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  1. Just found this so thought I would add mine in ... build #27 MY2008 . Always look forward to driving it ... nothing beats a good day at the track in the trusty 2-11!! And for something a little different ...
  2. I have installed the BOE dry sump in my car [2-11 ] and its a good bit of Kit .Well priced as well . Its a plug and play deal , the hardest part is deciding where to mount the tank .. I placed it above the muffler on the LH side . Made a heat shield to protect it from the muffler underneath , plumbing was easy and kept the filter in the stock location. Next time it is apart I will put in a Remote filter that combines a primer ... see here Primer pump Remote Head This is required as the Dry sump drains back into the sump so good idea to pressurise / pre oil the system before starting ... similar to what the accusump does. This primer will get 60 psi after a few seconds. Had problems with my Accusump and decided to ditch it . Not sure I would be keen to run just a baffled sump. I found it reasonably easy to get starvation and had the Accusump coming on most laps. Car is running on slicks.. Happy to supply more info if required .... cheers
  3. Hi I seem to have a problem with 3rd gear , in that it is difficult to find in the following situation - Usually happens after 3 laps , Gearbox External temp is 82c / 179F[ taken on external case using thermocouple sensor, need to rig up proper Oil temp Sensor] - Using Redline Oil MT90 Sae 75w90 / replaced recently. - At the end of a straight downshifting from 4th to 3rd , 1.5 Long Braking G Force into Left hand corner. [ Only happens in this situation] - Shift just does not want to engage , feels quite "soft & mushy" around the gate , but will not engage. Takes 2-3 attempts to get it engaged. Once engaged , no problem or noises from the box. - Works fine on the rest of the track up-shifting - downshifting - Using a Letsla quick shift on Standard setting / Simply sport gear cable and have replaced all the engine mounts with the Innovative "85A Race Grey" / Have also added extra strength to the shifter base to stop flexing. It is interesting that it happens after 3-4 laps at speed , have paid close attention to my driving style , soft shifting etc , but to no avail . Gearbox temp [ external ] is constant, from start of session 62.5c / 143F to 87.5c / 188F after 8 laps Any thoughts .... or is this part of the known problems ?
  4. Think Auto 2-11 fuel cap Forum reply Check out this link to a forum post. They are easy to lose , I have now drilled a small hole in the cap and used zip tie to secure it to the roll cage
  5. Thanks for that Mark Likewise if your are ever in NZ , look me up . This is our local track Ruapuna Race track
  6. Castrol Edge 0-40 [ We call it "edge" here in NZ Castrol Edge seems to have other names elsewhere]
  7. I have the Letsla Kit and the cables supplied by Simply Sport Australia SSC Gear Cables. The Letsla is a big improvement , but the new cables enhance it even further. The cables were very easy to fit , with excellent instructions supplied. Have recently fitted firmer Engine mounts 85A Grey Innovative as yet untried , but hope to be back at the track , weather permitting, in the next couple of weeks and will report back if it has changed the gearshift feel .
  8. So Jack , looks like Andy has .2 sec on you ....
  9. Thanks for the video. Laguna Seca is now at the the top my list .... re tracks to drive.... one day .. its a long way from NZ . Lap times interesting , about the same difference I see here at the local track to Exige SC cars. Have just fitted video to my car , so will post some video when the weather improves and can get out on the track.
  10. Looks like a blast !!! Great Pics , look forward to the video. How did the 2-11 lap times compare to the Exiges etc ?
  11. Hi I purchased the car from Kiwi 2-11 . Tyres used are: 245/40ZR17 205/45ZR 16 Sports Car D.O.T Radial I have found them to be excellent , but have not used the Yokohama slicks , so unable to compare .
  12. Keep a close eye on the engine mounts , front and rear in particular , they have a habit of coming loose.
  13. My observations are about the same , with an air temp around 25c I recorded the following at the local track. Lap 1 to 2 - warm up- 74c to 85 c Lap 4 to 5 medium Hard laps 85c to 90c Lap 7 to 8 hard laps 90c to 91c So much the same results . Question is , should the oil be hotter ? Thoughts ??
  14. A hinge is an interesting idea, but may be a bit tricky as you need to to "manipulate" the clam quite a bit when removing it . Its not a straight lift up , and am doubtful that a hinge will give enough movement. Would the clam support itself on a Hinge . Much lighter [read "fragile" ] Than an Elise / Exige Body. I have spoken to Simon from Piranha Motorsport and he has developed a system for quick removal 2-11 body removal Appears that he can get the front off in 5 minutes , which is exactly what I need.
