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  1. Hmmmmm....So no real rhyme or reason so far on polished vs painted letters......
  2. You should read a post on here called something like, "I sold and regretted it." Don't do it. Drive it like hell in the summer.
  3. It is possible, but I have seen so many with un-painted letters, I doubt that every owner has done that. I am wondering if the Lotus factory polished them on certain years?? Perhaps the 918 letters started as polished in 1996, and then became too costly for the factory to do, so they just painted the whole lump?
  4. Just wondering about the LOTUS letters on the 918 engine: my 1999 Esprit V8 has the letters painted in red, as is also shown on the actual Lotus Spec sheet for customers. But I have seen plenty of engines with the LOTUS letters un-painted with just the aluminum look. Does anyone know when Lotus started / stopped painting the letters, or on which years?? Cheers!
  5. Thank you Philip! Yes I loved the white leather interior. Here are a few more pics...
  6. My 99 V8 at a car show here in California. I also designed a custom Lotus photo board telling the history of the Esprit. A UK side note: I recently played The Old Course and it was the most enjoyable round I have ever played.
  7. I feel your pain! My first Lotus was an 89 Esprit SE, white with white leather interior. I LOVED it. Sold it to pay some bills and I always regretted it. I now own a 1999 Esprit V8 in white (the only 99+ in white I have ever seen in the US), so I love this newer car, but I would always like to own that first one again. I kind of actually liked that turbo lag with the SE where you put your boot in, and half a second later, your head slams backward into your seat like a jet taking off.
  8. Thanks Alex. Do you know when the change was made? My Esprit was built in Nov 1999. I do want to replace the whole assembly, so should I just order the OEM one?
  9. Hello, does anyone know if an upgrade is available for the timing chain assembly? I heard that there is one but not sure if it is true. Cheers!
  10. I went through all the records that came with the car (although I don't think they are totally complete, I am hoping to track down some more records): 1999 Lotus Esprit V8 VIN: SCCDC0822XHA15868 Service History Jan 9, 2014 Mileage: 13,125 Oil service to include diagnostics Compression and leak down test R/R 2 sets spark plugs R/R oil hoses Servo motor repair Drained and replaced old gas with premium R/I intake plenum to access faulty injectors #1-4 R/I right catalytic converter assembly to adjust turbo dump valve R/R new gaskets and replaced o ring and seals Clean and reset all switches/solonoid valves/ erg tubes beneath intake assembly Fuel pressure test R/R K&N fuel filter (clean and re-oil) Flush exhaust assembly to remove major carbon build up (includes R/I and clean O2 sensors) Block tested cooling system New battery Oct 10, 2013 Mileage: 13,125 R/R front and rear brake pads Replaced front upper moulding to windshield A post Re-chromed center wheel caps Refinish plastic roundel center ring wheel set R/I brake flexy hose Brake bleed all 4 calipers Inspected trans mounts Sept 18, 2013 Mileage: 13,034 Fixed wooden bulkhead rattle behind seats with mounting modification Re-torqued loose exhaust clamps to fix rattle/buzz Re-secure loose gauges inside instrument binnacle cluster Re-glued passenger door aperture seal Checked and adjust tire pressure, 36 psi front and rear Sept 4, 2013 Mileage: 12,881 Installed new fuel pump assembly New gasket pump to tank O-ring fuel pump outlet O-ring fuel pump return O-ring filter unions Fuel filter Feb 6, 2012 Mileage: 12,554 Passed emissions inspection Jan 12, 2010 Mileage: No data Passed emissions inspection Oct 8, 2009 Mileage: 12,256 Checked long crank Installed windshield wipers Checked battery and charging system Recommended new fuel pump soon Feb 18, 2009 Mileage: 12,104 Installed new battery Recharged A/C Installed 4 new tires Customer states there is a coolant leak Replaced coolant switch R/R new A/C compressor