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  1. Thanks for all the information. I eventually took it in, where they checked all the wiring and connections. They did find a couple of relays that weren't working, so once those were fixed, everything worked well again. Cheers!
  2. I received my new Central High Mounted Stop Lamp, and I installed it (as well as checked the wire connection to it in the rear wing - the connector looked ok), and to my disappointment, it did not solve the problem. So the 2 main stop lamps work, but the CHMSL does not work. However, this time, the 15A fuse replacement did not blow out. I will check the wiring as best I can. Other ideas are appreciated. Cheers!
  3. I checked again and I realized that the rear wing stop lamp is out (Central High Mounted Stop Lamp), even with the fuse in, so it looks like that bulb is burnt. So I ordered a new one. With that stop lamp out, could it have over-loaded the circuit? Cheers
  4. Hello All, my stop lights have gone out twice now. I checked the fuse, and it was the fuse each time. (slot 15, rating - 15A). I just put a new 15A blue fuse in, tapped the brake pedal twice, and the brand new fuse blew. Any ideas? cheers! Matt
  5. My 99 V8 drivers seat is a little depressed and worn out, so I am thinking about replacing the seat cushions. But then I started thinking about just swapping out the drivers seat, for the "new condition" passenger seat, and putting the drivers seat in the passengers side. Besides the seat adjustor on the proper side, is there anything preventing the seats from being swapped into the other one's seat runner? (are both seat runners identical?) thanks!
  6. I have a 1999 Esprit V8 with squeaky brakes, and the manual does say this is actually normal. I have the stock Brembo calipers. What can I apply to get rid of the squeakiness? I have heard WD-40 may work? thanks! Matt
  7. You can get them shipped to the U.S. Carnewal will ship them out. Lots of different options in the steering wheels
  8. Hello, I have the glass roof panel in for my 1999 Esprit V8, and I can hear a slight wind noise when driving at 50mph+. Sort of like if the window was cracked open 1/8 inch. I am wondering if there are any tips to get the roof panel to fit in better or tighter to make a sound proof seal? cheers! Matt
  9. On that note, does anyone know where I can get a leather gear shift cover for the aluminum ball? thanks!
  10. Hello! Does anyone know where I can get a leather gear shift cover for my round stock 1999 V8 Esprit gear shifter? If the car is out in the sun, the round aluminum ball gets quite hot and I was looking for something that is form-fitting. thanks! Matt
  11. I found this Bulkhead fix and it was just what I needed! I heard such a clunk sound any time I would go over a bump. I read this article and fix, and thought it had to be it. It was! I printed out the article, took it down to my Lotus servicing dept, and they did exactly what the article said to do - fix the bolts so the bulkhead wouldn't rattle anymore. After fixing, it is like night and day. It is so much more solid! THANK YOU Rob Stansfield for writing the fix article to the bulkhead problem!!! Thanks, Matt
  12. Hello, I have a 1999 V8 Esprit, and I live in California. Apparently, I need a front lic plate to be on the car. My front esprit bumper is rounded and there are no holes or brackets for a plate. I really do not want to drill holes or anything. Any ideas on how I can easily mount my front license plate without any damage to the cars body? thanks, Matt
  13. Thanks for all the replies mates. Everyone was basically correct. It was the clutch. The clutch was never fully disengaging, and it would only go into 1-5 because those of course have synchros. I took it in to Symbolic Motors in San Diego to do the work. It needed a twinplate, flywheel, and spigot bearing. Now it shifts extremely smooth and goes in all gears perfectly. One thing I liked after I got the new clutch was it was very easy to depress, and I enjoy the easy clutch. Over a few miles, it seemed to stiffen up a bit, so I am wondering if it is a self-adjusting clutch? thanks!
