! so thats 70mm to the soft bit and 120 mm to the crunchy bit
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