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  1. Thanks for all the information Rob, I appreciate it. I will relay your info to my tech and ask him to perform the tests. Just to be clear, here is a quick review of what happened: 1. Engine was rebuilt at 14,000 miles because of 1301/1302 misfire codes with compression and leak down tests 2. After fixing some oil leaks and other issues, engine ran well for about 1,000 miles 3. Without ever overheating during that 1,000 miles post rebuild, the Low Coolant light came on 4. My tech found that the header cap had no seal, so he got a new header cap and seal from Lotus. Checked all hoses and filled with new coolant. I drove it for 15 minutes, and coolant came spilling out, and temperature went up, I quickly shut the car off. 5. I took it back in, my tech replaced the radiator with a new one. Put new coolant in. My tech said he did the combustion gas test, and the blue liquid stayed blue. I again drove it for 15 minutes, and same thing- coolant spilling out and tempurature went up, I quickly turned the car off. 6. I took it back in again, and my tech did the combustion gas test, and the blue liquid turned to yellow. Now he thinks the head gasket has failed and says that is the issue. I told my tech about the strong possibility of an air lock, but he is sure that all of the air is out of the system. He knows about the bleed screw on the engine and the radiator. 7. My questions are: What caused the Low Coolant light to come on in the first place? 8. Why did it spill out twice in the exact same manner after driving it home from the shop twice? Cheers
  2. Hi Wayne, I did take my car originally to an independent shop here in San Diego. The independent shop tech is who rebuilt my engine completely for $18,000. ( of which $2,000 was for machine and resurfacing work from a machinist shop.). It included about $8,000 in new parts for the engine, most from JAE or Lotus. The independent shop rate was $108 / hour, and he charged me 50 hours total, which seemed very fair, so I was happy to have it done. The problem was that it literally took about a year to do, which was very frustrating to wait for, but I was still happy to do it. After the engine was rebuilt, it still had several problems with it, including oil leaks, injector issues ( where he couldn't get the secondary injectors to seal correctly so he plugged the lines) and other issues with the codes setting for SMOG check. I was out of patience, so I took it to a Dealer here in SD, where they charged me $8,300 to fix all the build issues. I was so frustrated with the build that I paid it. Then, after less than 1,000 miles on the rebuilt engine, the Low Coolant tale tell light comes on. So I take it into the Dealer, and they fill it up, and put a new radiator cap on it with a new seal, and the coolant comes gushing out in 15 minutes of driving. Why that happened, I still have no idea, nor does the Dealer. That's one of the questions: What was the reason for the coolant loss in the first place, and then why the coolant spill out?? Then I took it back in to the Dealer, and they installed a new radiator for $2,900. After 15 minutes of driving, same thing, coolant comes gushing out of it. I asked the Dealer to make sure there was no air lock, and he said there wasn't. I also asked him about the thermostat, and he said it was fine. Now, the Dealer wants to fix the head gasket. I have called the Independent shop tech, but he is not returning my calls, and is hardly ever at his shop. So I am about to spend over $35,000 for engine fixes when no one knows that the causes of the issues were. Very frustrating and it makes me want to speak to a lawyer....
  3. Michael - I was quoted $1500 in parts ($900 for the bolts/studs?) and 38 hours of labor, at $175 / hr = $6,650. Yes it is expensive, especially right after a rebuild.
  4. Yes good point Wayne. I know that many of the parts did come from JAE, so that could be a possibility. I know the cost is close to just purchasing a used engine, but I would be just as concerned about a used engine as my rebuilt one. I have read about so many examples of V8 owners having to rebuild their 918 engines, that it seems to be close to manufacturing negligence, unless all of the owners are doing something wrong?
