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  1. Hi, Name and Address: Cathal Poole, Rosenallis, Co.Laois, Rep Of Ireland. Chassis No.SCC082910THA68064 Engine No.LN910950929062S Model:1996 Esprit Sport 300 Colour:Norfolk Mustard (B05)
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  3. Hi, Can anyone out there please help me to locate a full set of Esprit Sport 300 wheels. (OZ alloy 8.5 J x 16" front and 10.5 J x 17" rear). Maybe someone has a set for sale or knows where a set can be found. Any help very much appreciated ...... Cathal.
  4. Hi all, Can any one please tell me how I would go about replacing a broken front suspension spring. Is it a big operation?. Any pictures would be a great help, my car is the 88 Esprit. Regards, Cathal.
  5. Hi Name and Address: Cathal Poole, Co. Laois Ireland Chassis No. SCC082910JHD13124 Engine No. CP910880224673 Model: 1988 Esprit Turbo Colour: Red
  6. Hi, Thanks to all those who replied to my question. Well the rubber gaiter is split around the gear stick, so hopefully by replacing this it will cure the problem. At least it's nice to know that it's not something to be too concerned about.
  7. Hi, Can anybody explain, after driving my Esprit for some distance I notice that the booth around the gear stick get warm and the gear stick itself get very hot. Is this normal and if so what causes this to happen? Cathal.
  8. Hi, Just to say job done, hope my modest contribution can help make some small difference. Best of luck and I hope things go well. It's nice to be part of such a closely nit family Cathal
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