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  1. Sorry for the volte-face chaps but I never originally intended to sell this in the first place and I'm not happy doing it now even for charity. If I'd wanted to raise money from it I would have maximised the audience and stuck it on a model car forum or eBay. So I'll quietly withdraw the offer and find something else to do with it.
  2. OK - let's make it charity bids as everyone seems to want to go this way. A donation to a Cerebral Palsy charity (my God Daughter has a baby with CP) plus the postage to pay for the model to be sent to you (unless you want to collect it in person). Highest bid by October 1st on PM. Seem fair to everyone? Andy
  3. Well a couple of you have made a good case for Gordon. Does he visit the forum often? Will he want it?? He seems a perfect candidate that's for sure.
  4. I'm in Cheshire not far from the M6, J.16 to answer the question.
  5. drooling! I would love that for my collection of model cars.

    If you get lots of requests, why not do it as an an auction within the thread for a charity of your choice. I would happily give £10 for a good cause to start it off.


  6. First post - as I joined specifically to post this...When I was a boy I loved the Esprit (but now as a 6'5" adult it's sadly never been on my buying radar for obvious reasons) and my Dad bought me the Bandai model kit (1/16th I think) for Christmas with a promise to build it with me. It never happened as he was in the Navy and I refused to make it without him. Anyhow, parents moving house and 30+ years later it's reappeared with a couple of creases in the box but pretty much as new. Now this must be very rare as Bandai are quite collectible now and it's possibly one of the last Lotus kits not made up. I'm a real car enthusiast and ex-Lotus owner (Elise S1/VX220/Exige) and I know you Esprit guys are real enthusiasts for your car so...anyone like it for their collection? It would be great to see it constructed but I'd understand if you kept it as is as part of a memorabilia collection. I could sell it but frankly would much rather it went to someone who would genuinely love it as much as I did when I was a lad. Post a reply or send me a PM and I'll decide who'll love it the most! All I'd like is postage paid if you can't come and collect it (which would obviously be ideal). Not a scam or trying to sell anything (incase you're worried Forum Mods) I genuinely want to find someone who wants it more than me and who better than an Esprit enthusiast and where better than the Lotus Forum ? Cheers Andy
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