  14. Hello, Please let me know what you think is the problem. I have a 1999 Lotus Esprit V8, with 59,000 miles. (USA) It wont shift into reverse, even if I shift into 1st or 2nd before trying. The shifting into the rest of the gears is fine. The clutch was resurfaced and rebuilt with a new clutch flywheel and clutch pressure plates in 2005, and it feels good, no slipping or anything. The previous owner did force it into reverse once in 2008, and it disconnected the cable, so he had that repaired. Here is what I have noticed: Shifting into reverse has gotten progressively worse the last month or so. I can easily shift into reverse when the car is turned off, and if it the car is cold. If I drive the car and warm it up, then turn it off, I cannot get it into reverse even with the car turned off. Here is the cars full maintenance history: 9/25/09 Lube Oil and Filter Service, Mobil 1 oil 10/6/08 Reconnected shift cable and adjust reverse inhibitor bracket 7/28/08 Lube Oil and Filter Service, Mobil 1 oil Fixed wiring for rear brake lamp 8/3/07 Lube Oil and Filter Service, Mobil 1 oil Replaced air filters 2/7/06 Installed new SRS dual pole arming sensor assembly Installed dual pole arming sensor assembly Replaced AC system Freon charge for ice cold air Fixed energy reserve voltage 1/28/06 Installed New Idle Speed regulator Upgraded all 8 new NGK Iridium spark plugs Replaced Plenum Gasket Injector cleaner Installed new Noise Filter Rear window defog repair kit Installed Capacitor for clear stereo sound 8/24/05 Lube Oil and Filter Service, Mobil 1 oil Replaced side marker light switch Installed new front wishbone Installed bolt for engine main Installed new rear main seal Installed 2 new roll pins Brake cleaner service Installed 2 new oil seals, x-shaft LH and RH Replaced end housing gasket Replaced bellows Performed overall vehicle inspection Installed new drivers door mirror and wiring Heat-shield fix to prevent AC buzz Pressure washed engine Replaced lower control arm transfer ball-joint and bushings Resurfaced and rebuilt new clutch flywheel and clutch pressure plates Installed new transaxle shift shaft housing seals Re-aim and re-set headlights Adjusted rear hatch for easy proper opening Repair slight curb rash on 1 wheel, mount and balance tire Performed 4 Wheel Alignment 3/30/05 Lube Oil and Filter Service, Mobil 1 oil Installed New O Rings New oil filter Replaced oil cooler Replaced 2 axle seals Installed new alternator 12/3/04 Upgraded headlamp wiring, installed new headlamp switch Installed Hi/Lo beam Diode, installed new fog lamp switch Installed new weather stripping Replaced upper control arm bushings 11/30/04 Performed spot and paint detail, minor touch ups Refinished exterior door window trim 11/16/04 Replaced Master Light Replaced Door Seal 8/26/04 Lube Oil and Filter Service, Mobil 1 oil Repaired 2 oil leaks 8/24/04 Replaced oil filter 7/26/04 New rear compartment carpet 6/1/04 Complete safety inspection and engine / transmission check 6/1/04 Upgrade modification to current shift cable and reverse inhibitor 5/28/04 Replaced lower control arm bushings Repair right side axel shaft seal Replaced Lotus wiper blade SRS Light check service Repair rear defrost 12/27/02 Lube Oil and Filter Service, Mobil 1 oil 7/30/02 A/C refrigerant recharged Front brake pads replaced Maintenance inspection completed Rear brake pads replaced 5/30/02 Lube Oil and Filter Service, Mobil 1 oil 9/13/01 Replaced Exhaust Maintenance inspection completed 7/02/01 Lube Oil and Filter Service, Mobil 1 oil 3/01/01 Lube Oil and Filter Service, Mobil 1 oil 1/03/01 Lube Oil and Filter Service, Mobil 1 oil 8/31/00 Front Brake Rotors re-surfaced 7/28/00 Lube Oil and Filter Service, Mobil 1 oil 4/26/00 Lube Oil and Filter Service, Mobil 1 oil Battery replaced Chassis lubricated Thanks for your help! Matt
  15. Hey nice car! I have a '99 V8 and I live in San Diego so if you're ever around let me know. Always like talking with fellow Esprit enthusiasts. - Matt