  15. I have my 2-11 currently stripped down for some modifications and repairs and have taken some pics for reference. Very easy car to work on once all the panels are off . Took about 2 hours, by myself to remove all the panels . Best to have a hand to remove the front clam if possible. Its a bit fragile and you dont want to "bend"it without the correct support. I am looking at ways to make the front clam easier to remove as this takes the most time. Having just wired in a Race Technology Data Logger / Dash / Video, easier access to the wiring will be desirable. Had some other pics , but appears that I have reached the "file size threshold" , although pics are only 100KB , so not sure what has happened, will try again later. A couple more ......
  16. Had a bit of a close call at the track yesterday...... so thinking that a cage might be a good idea. Checked out the Lotus Sport model [ as per attached ] but taking into account NZD$ to UK Pound + Freight +Tax + trying to get it approved to Motorsport NZ standards .... Have concluded that possibly it will be easier and cheaper to Fabricate here. With that in mind , does anyone have pictures of a 2-11 roll cage . What I would like to see, is how it has been fabricated to the existing roll bar. I will be looking to install side intrusion bars ,I dont think these are fitted to the Lotus supplied kit , so if anyone has info/pics on this, that would also be appreciated. Thanks in advance for any help given Barry
  17. I have the panels removed from my car at present , so had a look . as below Does anybody have any advice removing the exterior side body panel? I've followed the service notes but I suspect there is more to it. Specifically I've removed: - 3 bolts (manual say 2!) holding the body to the rear panel. Correct 3 bolts and be careful not to loose the nylon spacing washers . Hold them captive in place with some masking tape when you refitting the panel. - 4 bolts from under the sill near the under tray Correct - 4 bolts from the inside top edge (where the aero screen connects) Correct - 1 upward bolt from within the engine bay near the battery cut off - 4 bolts holding the front A panel/side repeater in place I have removed the front clam , and think you may have to do the same . As per attached pic , clam fits over the panel , not sure you will be able to pull the panel out from under the clam as you need to lift and pull out at the same time , you could try loosing the clam to get clearance , but would suggest clam removal would be the preferred option and least likely to cause damage. - 1 upward bolt inside the cabin (manual says 2 here but I can't find the other?) Correct 1 only - 2 bolts from the front of the rear wheel arch. Correct You also need to remove the wheel arch mud flap protector thingee .... name escapes me. Other than that you need to lift up and out , be careful because it comes off in a hurry , but light and easy to manage. Hope this helps Barry p.s Just recalled also that the there are 2 plastic screws [ see second pic / blue circles ] that attach a protective flap from the clam to the body panel , these will also need to be removed.
  18. Just checked the engine amounts and yes both bolts that connect to the G/box loose . Thanks for that info . What is the 2010 model like ? much difference to previous years ?
  19. Thanks for the reply . Interesting that you have a bolt present . This one appears to have been left out at the Factory as no markings on the paint . Checked the Rear engine mount all OK Looking at the other mounts , I note that the front and rear mounts are Purple colour. I understand these are the Lotus Sport Mounts ? The RH & LH are a Black colour , so presume these may be standard ? Thinking of possibly getting the Innovative Mounts 85A Innovative 85A I have the rear end stripped out at present so good time to replace. There have been some good reports on the forums and as I use my car is for track only , vibrations are not really an issue. Would be interested in your thoughts Thanks again Barry
  20. Have just noticed that I may be missing a bolt on my RH engine mount . Appears that a bolt is required to attach mount to chassis Roll Bar ? That been said, their are no markings to indicate that a bolt has ever been installed. Anyone know ? Picture attached Cheers Barry
  21. Thanks Bibs All sorted now So if you ever loose your fuel cap...... [read forget to put back on] Check out this page 211 fuel cap assy / Think Auto Page does not show the cap as a separate part , but you can contact Nick at [email protected] and he can supply as a separate part and in colours "We have them in-stock in Natural aluminium finish or anodised blue, black, gold, green, purple or red!" @ £34.71 each I went with Red , so it might be easier to find next time it goes MIA !!! They also have a great line up of parts Think Auto Parts and great service. B
  22. Thanks for that. I searched but didn't come up with anything ? Hopefully they dont mind sending a small part to NZ .
  23. Does anyone know where to purchase an after-market Fuel cap or Fuel Cap assy. Mine seems to have disappeared , maybe I forgot to put back on .........
  24. All sorted , a good clean out and some WD40 and its all ok . Thanks for the helpful info .
  25. The cap is always on , but purchased 2nd hand so may not have been the case previously . Will clean it out and see if it fixes the problem . Thanks
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