Jan 29, 2009 Mileage: 11,995 Checked cooling system Oil and filter change Checked tires balance and rotate Customer stated the Coolant light came on Sept 10, 2008 Mileage: 11,951 Passed emissions inspection Apr 5, 2007 Mileage: 11,910 Replaced outer LH mirror Installed new windshield Customer stated battery charger isn’t working Mar 26, 2007 Mileage: 11,909 Tightened engine bay shock mount LH rear inside quarter trim loose, added glue Customer stated A/C blows warm: Evacuate and re-charge A/C Got estimate on new windshield Checked battery charger Turbo gauge inoperable, repaired boost gauge line RH door drops when opening, adjusted door Customer states LH outer mirror vibrates Jan 11, 2006 Mileage: 11,785 Passed emissions inspection Nov 11, 2004 Mileage: 11,551 Recommended maintenance performed July 15, 2004 Mileage: 11,463 Dead battery, had to jump start Replaced battery June 30, 2004 Mileage: 11,463 Installed gauges on A-pillar Customer stated rear suspension bushes faulty, no work done 12,000 mile service performed Apr 26, 2004 Mileage: 11,399 New battery Replaced engine belts Engine service per schedule Bleed brakes Serviced A/C Checked and repaired acceleration throttle May 3, 2004 Mileage: 11,399 Vehicle serviced, no detail found yet Feb 27, 2004 Mileage: 11,032 Passed emissions inspection Oct 21, 2003 Mileage: 10,775 Dealer took title of this vehicle June 12, 2003 Mileage: 10,518 No service data found yet Feb 19, 2001 Mileage: 4,887 Performed 6,000 mile service Changed engine oil and filter Inspected engine and transmission for oil leaks Checked transmission oil level Checked PAS fluid Inspected auxillary drive belt condition Inspected radiator, oil coolers and pipework for damage, leaks Checked coolant level Inspected parking brake adjustment Inspected operation of brake tell tales Checked brake/clutch fluid level and inspect for leaks Checked torque of rear hub nuts (260-270 Nm) Inspected tire condition Inspected operation of all lights and electrical equipment Checked adjustment and lubrication of hinges and latches Top up screen wash reservoir Inspected brake pad thickness and disk condition Inspected brake hoses, pipes, and hydraulic units Inspected security and condition of front and rear suspension Inspected dampers for leaks and performance Inspected front and rear wheel bearings for play Inspected condition of driveshaft gaiters Inspected steering ball joints and gaiters Inspected free play at steering wheel Checked battery terminals Inspected condition of seat belts Inspected operation of heater/air conditioning Apr 8, 2000 Mileage: 1,255 Performed 1,000 mile service Changed engine oil and filter Inspected engine and transmission for oil leaks Checked PAS fluid Inspected radiator, oil coolers and pipework for damage, leaks Cleaned radiator Checked coolant level Inspected parking brake adjustment Inspected operation of brake tell tales Checked brake/clutch fluid level and inspect for leaks Checked torque of rear hub nuts (260-270 Nm) Inspected tire condition Inspected operation of all lights and electrical equipment Checked adjustment and lubrication of hinges and latches Top up screen wash reservoir Mar 21, 2000 Mileage: 15 First owner reported
  11. The CEL code was a 1301 and 1302. I am not sure of the leak percentages. One of the plugs was rusty. I did look through all the service history that I have, and I do see that the coolant light was on and was serviced for that, so I am guessing it may have over heated at some point, and may have caused the famous leaking liners with the Loctite? He did mention that the plugs seemed loose too when I first brought it in to him.
  12. Thanks for the great advice. I do want to know the cause of the original CEL code. Are you saying that the oxygen sensor wires could have been wrong for some time, and not cause a CEL? (Because I drove it for 300 miles before the CEL). Or do you think he put the oxygen wires back incorrectly? After he gave it back to me, it was shuddering and sounded awful. Besides wrong leads, and other ideas for the cause of that? Cheers!
