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  1. As1948 Colin Chapman designed his first car, the Lotus Mark 1 is considered as the roots for Lotus being able to celebrate the 70 anniversary on September 29th. Under the direction of Lotus Historic register Germany a bigger group of Lotus Enthusiats made their way from Germany and Austria to join the celebrations. Under best weather condtions and blue skies the visitors were shown Lotus industrial park and Classic Team Lotus, directed by Clive Chapman, Son of Colin Chapman, with a breathtaking choice of Lotus Formula 1 cars. As Geely Group under the direction of its CEO, Mr. Feng Qinfeng, is assuming control of 50% of Lotus we could see many improvements, such as two new buildings for Lotus Manufacturing and Museum. This prospering processes were confirmed by Mike Kimberley, former Colin Chapman’s technical director in Hethel. Very successful was the world record attempt on the Lotus test driving circuit with more than 700 Lotus Cars: the aim was to top theold world record from Snatterton with 436 Lotus Cars- Congratulations! Besides we met many Lotus prominence: first of all the Lotus Founder Colin Chapman’s wife, Mrs. Hazel Chapman, who self-evidently joined the festivities together with her son and chief of Classic Team Lotus, Mr. Clive Chapman. Also Elisa Artioli, grand-daughter of CEO Roman Artioli, who gave her name to the Lotus MK1 Elise, was there. We met Mr. Bob Dance, former Team Lotus chief mechanic, Mr. Frank Klaas, Geely Group, Mr Martin Donnelly, Camel Team Lotus driver and Mr. Greg Thornton, Classic Team Lotus formula 1 driver. Thank you very much for your warm welcome! At least: thank you very much to all participants of our group foto and our photographer Elfi Jung, elfimages-motorsport. Best regards, Siegfried Herrmann
  2. Dear LOTUS friends, The countdown has begun for the Bosch Hockenheim Historic, the Jim Clark honor of Jim Clark we will organize a very special day of remembrance in Hockenheim on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of his death. As many Jim Clark enthusiasts know, Jim crashed on April 7, 1968 in a Formula 2 race. The cause has never been properly explained. For many motorsport fans and racers Jim Clark remains a great idol, not least because of his fairness and likeable nature.As every year Motorsport and LOTUS fans and friends from all over Europe will gather around this event at the Hockenheimring- an emerging positive appeal to all of us, and I am very glad about this development. There will be many very interesting racing series fighting and we will have three days outstanding motorsport fun! Especially for LOTUS fans I would like to recommend the LOTUS Cup Europe under the direction of Paul Golding please have a look at . For tickets and drive through permits you have applied for at Mrs. Alexandra Edinge [email protected] you will find me dispatching them at the Mercedes tribune. At the April 7th will be Jim Clark’s 50th day of death and many enthusiasts will commemorate this special day. There are many events both in Germany and abroad this year to reminder Jim. In particular, in Scotland on the 7th & 8th April at the Jim Clark Museum in Duns a great day of remembrance for Jim Clark is organized. Many prominent LOTUS clubs and individuals have registered toto celebrate this special day. Of course, the LOTUS Historic Register Germany will be represented with 20 club participants in Duns. In addition on April 7, 2018 in Duns the foundation stone for the new Jim Clark Museum will be laid. We are already looking forward to being part of these festivities. LOTUS Anniversary 1948 - 2018 Of course, I would like to focus on the Jim Clark Revival in Hockenheim. We have put together an extraordinary racing event for everyone who attends.Not only are there many fantastic race series but we also have the opportunity to drive on the Grand Prix track for half an hour during the lunchest LOTUS Car break.There will also be an award ceremony for all LOTUS participants. I would like to draw attention to the fact that the LOTUS brand celebrates its 70th anniversary this yearand we want to celebrate that in Hockenheim. Colin Chapman designed his first car the LOTUS Mark 1 in 1948, when he was still studying at the University of London. This car was developed by him as a test vehicle and received the registration number OX 9292. Colin built a chassis of thin aluminum attached to plywood andmodified the rear suspension for better handling, resulting inlater established in the automotive industry as a sophisticated chassis design. Thiswas the starting point for many more revolutionary designs. Although the original Mark 1 isn’t available a replica was created with the same dimensions, and an identical Austin chassis. Colin Chapman and his future wife Hazel were very successful with the new Austin Seven in various trials, over rough roads. The following LOTUS drivers are awarded: Oldest LOTUS Car Longest LOTUS journey Best restored LOTUS Exceptional LOTUS of the new generation Oldest LOTUS driver Many thanks to the Hockenheimring GmbH, who will again donate all the trophiesfor this extraordinary racing event! As you can see, we have put together a wonderful profram for everyoneI would like to draw particular attention to the following program item! As already mentioned a number of times in this newsletter, we will put together a large commemoration on the 21st of April at the memorial of Jim Clark at theHockenheimring, where many prominent LOTUS-people will take part including Clive Chapman ,Doug Niven, and Warren King, Martin Donnelly. Would like to thank a very special LOTUS - friend, Mr. Bernd Feistle of BF sports car. He donates the Jim Clark helmet, which he designed himself and makes available for the wreath-laying ceremony at the memorial of Jim Clark. We will be together with participants at the Jim Clark memorial for a wreath-laying ceremony and to hold a minute's silence in honor of Jim Clark. I wish all participants a great event, a good stay and a safe journey to Hockenheim. Siegfried Herrmann Lotus- Coordinator Hockenheimring
  3. Dear Lotus Friends, my name is Siegfried Herrmann from Lotus Historic Register Germany. I'm looking for a Lotus member for his Lotus Elite type 75 a rear window wiper and two sun visiors . Who can help? Contact: [email protected] Best regards Siegfried Herrmann Harkortstr. 27 44652 Herne Germany Tel: 0049(0)2325/62614 Phone: 0049(0)151/24054116 E-Mail: [email protected]
  4. Hi,

    Just seen your post about the Jim Clark's revival. Is it possible to have access to the program and timing of the races (it does not seem to be available in the website)?

