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  1. Thanks, I‘ve found two other originality questions. 1st: Are the carpets always held down by these buttons? The counterparts have crumbled away. 2nd: My car was repainted at some point. I dont‘t think the bolts for the roll bar should be paintet over?
  2. Are all S2‘s equipped with speakers behind the seats? My holes in the bulkhead look quite sloppy and as I‘m redoing the carpets anyway I’d close them if later added.
  3. I took the engine out, wanting to replace the clutch and the timing belt. The clutch wasn´t working properly but I found out it wasn´t due to wear. The crank oil seal was leaking. After disassembling I saw that the oil seal ran into the crank which I´m repairing with a SKF Speedi Sleeve. But a previous owner forgot the spray shield A907E0662ZE. As I don´t want to disassemble the engine any further if not necessary: Do I need the Part? If so, does the crank has to come out to install it?
  4. Thanks, but if we wanted it easy we would drive a VW 😋
  5. And how did you manage to get them tight? I have the SJ sills lying beside me and planning to fit them in the near future...🙄
  6. That´s like it´s in my car. And yes, lower voltage, lower speed, everything allright. I hope you can follow my austrian english 😉 Thanks a lot for this hint, I´ve had the motors numerous times in my hands and never recognized this screw 🙄 The Battery is a bit weak, so its not as fast as on the bench, but works perfect now.
  7. Hi all, I´m currently tidying up my S2 and try to get rid of some of the problems it has. One are the winking headlights. The problem seems to be that the motors are turning on because of the inertia of the rotor. I´ve made a video of the disassembled motor: First you can see it turning over and over again as it´s winking while supplied with 12v. Then I changed to 10v and it´s working as it should. In the car i put a little light bulb in series to the motors and it worked ok for the last couple years but now I´ve got the ambition to repair it instead of working around the issue. Does someone have an advice or a solution for me? Thinking at a DC DC converter as the last solution, but maybe someone has something better in mind.
  8. This helps a lot, thanks. Didn´t know that they changed so much from the S2 to the S3, so after your advice I´m dropping the idea of swapping it out.
  9. I´m thinking about doing a LHD conversion on my S2 and i stumbled across an early 80s LHD Turbo chassis. Now I´m wondering if it´s possible to swap out the chassis. It would save the time welding and is already galvanized.
  10. No, he wanted way more than 10k for it and didn´t want to negotiate at all. Car is still standing in the same location waiting for someone with too much money or maybe a gain in value so a resto would pay off. I found a nice +2 130S/5 for a real good price in the meantime which I´m currently restoring.
  11. Searching for a complete interior for a S1 Eclat in usable condition. Dash, front and backseats, centre tunnel, doorcards, etc...
  12. Thanks for the quick reply. Great family history! I´m in Europe, not USA. For sure there wont be a silly other engine in it if I buy it. Luckily I´m only 180 cm so I fit in quite comfortable. Shoes are a problem because the pedals are even narrower than the Esprit ones. I estimated also around €10k for the restoration, so my first thought was about €8k for the car as it is now.
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