  13. Ok thanks. Anything else I should ask him? I will try to get the actual compression numbers from the cylinders. Also, does the engine need to come out? I thought I have heard of people repairing cylinders with the engine still in the car, but I may be mistaken. I guess if it does come out, it will be a good time to do the cam belts, tensioners, etc. Cheers
  14. I didn't write down all the numbers for each cylinder, but I remember them all being in the range of 95-105-110-120, or so. Sorry I didn't capture them on paper. So ALL the cylinders were down which seemed strange knowing how well the car ran. Sorry I don't have any photos.
  15. I haven't checked the timing, I am not sure if he has done that. The car has always been in California, so it probably hasn't seen much rain, and for the last 8 years, before I bought it, it was in Palm Springs, CA. So the rust may have been from a car wash. Yes I was concerned about the rusty spark plug too. After the oil pan was off, we got underneath and looked at the engine. He said he was concerned about the movement, he may have been explaining the slipping that you mention. He did say 2 of the pistons were leaking. Mostly I want to know why the car was shuddering after he gave it back to me. I want to know what what causing that and the CEL in the first place before we take the engine out, as a logical process of finding out the faults. That would be quite strange if he put the lead wires back incorrectly, and it would lower my confidence in his knowledge of the car. I am wondering if I should just have him put it back together and take it to someone else.
  16. Thanks for the responses. When the CEL came on, there was no symptom. No loss of power, no rough running, etc. he did check and replace all the spark plugs. I am pretty sure he did not replace the plug wires. He did show me that one of the plugs was rusty, and he said the rust looked rather old, so it may have happened some time ago. So that lead me to think about the sealant issues with the famous Loctite problems in V8 engines, until Lotus replaced it with Hylomar in June of 2000 (From what I read). The service history I have doesn't show the sealant being fixed, but the car did most of the mileage from 1999-2004, then it only did about 100 miles per year from 2005-2013, so it did have long periods of sitting. It is all just so surprising because the first time I ever started up the car, when in test drove it, it ran awesome. Started great, and ran so much smoother than my last Esprit V8. He also did a few compression tests, and he did say he was getting different numbers each time. But the compression numbers he showed me were from 95 - 120. So that seems very low, but the strange thing is that, as I mentioned, the car was running fantastic all the time I have owned it, before I took it in to him. So I am not sure I believe the accuracy of those numbers? I am guessing that low of compression would cause a loss of power, correct? The thing I noticed about the car was how much faster it was than my last Esprit V8! He replaced all fuel injectors but I don't think he built a new system. He replaced the head gaskets, but he actually made them with a machine in the shop, which I didn't feel too good about. I would have rather had him use Lotus OEM gaskets. But I don't know if that made any difference when he gave the car back to me. I believe the leak down tests showed a leak in 2 cylinders. So he took off the oil pan and showed me a couple of things he was concerned about, and said the engine needs to come out for a rebuild. I am concerned because I still don't know: What actually caused the CEL in the first place Why the car was shuddering after he gave it back to me Why the right exhaust was popping after he gave it back to me (unburnt fuel in the right cat?) Thanks for the help.