    Many thanks in advance

  5. Liebe Lotus- Freunde, als liebgewonnene Eröffnungsveranstaltung der Oldtimer- Motorsport- Saison 2016 findet vom 15.- 17. April wieder auf dem Hockenheimring dieBOSCH HOCKENHEIM HISTORIC „DAS JIM CLARK REVIVAL“ statt. Wie jedes Jahr pilgern die Motorsport-Fans- und somit viele Lotus-Enthusiasten aus ganz Europ zu diesem Event. BOSCH HOCKENHEIM HISTORIC „DAS JIM CLARK REVIVAL ist eine Veranstaltung für den Besucher mit den Besuchern: viele interessante Rennserien treffen sich auf dem Hockenheimring und man kann die Renn-Atmosphäre live bei den Rennen und besser noch bei einem Besuch in der Boxengasse und bei den einzelnen Fahrern hautnah erleben. Ganz besonders freue ich mich, dass auch in diesem Jahr wieder unsere beliebte Lotus Cup Rennserie unter der Leitung von Paul Golding dabei sein Neben der Vielzahl der spannenden Rennserien findet an der Mercedes Tribüne ein großes Lotus-Treffen statt: hier treffen sich die Lotus Fans zur Ausstellung ihrer schönen Autos und zu einem netten Gespräch. Es besteht während der Veranstaltung auch die Möglichkeit, mit dem eigenen Auto einige geführte Runden auf der Grand Prix Strecke des Hockenheimrings zu fahren. Anmeldungen sind unter www.hockenheim-historic.demöglich. Ich freue mich sehr, Euch alle im April auf dem Hockenheimring begrüßen zu können und verbleibe, mit motorsportlichen Grüßen Siegfried Herrmann Dear Lotus Friends, the opener of the 2016 Oldtimer-Motorsport Season is the BOSCH HOCKENHEIM HISTORIC „DAS JIM CLARK REVIVAL“, which takes place April, 15th to 17th. As every year Motorsport Fans -and of course Lotus Enthusiasts- from all over Europe will join the event. BOSCH HOCKENHEIM HISTORIC „DAS JIM CLARK REVIVAL“ is considered as an event especially for the visitor and together with the visitor: many very interesting race series will be meeting at the Hockenheimring and one is able to directly smelling the race atmosphere during the races, by pit walking and visiting the drivers. I’m certainly very pleased to welcome the very liked Lotus Cup Race Series under the special direction of Mr. Paul Golding ( Besides the many racing series there is a Lotus Club Meeting at the Mercedes Grandstand: here Lotus fans have the opportunity to show their wonderful cars and have some nice conversations. Furthermore it is possible to have a guided ride with the own car on the Grand Prix Racing Course. Please register at I hope to seeing you all in April at the Hockenheimring! Best motorsport wishes Siegfried Herrmann Lotus Coordinator Hockenheimring April 15th to 17th the Bosch Hockenheim Historic- The Jim Clark Revival takes place again. As every year Motorsport and Lotus fans and friends from all over Europe will gather around this event at the Hockenheimring- an emerging positive appeal to all of us, and I am very glad about this development. There will be many very interesting racing series fighting and we will have three days outstanding motorsport fun! Especially for Lotus fans I would like to recommend the Lotus Cup Europe under the direction of Paul Golding. Please have a look at For tickets and drive through permits you have applied for at you will find me dispatching them at the Conti roundabout. 2018, April 7th will be Jim Clark’s 50th day of death and many enthusiasts will commemorate this special day. The opening of the Jim Clark Museum in Duns Scotland is planned to be at that date. Many celebrities of motorsports and Lotus will be attending. For that reason I established a Jim Clark Foundation Germany to collect donates for the museum. All donations will be collected on the Jim Clark Foundation account until 2018, to present the amount of money in my role as Lotus Ambassador Europe to the opening of the museum as Lotus. As a start I created together with our photographer Mrs. Elfi Jung a Lotus Foto Calendar exclusively for Lotus and the Jim Clark Revival for 2016, and we already sold them! So I would like to thank you very much all for your support up to now. Elfi and I will continue to create the Lotus Foto Calendar for 2017. Besides Lotus racing machines this time we will widen up our photo project concerning Street Lotus Sports Cars- so look out for us whirling around during Jim Clark Revival. Many thanks again for your ongoing and continuing support – for any questions and remarks (f.e. participation at the museum’s opening in 2018), please do not hesitate to contact me. [email protected] Yours sincerely, Siegfried Herrmann Lotus Coordinator
  6. I would like to ask again whether Club Lotus is represented in Le Mans 22.- 23. June 2013. If so, where can I find the Lotus friends? [email protected] Best regards Siegfried Herrmann Lotus Coordinator Jim Clark Revival Hockenheimring
  7. To all Lotus experts

    We are looking for a very urgent one

    Esprit S4S the brake switch

    The vehicle can not currently be moved, as it

    this switch is no longer there. Unfortunately, the

    brake pressure switch to repair even more.

    The part number is: A082J6137S Who can help!

    Please return [email protected]

    Thank you.

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