  5. Thanks for the infor Wayne. Yep I had the entire engine rebuilt with new clutch and everything. My tech just did the (combustion gas?) test where they see if the blue fluid stays blue, or turns to yellow, indicating gases in the coolant. After the first coolant spill out, the tech did the test and it was fine, indicating the gasket was fine. After the second spill out, the tech did the test again and it turned from blue to yellow color. So in his mind, it is the head gasket that has failed. I wouldn't mind it if it were a $1,000 fix, but at $8,200, it seems like a big gamble to fix it when we are not even sure what it truly wrong. So, I am at a loss as far as what to do. Paul - my tech said he will do a compression test before he fixes the head gasket, if I give him the go-ahead to do it. In the meantime, I am trying to get in touch with the other tech who rebuilt the engine. Cheers
  6. Hi Wayne, I am at a loss for words. I bought the car last year in 2014 with 12,850 miles on it. It is a 1999 Esprit V8. I drove it less than 1,000 miles and the CEL came on for a 1301/1302 misfire code. After $4,000 of tests, replacing leads, plugs, and other stuff, it was worse after it came back from the shop. It was decided it needed a rebuild. In January, I paid $18,000 for a complete engine rebuild (including head set, resurfacing everything and over $8,000 in new parts.). Then I had some oil leaks and idle issues, and fuel injector issues, and paid another $8,300 to get those issues fixed. After driving it less than 1,000 miles, the Low Coolant tell tale light came on. I took it back in, they said they fixed it, and coolant comes gushing out after 15 minutes of driving. I take it back in again, and they replace the radiator for another $3,000, and I pick it up, and after 15 minutes of driving, coolant is again gushing out of it. I take it back in again, and NOW, they tell me that they need to replace the head gasket, check for cracking, and that will cost me $8,200. So in the last year, I have spent over $33,000 on the engine. And now I am being told it will cost another $8,200 to fix it. I have received so many different answers about issues that I don't know who to believe or what to think, except that Lotus makes terrible cars, and that owning an Esprit ( and this is my 3rd Esprit - all with major problems) is really stupid. I am about to speak to a lawyer but I don't know if would do any good. Thanks
  7. Thanks for the tip Michael. Also - my tech replaced the radiator cap with a new one. I am guessing that this could be the issue. He said he got it from Lotus, but not sure if it is correct. Perhaps the cap PSI is too low??
  8. Interesting to know Travis! I have an Esprit V8, and an Acura Integra GS with 220,000 miles on it, and new Type R interior in it now. Most reliable and fun daily driver I have ever had.
  9. Hello All, Recently my red Low Coolant tell tale light came on in my 1999 Esprit V8 (US). I took it in to the tech, he fixed the radiator cap and inspected, and filled up the system with new coolant. I picked it up, drove for 15 minutes, parked it in my garage at home and let it idle, and the coolant was literally gushing out of the system as the engine temp shot up. I took it back in that day, my tech replaced the radiator and flushed the system again, and added new coolant - and again, the same thing happened: I picked it up, drove for 15 minutes, parked it and let it idle, and the coolant was literally gushing out of the system again as the engine temp shot up - again!!! Is my tech putting too much coolant in? Any ideas or has this happened to anyone else? Cheers! Matt
  10. I've had an SE and it was great, but once you feel the straight line power of the V8 through every gear, it would be hard to go with anything else. I also love the sound of the flat plane. My first silver '99 V8 came with stock Futuras on it. My second '99 (the only '99+ Monaco White in the US that I'm aware of) also has the later spoiler and I actually prefer it - you can see out of the rear window with it! Cheers!
  11. The same thing just happened to my 99 V8. Red tell tale. The tech found that the radiator cap was bad, I think it was missing the rubber gasket.
  12. I believe it was on the pistons (but just from memory) and I remember seeing small metal flakes or shavings after it was taken apart. It seemed to be slightly out of alignment from what I remember the tech was mentioning and showing me. I will see if I have some more photos. There also may have been water in the oil? So it may have overheated at one time with the PO, but I'm not sure. Many of the parts needed resurfacing, and I think that the valves needed to be fixed. So I am glad it was done, but I would love to know the root cause so I can prevent it. Cheers
  13. Hello all, I recently had to rebuild the 918 of my Lotus Esprit V8 (US), after purchasing the car last year with about 12,800 miles on the car. The car has always been in California, and was driven a lot from 1999-2004, and then spent 10 years hardly driven at all, in someone's collection. After driving it for about 500 miles, the CEL came on, with a P1301/1302 code for a misfire. After several tests including leak down and compression, the decision was made to rebuild when learning about the sealant issues too. Inside, scoring was found along with metal shavings, verifying that it was good to do. My issue is this: I still really don't know WHY the misfire codes happened, and WHY the engine had to be rebuilt. So my question is this: WHAT should I do to prevent any issues from happening in the future (my Tech did use Hylomar) and to prevent another rebuild?? Cheers!