  17. Hello All, I would like some advice. In Sept 2013 I bought a 1999 (Nov build) Lotus Esprit V8 SE in California. When I bought the car, it had 12,980 miles on it. The car was only driven previously for about 100 miles a year for the last few years, but it ran great when I test drove it. After buying it, I drove it for 3 months and put 200 miles on it, and the engine ran and sounded perfect. Car drove fantastic and is the best Lotus I have ever owned. Then, the Check Engine Light came on, so I took it in to a mechanic who had previously worked on another Esprit I owned before. He ran the tests and I believe he said it was code 1301/1302 for a misfire. He then had the car for a month, performed $3,900 worth of repairs (see work performed below), and gave it back to me. As soon as I started driving it, the car began to shudder as if there was something seriously wrong with the engine, and I also noticed the exhaust on the right side was making a loud noise, like a pop or stutter, both of which it had never done before. I drove it about 5 miles, and the Check Engine Light came on again, so I took it right back to him. He has had the car now for another month, and he has just informed me that it will need an engine rebuild. I really don't know what to say or think. I have read about the Loctite/Hylomar issues with leak down, but I am quite surprised, especially because the car ran so well BEFORE i took it in to him. Any ideas? work performed: Oil Service to include diagnostics - 1.5 hrs Compression and leak down test - 2 hrs R/R Spark Plugs - 2.5 hrs R/R Oil hoses - 3.9 hrs Servo Motor repair - 1 hr Drain and replace bad gas with premium - 1 hr R/I intake plenum to access faulty injectors #1-4 (right bank) - 3.5 hrs R/I right catalytic converter assembly to adjust turbo dump valve - 2 hrs R/R new gaskets and replace "o" ring and seals - 1 hr Clean and reset all switches/solonoid valves/ erg tubes beneath intake assembly - 1.9 hrs Fuel pressure test - .50 hr R/R K&N air filter (clean re-oil) - .50 hr Flush exhaust assembly to remove major carbon build-up (includes R/I and clean O2 sensors) - 1.5 hrs Block tested cooling system - .50 hr
  18. Thanks! I may check with Lotus to get the history on the car, good idea. As a side-note to the Puma shoes, I sent the photo to Puma Marketing and let them know that hey should make a Lotus shoe if they don't already. Also - on the new car, the PO had installed 3 additional VDO gauges (Oil, Volts, Turbo) on the interior A pillar, which look pretty cool. I hadn't seen that done before on an Esprit but I like it. Another unique item seem to be the chrome Saturn rims, I don't think I have seen those in chrome before.
  19. Two random silly questions - especially for our mates in the UK: Last month I just found the one and only Monaco White 1999+ Esprit V8 that I have ever seen in the US. (I have seen a few 1997's in white, but none manufactured in white after 97 in the USA). It had been sitting in a garage in Palm Springs, CA since 2003 with 13,000 miles on it, and it looks and drives perfect. 1. Body Color - I am wondering if there are many other white colored Esprit's from 1999-2003 in the rest of the world? (I had heard that color was discontinued after 1998) 2. Shoes. I was getting tired of seeing all the Ferrari logo PUMA driving shoes, so I bought some gold and black shoes and slapped on a Lotus sticker. Do Lotus shoes exist in the UK? cheers
  20. Thanks for all the great info. I took it in and had my guy do 2 things: re-bolt the wooden bulkhead (which did help), and replace the engine mounts, as a guess from me (just from what I have read about the issues with the V8's). WOW. Replacing the engine mounts made a HUGE difference in the overall feel, making it MUCH more solid and enjoyable to drive. It is like driving a different car now. Before the mounts were replaced, I thought I was paranoid almost as i sometimes thought I could feel the engine move as I accelerated. I think it was! If you have a V8 and haven't check the mounts, you should check them. Mine were absolutely rubbish and cracked. Now I hear one other little rattle/buzz at idle once in awhile. I think it may be the heat shield.
  21. I am hearing a loud "clunk" when I hit a hole in the road. About 2 years ago, I fixed the loose rear wooden bulkhead problem (that sits between the seats and the engine) that is associated with Esprits, and that solved a huge problem. I don't think that it is this time (unless the bolts in the wooden bulkhead came loose again). The noise seems to be coming almost from the passenger door area, but it is hard to tell. The door is not loose. The battery is screwed down well. The seat is not loose. I am just trying to find out what it might be. Any ideas? thanks!
  22. Mauricio - go to You will find the part there. In fact, I have a window switch that I just ordered from them! It is part number A082M6646F. I also live in San Diego and have a '99 Esprit V8. - Matt
  23. Thanks for all the information. I eventually took it in, where they checked all the wiring and connections. They did find a couple of relays that weren't working, so once those were fixed, everything worked well again. Cheers!
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