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  1. So, I finally found time to get it to Hoffmans and the news was very good indeed although quite irritating at the same time... essentially there is nothing wrong at all with the AC. What is happening is the drive belt is slipping slightly meaning the ECU shuts down the compressor in case the belt starts going too fast (10% tolerance I believe). So first step is Hoffmans have upgraded the ECU to the latest version which widens this tolerance. Step 2 is they are replacing the belt next week. The annoyance is the ECU codes are quite clear about the issue but the mechanic just cleared
  2. Do you know which seal it was and in what area. Local mechanic only has dye and hasn't been able to find the leak yet. I'm trying to find someone with a proper gas sniffer at the moment...
  3. Hi All, AC on my MY10 Evora is losing gas rapidly (e.g. 3 days). Anyone had this? I'm guessing from the US threads it's the Condensor... Compressor still works for the 3 days before it gets low on gas... If so anyone done the condensor swap, how long did it take and is it DIYable if you get the gas emptied by a professional first? Cheers!
  4. How did you resolve this in the end? My MY11 car is doing the same thing...
  5. I think all the master cylinders have some level of issue to be honest... its a 4 hour job to swap it out so that's happening next week. slave and dampener next if that doesn't work out...
  6. 2 years ago. It wasn't via a dealer either.
  7. Mines MY11. i've got the bullet-in to check the vin and do a visual inspection then I'll call Lotus. Although it is out of warranty.
  8. Sadly I'm now stuck with no clutch It happened before and Silverstone replaced the fluid and fitted the heat shielding but this time we've bled it out and the fluid seems fine. The pedal doesn't disappear to the floor it just doesn't engage the clutch enough to get it in gear. My gut feeling is it's hydraulic as opposed to the clutch itself so I'm going to replace the Master Cylinder first up then head back to the Slave before succumbing to the Clutch itself. Whether I can justify keeping the car after fixing it is another matter to address later :(
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