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  1. Interesting discussion. I owned one of the first Evoras sold in the US in 2010, and now own an E400, both manuals, and have owned and driven manual cars for over 40 years, both for sports cars and daily drivers. (My current daily driver is a Volvo Polestar V60, which is only available in auto, unfortunately.) Obviously, I love the Evora and the involvement that comes with the manual and I hope that Evora MTs hold their value over time as I plan to keep this car for a long time. I’ll play “devils advocate”, however, and say that maybe they won’t because so few members of the next generation of car enthusiasts know, or even care to learn, how to drive a manual, at least in the US. Who is going to buy our cars (and drive up demand for manuals over autos) when we no longer want or are able to drive them? Or will traffic be so clogged that autos are simply the better choice? That is, of course, not a problem unique to Lotus Evoras, but is something I have been thinking about for a while now.
  2. Great car, great color. I had a 2010 NA in Ardent red, and now have a 400 in Red with black pack. Get used to taking long drives for no particular reason. My grocery store is only 6 miles away, but a trip there somehow always took several hours.
  3. Neal: Looks like a great trip. Make sure you check out the north side of the Black Canyon of the Gunnison: A great Lotus road. I would be happy to share some of my favorite routes along the way. Contact me when you get closer to September if you are interested in some local favorites. Travis (aka Vulcan Grey) is another good source of local Colorado knowledge.
  4. Thanks. The photo was taken in the central part of the state, near Tarryall Reservoir and South Park. I live in the foothills west of Denver. We have an active club, called Lotus Colorado, or Loco, and put on the Lotus Owners Gathering in Colorado Springs a few years ago. Perhaps you were out for that? Anyway, if you are in Colorado, Lotus car enthusiasts from around the world are welcome to join us on a drive or come to a meeting. Colorado has some great Lotus roads.
  5. According to Andy Graham, Lotus Archivist, “The 2017 model year for the USA consisted of 173 manual transmission, 144 auto transmission, and 11 Sport 410,” which totals 328. This partially answers my question.
  6. I got a chance to exercise my 400 a bit yesterday before the snowstorm hit today. Had a very nice run on a favorite Colorado Lotus road with almost no other traffic. Couldn’t resist stopping for a photo op.
  7. Following up on another recent post about production of the Evora 400 being discontinued in favor of the 410, et al., does anyone have an idea of how many Evora 400s have been sold, worldwide and/or US? I have a Certificate of Provenance ordered for my 2017 400 which will probably answer my question, but thought I would ask here as well in case someone has already found out.
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