  14. Thanks for the advice Wayne. Even my exotic auto shop down here in San Diego didn't know how to set it.
  15. Hi Mark and all, Thank you so much for your explanation of the whine from the oil lines after a rebuild. My 99 V8 engine was recently rebuilt, and it was doing exactly what you described. The tech rebuilt it with 4000 PSI lines, so after I saw your post, my tech put in some 300 PSI lines, and added some foam padding around the lines as well. The issue is that it is still whining, even after the padding was put in with the 300 PSI lines. So my question is: Do you think I should go to a lower PSI line (100 PSI?), or is the real issue that the line is somehow still in contact with the chassis, and that more foam padding needs to be added to stop all vibration from running up through the body? My tech is really in amazement over this issue. He checked with Lotus, and was told that they are not supplying the factory oil lines anymore. Cheers!
  16. Just to close this thread, I finally got the O2 monitor to set! I drove it for a few minutes at 35 mph in 5th gear, and I think that did it. Cheers
  17. Hello all, Just had the engine completely rebuilt, and I need to get the car ready to pass the SMOG test here in California. My tech was able to set all monitors except the Oxygen sensor. I have driven it about 150 miles, and it still hasn't set. I have heard a few different theories: To drive in 5th gear between 45-55 mph for 20 minutes, or to drive it in 5th gear at 35 mph for a few minutes. Does anyone know for sure how to get the O2 monitor set? Cheers!
  18. My 99 V8 is doing the very same thing. Usually it clunks on the right side, when the car is turning, or twisted like going up a driveway. I have done the bulkhead fix so that shouldn't be it. I have no idea what is causing it??
  19. HowardRoark


    I like Monaco White with chrome wheels....
  20. 1. Bond S1 (with submarine features and rocket launcher) 2. Senna F1 3. Lotus bike
  21. . Hi Mark, Just wanted to say Thank You for your post. I just had my engine re-built and when it was completed, it had a whine/singing that was connected directly to the engine rev rpm. My Tech took a stethoscope to the new oil lines, and confirmed they were creating noise. Now they will replace the lines with the factory ones, and insulate/pad them. Without your post, I am sure I would have gone crazy trying to figure it out. Cheers!!!!
  22. Hello all, There is a clicking noise under the passenger side dash of my 99 Esprit V8. My tech says it is the arm on the Steppermotor that is stripped so it just keeps turning over and over (number 13 in the diagram?). Lotus does not stock them anymore. And, one garage here in Los Angeles says it takes 25 hours to remove the dash to replace it. That seems a bit overboard. 1. Does anyone have a Steppermotor they can sell to me? 2. If not, is there a good fix for It without removing the entire dash? Cheers!
  23. Hello all, Reviving this thread as I just got a message below from my mechanic, who is currently working on my 1999 Esprit V8: ".............. Your secondary fuel lines for your fuel injectors are plugged with JB well type of compound. It looks like whom ever worked on it prior plugged off both of these lines for some reason. The secondary fuel injector lines are used for full power and for when you do over 130 mph. What my technician suspects is that they are on all the time and that’s why your engine needed to be rebuilt before. That there was so much fuel being dumped into the cylinders that the oil wasn’t able to lubricate. I do not know what you would like for use to do about the secondary fuel lines that are plugged. Right now the engine runs pretty good and we are worried if we clear the lines this might expose an issue with your fuel system. We don’t know how far you would like for use to dig into figuring out what is going on with the fuel system............." So my questions are: 1. Why would the Previous owner plug the lines? 2. I should have them fix this issue, correct? Cheers!
  24. Hello, my mechanic is in the final stages of a complete engine re-build for my 1999 Esprit V8 SE in the US. He seems to be having some computer issues and an idle issue as well. I need to pick the car up from him and take it in to get the Smog Registration completed here in California (similar to the MOT I believe). My question is: is there anything specific to keep in mind to get the car ready to pass the Smog test after an engine re-build? Cheers!
  25. . Here is a 1996 with unpainted letters though.....
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