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  1. I was thinking about this myself. I would love to buy an 80-86 Esprit turbo and actually try to drop in an Elise engine, if that is even possible. I would like to have the reliability of the new engine in the older Esprit. Has this type of full engine swap out been attempted by anyone? Cheers
  2. Right, the wolf race wheels are polished, but the the outer rim of the OZ Futura is either chrome or polished to look exactly like chrome. Anyway, Cheers
  3. Hmmmmm..... At the very least, the original polished wheels gave a "chrome look" on the Lotus that Q introduced to 007 in 1977, and there were also the polished or (at least) a "chrome look" on the original silver concept car. Also, on the official Futura O.Z. Wheels, parts of those were chrome - and those were factory placed by Lotus. I know because I had them on my previous Esprit, which I named the Silver Surfer. But I do sincerely respect your opinion - because you seem to have a passion for Lotus as much as I do, and I give much credit to the best product ever out of England.
  4. Is there something wrong with them? I think they're quite cracking against the Monaco White...
  5. Ok thanks so much Mike. I did order a complete set of liners and Pistons too for my rebuild so I will go with the cast ones. Any other important notes with the 918 for my tech on the engine rebuild? Cheers
  6. Very interesting! I have never seen that before. Very lovely.
  7. Thanks so much for the details Mike. Any other thoughts on why people seem to love the Forged Pistons so much for the 918? Also - what is the difference between the A and B grade liners? What were the stock 918's built with? A or B, or did it differ by country? I saw this on the order sheet online but I had not heard of it. I have upgraded my radiator, so that is good news! Cheers
  8. Hello all, quick questions for anyone with experience on the 918 V8 rebuilds (and hopefully mike_sekinger and other experts could verify! ) 1. Is there a true mechanical need to rebuild the 918 with Forged Pistons? 2. Will the Cast Pistons do just fine for a good rebuild? 3. What are the pros / cons of Forged? Any improvements, and any drawbacks of Forged? 4. I have seen a thread from a Lotus tech in California (who is now deceased) who said it was very important to use Forged Pistons on any V8 rebuild to prevent future head gasket issues. My understanding of the main cause of the gasket issues was the Loctite vs Hylomar sealant debate, not anything to do with the Cast Pistons. Why would Forged Pistons make a difference in helping the gasket or future coolant issues? Cheers!!
  9. I found it, so I have the low transom. I assume this is the high transom, looks very good. Cracking.
  10. Yes good point. I can't quite tell which transom I have (I assume there are 2 different kinds), but it is probably the low transom for every Esprit here in the US.
  11. Hello all, Has any V8 owner removed their rear wing? Any downside to the handling, drag, etc? Is it hard to remove, and fill in the holes? (We don't have the GT version in the US). Just wondering because I saw this photo of an S4 without a wing and it looks pretty awesome to me. Like a cool modern version of the S1. Cheers!
  12. Yes I have had them on the car for about a year now. ( sorry for the blurred photo). The ones I have are hard to find. I ordered mine from JAE Parts in CA. I had to wait about 6 months but they may have some. Nice to know! Great to see they are for sale again. Cheers
  13. I went with Eibach and Bilstein and I love them. Same ride height, although I think that they make adjustable ones too. They feel a lot better to me than stock. Cheers
  14. Thank you Pete. I do see that they have a few reconditioned engines. I sent them a note to see if they have a block for sale. Cheers!
  15. Hello all, i am looking for an Esprit V8 918 engine block for my (USA) 99 Esprit V8. I am rebuilding my engine and my tech x-rayed my block and he found cracks and pitting in it. He said it was from sitting with coolant in it for some time. Please let me know if you know of an engine block for sale! Preferably from 2000-2004. Cheers!
  16. Hi Vanya, my tech is now taking apart the engine for a full inspection once again, and will be X-raying the block and liners. I will let you know what they find out. The tech had many conversations with Lotus USA, and Lotus advised that it could be the coolant getting into the turbos? Seemed strange but they will investigate. Cheers.
  17. Hey beautiful Lotus Andy. I have been thinking about picking up an '80s turbo as I love the shape and extreme straight lines. How do you compare your Lotus to the 328? Anything in particular you like or dislike about either one? How about handling and gearbox smoothness? Cheers!
  18. Hi Wayne, Just wanted to follow up. My tech is currently taking the engine apart for inspection and X-raying of the block and liners. I will keep you all posted on what they find out. Cheers
  19. Very nice photos gentlemen! I have to say that I like Steve's blue and Ian's the most, with Ian's green and grey being the most interesting I have seen in quite some time. Attached is an older 89 Esprit SE that I had in Monaco White/white leather! cheers!
  20. Hi Stu, Thanks for the reply. Yes it does appear that the fans are working. My tech actually just installed an upgraded aftermarket radiator, after he was convinced that my old OEM radiator was faulty and not cooling properly. This was during the first couple of coolant gushings before my tech rebuilt the head gasket. So now, after taking the engine apart, installing a new radiator, and a new header tank, I drive it home and the coolant spills out just like before. I will ask my tech about doing the Funnel test. I remember before asking him about the possibility of an air lock, but he said it wasn't possible. I am thinking that this has to be something pretty basic, as the coolant gushing out has happened 3 times in the same manner. Has this happened to other owners? Cheers
  21. Hello all, This issue has happened 3 times now to my 99 Esprit V8 (US). My tech was checking a small coolant leak, and replaced the header tank, which had a small chip on the cover lip. He put in new coolant, and once I drive it for 5 miles or so, I park it in my garage, and when it is idling, the coolant comes gushing out of it. The first couple of times, the tech said it was the head gasket - so he replaced that and took the engine apart ( just a few months and 500 miles ago). Now this time, it did the same thing after replacing the header tank. Is there some secret to correctly filling the tank?? What could my tech be missing here? Cheers!
  22. Hi Alan, The V8 has the traditional tan leather (or biscuit??) interior, which I do like quite a bit too. The V8 also has a really cool mod on the A-pillar with 3 additional VDO gauges (installed by the previous owner and a great job). It does remind me of the 007 Lotus color combo that Q introduced to J.B. . Cheers
  23. Hi Alan, Yes I actually loved the white/white color combo. I have never seen another Esprit in that combo, so maybe it's the rarity of it.
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