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  1. Thanks Atwell. I’ve heard that Lotus USA has recommended DexCool, Do you know if that is correct? And how do you like the DexCool product, if you are familiar with it? Any other recommendations on coolants for the V8? Makis - yes I had an upgraded Aluminum Radiator installed when I had the entire engine rebuilt a couple of years ago. I live in San Diego and my car performs very well in the warm weather. While driving, it stays right at the 88* mark or a bit under on cooler days. Pics of engine rebuild and the old radiator. I’m happy with the upgraded one. cheers
  2. Hi all, 1999 Esprit V8 in the US, California. I am going to top up my engine coolant, and I wanted to see what product the V8 owners are using. I would ask the tech who last serviced my car but he does not work at the shop anymore where I last took the car. My coolant in the car looks to be orange in color, I took a bit out of the header tank. I am guessing this is Zerex, either DexCool or the G05 in the gold container? cheers
  3. Hello - what part number is the motor lift control unit? Just want to be sure I am clear on the part. Cheers!
  4. Here are options but they are from the SE. My V8 is Magnolia and Monaco White.
  5. My headlamp pods went up (and lights turned on) but now pods won’t retract, even though headlights are turned off. Do you mean this Pod Delay Unit?. C082M6325F cheers
  6. Hi Artie - they do have the plastic clip retainers where you can put them over a little clip and twist turn it to secure them. They are pretty cool. Cheers
  7. Hello all, i was watching a video about an 87 HCI Turbo, and the chap pulled on the boot lever, and the boot popped up automatically, I assume because of the strong hydraulic struts. I have never seen this happen before, because when I pull the lever on my ‘99 V8 (USA) the boot just pops up about 2 inches, and then I manually lift the cover open. My question is - did the boot on certain models pop up automatically? Or is this just a mod with much stronger struts attached? I would love to see if this can be done on the V8. cheers
  8. Hi all, my tech has checked the exhaust and there doesn’t appear to be any leaks. Question - would a faulty Waste Gate valve cause some backfiring, by letting too much gas back in the exhaust?? I am wondering if it could help with the issue? As I understand it, the WG prevents too much boost going back in when you let off of the throttle, and my car does backfire when I do let off of the throttle. Are these related? cheers
  9. Hi there, I think AP Exhaust and Magnaflow offer a Cat for your car.
  10. Hi all, I am looking for a new set of Lotus OEM Catalytic Converters for the Esprit V8 in the USA. Please send me a message if you have some for sale! I don’t think the aftermarket Cats would pass the California emissions so I am looking for Lotus OEM. Cheers
  11. Hi all, I am looking for a new set of Lotus OEM Catalytic Converters for the USA. Please send me a message if you have some for sale! I don’t think the aftermarket Cats would pass the California emissions so I am looking for Lotus OEM. Cheers!
  12. Hi Graham, Do you still have the Esprit V8 (USA) Cats? Thanks, Matt
  13. Hello all, I recently had my 918 engine completely rebuilt, and it has driven very well for about 4,000 miles so far, but it has started to backfire a bit when decelerating. It normally does it when I take my foot off of the throttle. It is quite loud and sounds like the crack of a gunshot. It never backfires when accelerating. When accelerating in 2nd gear, there sometimes is a very slight hesitation in acceleration, but not sure if these two issues are related. Also, when idling, it sounds smooth, but there is sometimes a very faint “poof” sound. Not a distinct pop, but very faint and intermittent. I know some owners will say that the backfire/ popping sounds are normal, but I do not think it is normal, and I think it can be fixed. Any suggestions on what to check or change? cheers!
  14. I remodeled our garage after we moved in to our current house. The Lotus sign was the first thing I bought.
  15. Here are the old original Mats and the new ones from SJ. If anyone know where to get some beige OEM Lotus Mats, please let me know! Cheers
  16. Its worth the wait Mike. I think I ordered that set 2 years ago and I waited 6 months for them to ship it to me (they were out of stock for a long time....). Great handling now though.
  17. I ordered some new footmats from SJ Sportscars UK and I am quite happy with them. They are spot on for anyone with Magnolia interior. On the site, I think it references the S4, but they fit the V8 perfect. They look the business! Cheers
  18. Hi Alan, Gold terminals installed, and car starts right up when warm! Seems to have solved an issue. I will keep an eye on it and update. Cheers
  19. Thanks for the info on this. Has anyone purchased the 2002 Rear panel from SJ Sportscars?? If so, are you happy with the results? cheers!
  20. Hi Wayne, I have a lot of empathy for you buddy!! Hang in there. My Update: V8 Head Gasket sizing issue. I also just had a head gasket fail after 1,000 miles, with coolant leaking. My tech couldn't believe the failure, because he is a very accomplished Lotus tech here in San Diego, and he has rebuilt hundreds of engines. He took off the older V8 gaskets and measured them. He got some new head gaskets from SJ Sportscars (I believe), and I think he said the new ones were perhaps 2 mm difference in size, and that the new ones were in fact the correct size, according to OEM spec. So here is a question for all of the recent V8 head gasket failures - are you sure that your gasket is the OEM size and spec? My engine is now back together and I have put a couple hundred miles on it, so good so far. I will keep you updated but the engine is performing well after the switch in gaskets. I think that SW Lotus Centre is also marketing a new gasket that is done to the original Lotus OEM specs. Hopefully that is a cure to these failures. Cheers
  21. I have the B & E suspension. It is the standard height, not the adjustable ones. The tech got the ride height just right on my car so I think you should be fine.
  22. Thanks so much, I do see these online at SWLC. I do believe what they say, but just to be sure, has anyone verified that they are the original OEM manufacturer? cheers
  23. Hi Stu and all, Any updates on the availability of Lotus OEM head gaskets for the V8? Yes I have used JAE and SJ Sportscars gaskets, and both resulted in blown gaskets and coolant loss. I see the current Pancho thread video and it seems to explain a bit of the issue. My car is currently in the shop. I hope Lotus can solve this issue for all V8 owners. Cheers,
  24. Yes, it does drain all the time. I highly recommend a Lotus Battery Tender. This has taken away a LOT of frustration when starting up my Esprit. ?? The factory carries them (I think are included with new Evoras) and I have seen them on EBay and from Lotus Dealers. This one does have an easy disconnect break in the middle of the cord, so you can disconnect in 1 second (without unplugging from the wall or battery) and not trip on it while not in use. Cheers
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