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  1. I have the B & E suspension. It is the standard height, not the adjustable ones. The tech got the ride height just right on my car so I think you should be fine.
  2. Thanks so much, I do see these online at SWLC. I do believe what they say, but just to be sure, has anyone verified that they are the original OEM manufacturer? cheers
  3. Hi Stu and all, Any updates on the availability of Lotus OEM head gaskets for the V8? Yes I have used JAE and SJ Sportscars gaskets, and both resulted in blown gaskets and coolant loss. I see the current Pancho thread video and it seems to explain a bit of the issue. My car is currently in the shop. I hope Lotus can solve this issue for all V8 owners. Cheers,
  4. Yes, it does drain all the time. I highly recommend a Lotus Battery Tender. This has taken away a LOT of frustration when starting up my Esprit. ?? The factory carries them (I think are included with new Evoras) and I have seen them on EBay and from Lotus Dealers. This one does have an easy disconnect break in the middle of the cord, so you can disconnect in 1 second (without unplugging from the wall or battery) and not trip on it while not in use. Cheers
  5. Hello all, I'm thinking about doing the 02 rear panel conversion to my 1999 V8 (US). There is a firm in LA which does these but I think they are aftermarket parts and upgraded Rear Lights. Any tips on doing this, or any major pitfalls to avoid? Some body work to be done with a proper fit? Cheers!
  6. Here is my former 1989 SE in vary rare white on white. I loved it - Cheers
  7. It will be fine. The dye will probably prevent some of the Rejuvenator from doing its work and repair the leather, since the dye is sort of a sealer, so it just wouldn't be able to work as good as it normally would.
  8. Driving along here in San Diego, CA, and I find my two favorite street names. Here is my question - what are your favorite streets to carve up in your region?? In Southern CA - I would say Pacific Coast Highway between Newport Beach and San Diego. Cheers!!
  9. No, but you want to do a reconditioner / repairer FIRST, before you do the leather dye. The Rejuvenator will bring all of the dirt and sweat salts out to the surface (during the "steam room" phase when you leave the car in the sun with the windows up) so you can properly CLEAN the leather with Pristine Clean, and then you can do the DYE to re-color it. Leatherique does have the dye that you can order too I believe. Cheers
  10. Yes! This is it - Leatherique Pristine Clean and Rejuvenator. Also on EBay and Amazon. Do the Rejuvenator first - you put it on, and leave the car in the sun for a day to create a "steam room" that helps repair the leather. Then you clean it all off with Pristine Clean. It is great and did a great job on my magnolia leather in my 1999 V8 Esprit. ?
  11. Thank you Michael. Here is the before and after when we did the garage remodel - Cheers
  12. Hello all, Bit of a dumb question - I recently connected a Battery Tender because I could feel the battery getting sluggish on starts between drives. So - I assume you guys leave the rear panel up slightly while the cord is connected, correct? (In other words, you're not closing the panel shut tight on the cord and setting the alarm, correct?) Also have a bit of a hot start issue as well - so I will replace the starter, alternator, and install gold plated terminals on the battery just in case. Could these help with the hot start issue? This is my first Tender ever. Any tips using these would be appreciated! Cheers
  13. Thank you Alan. I'm interested to see how it goes. Is that a specific part with a part number, or just a universal terminal? cheers!
  14. Hello all, i wanted to check in on this. My 99 V8 (US) does the same thing with the odometer working fine, then it flashes to some letters that don't spell anything in particular (but could possibly be codes?). It did it quite a bit right after the engine was rebuilt so I actually assumed it was the ECM doing some re-calibration during the first few hundred miles while running it in. As I ran the engine in more, the flashing went away and the normal odometer miles came back online. Has anyone heard an official answer from the factor on this? Cheers!
  15. Hi Bibs, is the Lotus 50 magazine still available? I'd love to have one. Cheers!!
  16. Hello all, I have a '99 V8 (USA), and I can hear a distintive "clunk" sound when going over bumps in the road, or especially when I turn right. It seems to be coming from the passenger door area, but it could be from the engine bay as well. I DID already have the rear bulkhead work (tightening the bolts in the wood) done a couple years ago so I don't think that is it - unless it is common for the bulkhead to come loose again?? Any ideas? Cheers
  17. Hello all, For the last few times I switched on the headlights, the pods come springing right up just fine, but when I switched the lights off, the headlight pods would not go down for about 5 minutes. So the lights would turn off, but the pods would just stay up. Now, the last time I switched off the headlights, the pods haven't gone down at all - and it has been a day since I turned them off. Any thoughts on the reason for this, before I try to figure it out? Cheers!!!
  18. That is very interesting. Perhaps the S4 directs more air down into the engine bay somehow. Great job on the brackets. I actually have a V8 and I almost like the SE wing better. But your car looks great too. Cheers
  19. I feel for you mate! Very sorry to hear about the cars that need to go. If I had a six car garage, I would probably have 6 cars, but I guess we can only drive one at a time anyway. Family is most important (as is my wife Catherine in my life) but hopefully they understand your needs as well (and our insane obsession!) I've kept my limit to 3: a daily (Honda Civic Si), a passenger carrier (Jaguar XF), and a spirited car (Esprit V8). We Americans love the British cars too. Cheers
  20. Wow! What a beautiful car. Fantastic look and I'm sure it is great to drive with the mods. I love the interior as well and the aftermarket wheel (beats the US GM wheel by a mile). Does anyone know where I can get these exact floor mats?? Cheers!
  21. Hi Wayne, i wanted to give you an update. Engine taken apart and fully broken down. The block was deemed as too corroded to use again for a new re-build. So I sourced a new V8 Block, Pistons, and Liners, and Head gaskets. Hopefully you are having some good news with your 918 engine. Cheers! see this thread:
  22. New engine block and Pistons received from SJ Sportscars. Very relieved to find that they had one for sale. On to the rebuild of the 918. Cheers
  23. Right - back to the original topic and questions. It was a good day today as I received my 918 Engine Block, brand new cast Pistons and Liners, and head gasket set from SJ Sportscars. They actually had block for sale so that was great. Mike - I could send you my old block (although it is in bad shape) when I get it if you would still like to have it. Parts delivered to my tech today so any other tips on the 918 rebuild would be welcome. Cheers
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