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  1. Have you checked your Spam emails ? That is where my conformation email went to.and i had heard nothing since getting just a reference number last friday.,
  2. Order complete thanks Bibs. My email went to SPAM folder. Pays to check if not received confirmation.
  3. Hopefully here something tomorrow, had No emails but i do have an order number so fingers crossed.
  4. As per earlier message i will be coming along Thursday Phil.
  5. I may well be up for coming to this. Is there anything planned for Concorde / Banking shots ? that have been done previous years.
  6. I Have the very same pictures taken from the same point 34 metres above the track as my neighbours son was the fireman who bought the ladder appliance into snetterton that weekend so the camera went up with him. Nice pictures and did not cost me a penny
  7. Good review all in all. Love the colour but then i would say that But they should have given him the "R" Not the entry level version Who cares about Fuel economy, When the tank gets low i simply fill it up again
  8. Car looks lovely Mark I know exactly how you feel at the moment. It does not matter whether it is pre facelift or New facelift model, the car is yours to enjoy and i think it looks sweet. You enjoy it Picture of mine attached , collected it on April 23rd and absolutely loving it All the best Kevin
  9. After many years of waiting i have finally got my 1st Lotus. I am lucky enough to have one of the first customer cars of the MY 2010 Facelift model Elise R. Car was collected from Stratton Motor Company last Friday. Car has all the option boxes ticked, Factory fitted SC rear wing and TRD Induction kit. It goes without saying i am very happy with the car. I would like to say thankyou to a few people. Firstly and the biggest one is to Guy Munday at Strattons for putting up with my endless phone calls for the past few months, he is truly a top man. Thanks Guy To everyone at Hethel who made us very welcome on our 2 visits while the car was in build. James Haskey, Neil Turner and to James Martin for his help and advise. Thankyou All. Here are a few of my first picrures.
  10. Hi Mike, I just saw it and thought how sad as it would have been someones pride and joy at some point. Hopefully something on it maybe of some use to someone, or maybe it will find a home with an enthusiast. But for £200 i think it desreves a good home. More of a reader than a poster me, so i will keep my eyes open for other cars of interest. Cheers Kevin
  11. Hi Guys Sorry the origional Link did not work. Just when i saw it posted i straight away though that on here it would possibly find a home alot easier. And just for the record Paul C, I use SELOC for reading the topics to learn a bit more about my New car i am getting and i am NOT one of the Nasty Pri*ks who follow people around from thread to thread like a pack of dogs. Any future items of interest i see on there i will keep them to myself Cheers Kevin
  12. Found this on SELOC and just thought that someone on here might be interested. http://forums.seloc.....php?tid=258998 Seems that it is in need of a good home, surely someone would be able to use it ? It seems a crime to me to let it sit there and rot away. Come on Guys lets find it a home
  13. Excellent work Bibs Can't wait to see mine in Laser Blue at the Factory Nothing wrong with Orange at all Adrian Just dont think those early pictures of the Facelift Elise model did the car any justice personally. The more i see of it the more i am falling in love with it. Just cannot wait for next month now. Laser Blue with Hard Top & Magnolia Interior
  14. Nice work Guy, Darryl emailed me at 8.30 am on 1st March just to say one word AWESOME. He was of course refering to his drive back home and the car in general. He is one happy chappy at the moment. You know i will of course expect the same service now when i pick my car up . Kevin
  15. Some nice pics of the Facelift Elise would be very much welcomed please . I love it so much more now i have seen it in a different colour to the orange. Hopefully only 1 month to wait now.
  16. That car was at The 60th Anniversary event at Hethel. A stunning looking Machine.
  17. Thanks Chris had a look on Detailing world, very useful site. Hi Richard Thanks for your input all very helpful. The price to have Lifeshine applied on a new car at the dealers is
  18. Hi Has anybody had Autoglym Lifeshine applied to a New vehicle ? Considering having this applied to a New Elise before having paint protection film applied to the Vulnerable areas. I want the paintwork too look it's very best before film is applied to it. Happy New Year to you All, Kevin
  19. Bought mine KH10 TUS ready to go on New Elise R on March 1st Missed out on MR10 TUS to the GUY who sold me my New car Only Kidding Guy, No hard feelings i got the plate i wanted. Roll on March 1st i say Did Read somewnere that DVLA Took 2 million pound on December 1st and 1.2 million of that was in the first Hour Bet they will be having a good Christmas party
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