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  1. No, he wanted way more than 10k for it and didn´t want to negotiate at all. Car is still standing in the same location waiting for someone with too much money or maybe a gain in value so a resto would pay off. I found a nice +2 130S/5 for a real good price in the meantime which I´m currently restoring.
  2. Searching for a complete interior for a S1 Eclat in usable condition. Dash, front and backseats, centre tunnel, doorcards, etc...
  3. Thanks for the quick reply. Great family history! I´m in Europe, not USA. For sure there wont be a silly other engine in it if I buy it. Luckily I´m only 180 cm so I fit in quite comfortable. Shoes are a problem because the pedals are even narrower than the Esprit ones. I estimated also around €10k for the restoration, so my first thought was about €8k for the car as it is now.
  4. Hi First of all I don´t know much about Europas, I´m more into my Esprit, but a friend of a friend offered me a Twin Cam with a TCS engine. It´s in rough condition (spider cracks over and over, engine not turning, bad interior,...) needing a total restoration but an original Lhd "Q" car with no missing parts. All this is no problem for me, but I don´t even know nearly a price to pay for such a car. Prices in the Internet for Europas are going from 1000$ at ebay USA for a "wreck" to 40000 pouds at Pistonheads. Can someone give me a price range for that?
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