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  1. Hi Jonathan, That sounds like a good starting point. The lady did burn oil before we rebuilt the engine and we have neither exchanged nor checked this. We will try that straight away tomorrow. Many thanks!!!!!
  2. Hi there, I need help! We rebuilt our Elise MK2 with k Rover engine and now she has failed the MOT so many times I have stopped counting. We brought her to Murray in Edinburgh, but instead of fixing our emission they simply found some new MOT issues (despite the emission). They recommended to replace the catalyst which we did with actually no difference. Her new parts are: new pistons head cylinder new new catalyst lambda sensor before rebuilt last year renewed new spark plugs new rotor and ignition cab all filters new She fails on fast idle (2000 revs) at 0.8 % instead of the
  3. Hi there, I did not mean to sound exclusive-. all Loti. How exactly do you define 'late' spring in Scotland? If I re-call correctly I can remember it snowing on the 6th July back in the nineties. Anyhow, I am sure I will be over by 'late' spring and would love to come along as well! Take care Kirstin
  4. Hi Brian, thank you for your quick response! I love your photos, so not only four wheels but also two wings! As to salt on the roads, if I remember correctly we are all zooming around in aluminium chassis (ok, Esprit as an exception) and loosing paint around the front since we are hanging out so low there :-) So, no excuses! I lived in Perth, well Scone, which is 3 miles out of Perth back in 1994 and there are some nice roads to go on. I have a 1997 MK1 Elise since some years now, right hand drive and have to admit she has not been on the island to be driven in her natural environme
  5. Hi there, a friend of mine recommended this forum to me after I had stated that in 2010 I definitely wanted to return to Scotland- with the Ellie and our Dodge! However, are Scottish winters preventing any interactions on the forum? The last entry appears to be 5th November? Would love to hear from any of you! Best regards Kirstin
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