  16. I have a 99 Esprit V8 and obviously the seats are leather, but there are several other "leather looking" panels in the interior that I am not sure about. I don't know if some of them are leather or another material, and I am not sure what to use on all these different panels to clean them. On the leather, I am going to use Leatherique Rejuvinator Oil & Pristine Clean. My question is: Are the other panels not leather, and if so, what should I use? Does anyone use Armor All on any of the interior? If not, what do you use? If all the panels are indeed leather, that makes it simple. But if they are not (the high dash piece by the windshield that holds the speakers, for instance), what are they and how should they be treated to keep them shining? Please look at the photos and let me know what panels are leather and what are not. If you got a laugh out of this, I am happy to amuse you. 1. ____Dash piece, not leather. How should it be treated?___ 2. ___________________ 3. ___________________ 5. ___________________ 6. ___________________ 7. ___________________ 8. ___________________ 9. ___________________ 10.___________________ 11.___________________
  17. Does anyone know a great glass cleaner? I have been using Glass Plus which foams up well but it doesn't seem to really get the dirt and hard water off the windshield. I love the Esprit's glass and I know when it's clean, it's almost invisible. thanks, Matt
  18. Oh! Thanks for the information. By looking, I thought they were the same. I wish I could find some Lotus Badge caps for the OZ Futura. If anyone knows where I can get some, please let me know! thanks! Matt
  19. LOL! Yes that movie brings back scary memories of Valet enthusiasts. I actually hand wrote one for my shipping guy to show him how to get it into reverse (he shipped it while I wasn't at home, my wife helped him), and he later said he couldn't figure out how to get the parking brake released! I thought "Oh man, he parks cars for a living!" So I figured I would try to write up an instruction sheet with photos, for anyone who might need to move it, start it, park it, etc. Let me know if anyone does not have MS Word to download it and I can just post the pictures. cheers! Matt
  20. Oh thank you for the information. So it looks like the center caps from the OZ Saturns and Futuras are the same. I contacted Lotus Garage Online at Newport European Lotus in OC, California. They said that center cap was unavailable from Lotus now. Does nayone know where I can get this center cap with the Lotus badge? thanks!
  21. Hey everyone, feel free to print and use this instruction page for your Valet or anyone else driving your car! (so they don't grind down your reverse gear and disconnect the cable!) I dont know if the attached Word doc will transfer but I will check if it doesn't. cheers, Matt 1999 Lotus Esprit V8 Instructions.doc
  22. Hello, does anyone know if there are metal fitted (not adhesive backing, but fit on with screws?) center caps for this 3 piece O.Z. wheel? I have seen some plastic (with backing adhesive) center caps pictured below but I didnt want to ruin the wheel center with glue. I will go with the plastic if nothing else is available, but I just wanted to check. thanks, Matt
  23. Thanks for the info. Sorry but what does WOT mean? Is an OBDII scanner somthing that I connect to the car? Do I need a laptop or software with it? thanks!
  24. Hello! I appreciate all the great advice from fellow Lotus enthusiasts!

  25. Hello, I recently bought a 1999 Lotus Esprit V8. The yellow check engine light just came on while I was driving home from a long (400 mile) drive, so I will take it into a local shop. My question is this: Is there a way for me to tell what the actual code or reason that the check engine light came on? Do I need a computer hooked up to the ECU or something with appropriate software? The reason I ask is that I have heard that: minor things like an untight gas cap can trigger that check engine light, among other reasons. So I am just wondering how often the check engine light will be coming on, and if I need to take it into the shop every time it does (and if I can find out the code before I need to take it in.) For other V8 owners - does this light come on a lot for you? thank you! Matt
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