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  1. JamesD


  2. I know that earth cable looks like it is still fine but maybe try taking it off and cleaning the contact points on either side. The rev counter bouncing all over like that is one of the symptoms of a dodgey earth connection. It could also explain the rest of the issues...
  3. Stick it in the Dishwasher! Done it with beetle engine case halves and both heads. They came out looking rather clean.
  4. Found out today that I am missing out on the 3 hour PE endurance race at the end of the month because I have a bachelor party (one of the "best men???" so cannot not go) and then missing out on the 3hour endurance race in Cape Town the following weekend because of the Wedding! Thats two events my little Birkin would have done really well in. Balls... So a very apt thread to pop up now. Hope the root canal goes well ramjet.
  5. Birkin? I do need a new header and exhaust setup but I doubt you local to me.
  6. I got smacked as a kid, wasn't very fun at the time, but looking back it wasn't so bad. Spare the rod and spoil the kid. In my case it was wooden spoons and the likes but still. If i accidentally have kids then a good hiding will be in order for misbehavior, within reason. there are 13 year olds screwing each other and kids addicted to drugs are getting younger as well, I would say the sooner they get smacked the better...
  7. JamesD

    London Riots

    Thats one thing I love about SA, the police would have warned them once (maybe not even) and then Shot them with rubber bullets, then the rioters would burn some tires and get shot some more. I laugh so much when they show it on the news here. Your police should try it some time, looks great fun, like paint ball on steriods!
  8. That does suck, Sorry guy. Even at car shows the kids are getting bad, running around and touching everything. but even in general everyday use i can find hand, finger and face prints on my car and windows. I was told never to touch other peoples cars and i stick to it. Why is it not a rule of life? No offence but your trolleys are some of the most retarded items i have ever come across. Our trolleys only have swivel wheels on the front so they track in a straight line and dont crab walk all over. It was most disconcerting pushing your trolleys.
  9. I track my Elise, Love every bit of my track day time, Even thinking of trying to get an invite to race with the sevens here in SA. I blame Martin Donnelly and Alex from the Lotus Driving Academy, they did this to me
  10. I have a friend who bought one after he sold the elise to me. It has had a few mods and puts out 179kW. It is quick on the track! The Elise out corners it but it just hauls me in on the straights, massively fast. And the Inside looks alot more comfortable though. I tossed around the idea of getting one when i first started looking but the Elise looks better and i was hooked on the Elise's handling. I always thought the Europa was aimed at the TT, Z3 and SLK drivers but none of them took the bait really.
  11. Flight tickets are about R6800 return at the moment. Was at Hethal two weekends ago. I would also love to go to Goodwood but my holidays are done till december, no work = no pay. And no, they dont take nuts, There are enough loose nuts running round SA as is...
  12. And on the 18th of June (a few days before the official opening), Myself and two others were the first public members to drive the new track! Thank you Lotus Driving academy! and I must say, Driving under instruction from Martin Donnelly was absolutely brilliant. Highly enjoyable day....
  13. When would best suit you guys? Friday the 17th, Saturday, Sunday, or Monday? My preference would be one of the first three days
  14. I'm dealing with Alex at the Driving academy and he is organising everything for me, Pm me if you want his email address, He is very helpful and friendly. pity our trips aren't coinciding, I'm going to Le Mans first and then to Hethal the next weekend. if you at Le Mans and get a chance then I would love to Meet another Lotus driver
  15. Sounds good. The driving academy should be done by 6pm on saturday. But i will probably pull through on the friday and stay over somewhere but cant really tour the ale houses on friday then. Sunday i could stay over so that i will be around on monday, what is there to do in Norwich on sunday though? Been browsing this forum for a while it would benice to meet a few of the guys. When would be best for you guys? I will try work around that
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